10 Best Stand Mixers 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

With so many inventions that are now available in the market needless to say that stands mixer is one such great appliance and a helping hand to many people who do their work in the kitchen. Of course, a stand mixer is said to be one of the most essential kitchen aid tools that can be helpful in many ways. For first time users, it is most likely to get confused amongst the options that are available in the market. That is why the given buying guide can be of great help to you. But before you decide on buying a stand mixer, it is important to be first clear on understanding why do you need one.

What Is A Stand Mixer?

There are so many brands coming up with a classy stand and hand mixer options. Both are user-friendly and can serve different purposes. Stand mixers are said to be the best space-saving solution since it is available in different sizes such as mini told head and bowl lift mixer. Depending upon your need and the pattern that would complement your home you can choose the essential appliance for your house. To choose the right Kitchen stand mixer can be an adventure for you since there are so many collections form great brands available with attachments like peelers and grinders to name a few.

It is a stand mixer that has got a good motor that can easily handle the stiff dough or even the cookie dough without any hassle. There are certain accessories of the appliance which you need to by to ensure that the machine works fine and hassle-free. Such type of mixer can be quite expensive depending upon the features and attachments that you get with it. Compared to hand mixers they are little bulky but are light in weight and space-saving enough for you to carry from one location to another without any hassle.

Benefits of Stand Mixer

The argument over hand mixer vs. stand mixer is a never-ending one. In one way hand mixer stands out to be the best while because of some great features and advantages which a stand mixer gives, you can rest assured that you are using the right product for your kitchen.

  • It Does Not Create Much Of The Mess

This is a primary advantage of using a stand mixer. It lets you have a hands free baking and pepping without any hassle. All you need to do is put some effort and then you can be rest assured that you are all set to do some mixing and mashing even if there is a thick of the dough or mixture that you need to deal without dirtying your hands at all. This appliance also has a dough hook so that kneading dough becomes easy and hassle-free. Whether it is the rich delicious cake that you want to make or the dough for cookie, y can do it all with the upright construction which this stand mixer has got.

  • Versatile Solution

People often consider stand mixer as the only appliance to be used for dough and cakes. However, this is not the scenario. There are many other reasons for which you can use this capable kitchen tool. Whether it is cupcake batter, pizza dough, whisking the eggs, mashed potatoes or even mixing the meatballs, you can do it all as long as you have a stand mixer at your home.

  • Better Control

There are some of the magnificent stand mixers that give a better controlling solution while taking the weight off from your hands. Such a mixer comes with multiple speeding options and has a 350-watt motor with a button of burst power. This way you can rest assured that you deal with even the toughest dough with a better blending without any problem. This way you can have better control for better convenience when you mix.

Other Advantages

  • Considering power and performance, stand mixes are more efficient and reliable
  • Stands mixers are made with traditional quality material because of which you can use for the lasting performance.
  • Compared to hand mixers, stand mixers are quite powerful
  • Since it is versatile, you can mix whatever you want to and let the magic work on its own.
  • Stand mixers have different attachments that can help you get the best results from different mixing types
  • Withstand mixers, you will be able to make juice, ravioli, pasta, and even ice cream

Best Buy Stand Mixers Reviews 2020

You are of course, likely to get confused amongst so many options that may pop up in front of you when it comes to buying a stand mixer. However, the fact remains the same that you have to compare and do good research along with understanding the features that you are likely to get when using a stand mixer. This is the main reason, to help you out listed are some of the best stand mixer options that you can consider buying. They are designed to form well-recognized brands, are available in great pricing and come with some sturdy quality because of which buying such a product should not be a hassle for you.

1. Kitchen Aid KSM150PSAC Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid KSM150PSAC Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer

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This Almond cream-based stand mixer is a versatile option that you can have at your kitchen. It is also available in different color options to match your home décor and styling. Talking about some other great uses about it this mixer comes with a power hub which turns it that a stand mixer can be a good place in a culinary center. It comes with more than 12 attachment options and has great power for the stand mixer which can surely help you make the pasta from scratch and even parmesan cheeses within a few seconds. It also has comfortable handling because of which you get ample capacity to mix the dough well for even the 4 loaves of bread and even 9 dozen cookies without any hassle.


