7 Best Egg Skelter 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

With so many new ways are coming up to improve the farming experience if you are looking for the right way to segregate old eggs with the new one then probably you need an egg skelter. Although the concept of an egg skelter hasn’t reached too many people yet but there is no denial to the fact that this could be your helping hand in many ways. If you are looking forward to buying a quality egg skelter then you need to do good research, after all, the product is quite huge in demand and offers the ultimate solution that none other product can offer.

Whether you are a chicken busy mom or just a keeper, you probably must be getting a regular supply of the eggs in the kitchen. With the helping hand of an egg skelter your worries can come to end. It helps you organize eggs as per the new and old ones. This product helps you store the eggs in the right manner and under the right temperature. This way the risk of your eggs to get destroyed reduces to a great extent. Eggs, when kept at a particular temperature, can hatch in the right manner. And that is when you can think of cooking egg skelter. It is user-friendly, available at great pricing and off all, it can help you store them as per the dates purchased. This way you can use the old eggs first and store the new ones in the right manner.

The construction of this product is not at all complex. Rather, it is designed in a way to make sure that your eggs are kept in a much right manner. This product can be used to keep your eggs at display in style at your kitchen. This product is of spiral container design made for 12, 24 or 24 bantam sizes of eggs that you might be often buying.

With the competition that has increased, certainly, you need to understand what all things need to be considered when buying it.

Best Buy Egg Skelter Reviews 2020

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As said earlier, egg skelter can be a helping hand to you. But whether you will be first time user or you are looking for a new styling of egg holder in your kitchen, egg skelter is the perfect solution for you. However, you need to make good research, compare the brands and then deice on the conclusion. Another thing you need to understand is the feedback and reviews given by the users. Personal experiences mean a lot. You can get the right guidance on whether investing in such a product is worth it or not.

However to ease down the confusion of buying any wrong product, here are some of the best products that you can think of before you plan to buy.

1. Southern Homewares Egg Skelter

Southern Homewares Egg Skelter

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This modern design egg skelter is the ultimate answer for all your egg storage problems. The brand is quite well known in the new market because of the sturdy construction based product which it offers. If you are keen to choose the right solution for your egg storage then surely Southern Home wares presents you the perfect product that you had been looking for. The best part is it is stylish and functional too. With classic design of farmhouse feel, this traditional egg collection option is also used for keeping fruits, corks of wine and even other craft supplies. This is a must-have product for those who want to collect eggs directly from the chicken. The modern sleek performance works as the triage solution and eye retreat too. It is easy to track the old and new eggs once you keep in this skelter.


  • It is available in silver colour
  • If the egg is oval, it may not naturally roll down
  • It holds up to 24 eggs
  • The overall dimension of the product is 7. 50” x 7. 50” x 10. 63
  • It is made from the coated steel for the sturdy result
  • It is available in a medium-large and extra-large size

2. Toplife Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter

Toplife Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter

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Also popularly known as the storage rack, this is another perfect solution to store your eggs at ease. This product is extremely easy to use, comes with a sturdy quality and the best part is it has the natural rotating action which makes it more user-friendly. Do not worry about the price as you get the best quality for the money you pay. It also matches well with your home décor which is why investing in such a product is worth it. Since it is made from the top-notch quality of the metal that can match the modern lifestyle of the kitchen, you can rest assured that it will only enhance the overall look of your house interior.


  • It can hold around 3 dozens of egg
  • It measures .9 x 6.9 x 16.1 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds
  • You only get egg holder with it and not any eggs
  • It is known for a great concept of 360-degree rotation
  • The spiral design and non-flip base makes it more user finely
  • It has the wire frame with black finishing
  • It offers smooth eggs accessibility because of the rotating rack
  • A rotating rack allows you to easily access different eggs.