  • It is easy to clean up and is extremely light in weight
  • It comes with a 10-speed slide control that varies from fast to very slow string as well
  • There are a dog hook, wire whip, and flat beater to be used
  • There is also a power hub for the extra attachments

2. Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Electric Stand MixerLink

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Electric Stand MixerLink

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With 3.5 quarts bowl, this stainless steel mixer comes with a hands-free mixing for a wide range of food that may vary from light to even airy egg and even for sticky bread dough without any problem. There are also 300 motor watts which is effective for even mixing and handling the thickest cookie dough. It has ample mixing action which lets the bowl coverage entirely. Thanks to its mix head spin it can rotate inside the bowl without any problem which eventually allows for better mixing solution.


  • It comes with versatile maximum action because of which the beating becomes convenient and there is no scraping
  • You can bake the solution without any problem and even make the dough such as cookies and bread hassle-free
  • It comes with 6 speeds and has a fold setting because of which from a slow stir to fast whip everything can be well-taken care
  • There is a tilt-up head that offers better bowl access

3. Sunbeam 002371-000-NPO Soft-Start Technology Stand Mixer

Sunbeam 002371-000-NPO Soft-Start Technology Stand Mixer

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This stand mixer is made from optimum technology and is known to [provide better precision, performance, and even power. It comes with different features because of which mixing becomes a lot easier. This mixer also has an off-center bowling position option that eventually reduces the scarping problem. This way to add eggs and even flour mixtures becomes convenient. Thanks to the mix master, you can make a great cake and because of its lasting die-cast construction of metal, you can have the best quality product.


  • It has 350 watts and different variable speed settings
  • You can minimize the splatters that you don’t need
  • There is a single button simple removal of the attachment option
  • The accessories include dough hooks, whisks, and even chrome beaters

4. Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer

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This is another stand mixer that you can consider buying. It can help you understand the right tool that you need to mix the particular product be it kneading dough o sticky dough. The blender is of sturdy quality because of which you can perform quick dressing this mixer comes with different attachments such as dough hooks, beater, and whisks and even has 6 seeds with a quick burst technology so that you can get the beating at the desired result. Thanks to its kitchen countertop versatility, this mixer is the best one you can have.


  • It is light in weight and versatile
  • It comes with extra comfort and better control technology
  • You can mix without any hassle with just 290 watts peak power
  • It has 6 adjustable speeds

5. Dash Stand Mixer Electric Mixer

Dash Stand Mixer Electric Mixer

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This electrical mixer comes with great quality. It is not just durable but is quite sturdy enough to be used for future performance. Now you can experiment with your chef-level with this type of incredible mixer. Thanks to its 250 watts whips solution, you can beat eggs and even knead the cookie dough without any problem. It also has a stainless steel bowl feature because of which the adjustable level helps to keep the mixture moving. With six-speed and beater and dough hooks, this product is certainly worth investment.


  • It is versatile enough to make your kitchen filled with ample of dishes that includes creamy dressing, roasting and even dough goods
  • It is compact and light in weight with limited countertop space
  • This portable mixer comes with 6 speed and has 250watt motor that may range from low to high whip
  • It does not create any kind of a mess and can eject the beater or even the dough without any problem.
  • It comes with a great warranty for lasting performance.

6. Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer, 800 watt, 6.5-Quarts

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer

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For those who are looking out for value for money product this is the right one to choose. It comes with 4 speeds and has a quick pulse solution that can help you make any kind of recipe that you like. Besides, this Bosch mixer is designed to offer simple functions. There are no additional speeds that are needed for creating any further confusion. Other than this, it comes with an open bowl design. It helps you remove the needs to adjust the mixing head for adding up any kind of ingredients. Thanks to its verticality feature, you can make any kind of smoothie, slice and even shred without any hassle.


  • It is light in weight and has easy grip handling solution
  • There is a removable drive shaft for easy cleaning
  • You also get a dual beater that offers triple whipping action for covering any kind of whipping task
  • It comes with a strong belt that ensures transmission

7. Cuisinart SM-50BC 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome, Silver Lining

Cuisinart SM-50BC 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

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Moving further, if you cannot compromise with the quality and want to choose the product loaded with ample of features then this is the right one for you. It has the ability to handle even the heaviest mixing task with no pressure. With powerful 500 watt motor and the metal construction of die cast, you can be rest assured of using this 5.5-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl to mix enough of the batter without any problem.


  • It is easy to use and has quality grip for better handling
  • It is dishwasher safe thus you can do quick cleanup
  • Thanks to its tilt backup head solution, it becomes convenient to operate and is space saver too
  • There are 12 speeds for accurate mixing

8. Litchi Kitchen Stand Mixer

Litchi Kitchen Stand Mixer

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With 5.5 Qt. 650, this is one value added mixer to have at your home. This 6-Speed Electric Mixer is designed with Stainless Steel Bowl. You also get the pouring Shield, Beaters, Dough Hook, and Whisk option for better usability. Thanks to its sleek design, it surely can match your kitchen décor. Furthermore, this durable tool cal also replace all those flimsy accessories and offer you the most reliable stand up mixer you must have ever desired of. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Then surely it is time for you to experiment and try out some mouth watering dishes that definitely this mixer can help you with. Designed with the associated of experts chefs and bakers, this mixer can surely reduce your efforts that you mostly spend on kneading a bread. Well that is not it. It also can save your time since it has a 650W motor that will make dough mixing a lot more easy.


  • This is one amateur bread baking solution to choose
  • It is easy to clean, a versatile solution and also the most convenient option to choose
  • With 6 speed control, you can surely have the best operating time for the mixer
  • It offers 100% delicious frosting and makes your cookie dough better

9. Aucma Stand Mixer

Aucma Stand Mixer

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This 6.5-QT 660W with 6-Speed Tilt-Head Food Mixer is a perfect product that you can choose. It comes with ample of food ranging solution be it light or even the airy whites and sticky bread dough that you want to make. Thanks to its powerful watt motor, this product is the best one to add in your regular mixing solution. The best part is you can use it to handle the thick cookie dough without wasting your time and efforts at all. Thanks to its non slip feet, this mixer can be mixed well with the splatter shelf guards to avoid any kind of mess.


  • It comes with a powerful motor and has variable speed control
  • You get 6.5 storage capacity which is quite good
  • There is a tilt head and the outside design can match your kitchen décor
  • There is ample of attachment set to choose

10. Stand Mixer Double Shaft

Stand Mixer Double Shaft

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This is one outstanding product that you can always plan to choose. Although it is a bit at high price but the internal parts, body and even the attachments are made from the die cast metal which is why it can last longer for the usage. Furthermore, it comes with high speed or save heavy dough mixing solution which is why; it is totally worth product that you must try at least once. Being a great product and right to be kept in your kitchen, this stand mixer is worth to consider.


  • It has double dough hooks design
  • It comes with 4 liter and 6 peed solution
  • Thanks to its planetary string system, you can be rest assured that all the ingredients are mixed up well
  • It comes with five different accessories.

Stand Mixer Buying Guide – Features To Consider

If you have finally made up your mind that you would want to go ahead and buy a stand mixer, then given below are some of the guidelines that can of great help to you

  • Keep Weight And Size Option Into Account

Usually, stand mixers are choice for those who love baking most of the time or want to feed a maximum number of family members at a time. If you want to serve bulk people or bake the number of dough or cake then you should go for the large stand mixer. However, you must be careful about the motor as it needs to be quite powerful enough to keep the kneed of the dough well. It is also important that your new mixer needs to be fairly heavy from the topical countertop ones. You can choose the small model or the one that comes with the standard size bowl of 5.5 quarts if you want to cook for a limited number of people.

  • Consider The Price

Such type of mixers is available in a different price range and the best one would surely set you to choose it no matter even if it is a hundred dollars more than the rest of the other models. The machine price depends actually on the factors such as features, capacity special attachments, and name of the brand to name a few. The best part is now you can also choose the quality stand mixer which is available low price. The only thing is since they are little sturdy, if you use it on a repetitive basis for heavy purpose then you are most likely to get some issues with it.

  • Don’t Forget Power Factor

It is always important to have a powerful mixer that fits in the budget. If the wattage is high then the motor will be powerful. This means you will be able to mix even the sturdy dough without any hassle. You can always look for 300 watts and higher for better results.

  • Features And Accessories

Stand mixer comes with different speed setting and also have attachments designed to serve a different purpose. Compare the available features for the particular model you are intending to buy. Choose the mixer that comes with multiple setting for speed and have options to wish and dough. It would be an added advantage to have the model that comes with a paddle and fits in your price range too.

So What’s The Final Verdict?

Buying a stand mixer shall not be a hassle for you as long as you follow the above guidelines. Furthermore, the brands mentioned above are known for great performance and sleek design. So you can rest assured that dealing in any would mean a profitable investment to you. Whether you are looking for the long-term use of this appliance or the short term, as long as you understand the purpose of it you will be able to make the best use. So what are you waiting for? Speak with your family members and friends who have purchased such appliance earlier and then jump on the conclusion.

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