3. Vencer Deluxe Modern Spiraling Design Egg Skelter

Vencer Deluxe Modern Spiraling Design Egg Skelter

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 This metal freestanding egg skelter is one finest example of the sleek design of the functionality. It is extremely easy to clean and is made from the sturdy power coating of steel. The best part about this product is it just not offers the storage solution but also the protection that you may not find anywhere else. All you need to do is take the eggs from the bottom and put the new ones at the top. This way, you will only be using the old ones first and then move one with the new ones. The reason why you are advised to choose this product is because of the great pricing and ultimate storage solution for your eggs. Now you don’t have to be worried about the eggs breaking while travelling as this securely holds the egg and thus ensures there is no fall out taking place.


  • It is a great organization solution for the eggs
  • The modern sleek design to keep the eggs is treated to your eyes
  • It comes with the Dimension of 12.5 H X 8.25 Diameter
  • It is extremely easy to use, clean and maintains
  • The modern design of this howler can surely match your kitchen decor

4. Flexzion Egg Skelter

Flexzion Egg Skelter

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This modern spiral dispenser is available in black colour and is a perfect answer to your egg storage problem. Now you don’t have to keep eggs in the fridge when you can wash it and use it from the rack directly. This skelter is a perfect way to display your eggs in the right manner. Even if you have the eggs hatching business, this product can be a great solution for you to get the eggs directly from the chicken. The skelter can store nearly 20 medium sizes of eggs. Besides, the style is quite interesting which gives a modern flair idea. This freestanding dispenser is a must-have product for your kitchen to keep your eggs securely and use it when needed.


  • It is made from quality powder coating steel
  • It comes in black colour
  • It can store around 20 eggs at a time
  • The product measures 8 x 8 x 10 inches
  • It weighs 330g / 11.75OZ
  • It is surely a space saver for your kitchen counter
  • It offers a unique way to store your backyard eggs

5. MyGift Freestanding Egg Skelter

MyGift Freestanding Egg Skelter

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Now you can keep your modern eggs at display at the same time use it as and when needed with such incredible egg skelter solution. Available at a cost-friendly solution, this product is an answer to all your egg strong and hatching problems. If you have a chicken then you can get the hatched eggs directly from the chicken and store it in this dispenser rack. It is all loaded with ample of benefits and features that probably you may not find anywhere else. Thanks to its spiralling metal wide, it lets you wrap around the metal rack without any problem. Besides, you can hold on to the eggs and make it quite accessible too. There is also a small handle at the top so that you can hold it and move with it without any issues.


  • This egg dispenser is available in a cone-shaped central structure
  • It offers the best spiralling metal slide to securely hold the eggs
  • The spiral section of the holder is sloping in nature
  • It is ideal to store, organize and display your eggs
  • The product measures 12.5 H X 8.25 Diameter

6. Yontree Spiraling Design Egg Skelter

Yontree Spiraling Design Egg Skelter

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This is another interesting freestanding dispenser rack that is available in silver colour. Of course, the product is ruling the market because of quality service and secured results for your eggs which it offers. If you consider its place in the market against the competitors, there is doubt it is worth to buy. The skelter design can securely hold the eggs and make it quite accessible to you whenever needed. If you are planning out to hold a grand party or visit your family sooner then carry this egg holder without worrying about eggs to fall out and make some mouth relishing recipes.


  • The product measures .87″x8.67″/(20.5*22cm)
  • It weighs 0.5kg/1.2lb
  • It is available in silver colour
  • It is perfect to be stored in your kitchen
  • There is a handle which can make your eggs easy to carry

7. OBVIS Spiral Egg Skelter

OBVIS Spiral Egg Skelter

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This is one incredible skelter that you can choose to buy for your kitchen. It helps you not just store but also display your fresh eggs without any problem. Thanks to this dispenser, you can now take the oldest eggs easily and store the new ones and use them as and when needed. It, of course, is easy to store, carry and even securely transport it from one place to another. It is a perfect decorative idea that has the metal sliding that wraps around the metal rack. It can hold the collection of your egg and ensure there is better accessibility as and when you want to bake or cook. Of course, it offers the safest and stylish way to store eggs. Thanks to the compact design, it is perfect for ideal usage and can fit well with your kitchen décor.


  • It offers the sleekest way to store eggs
  • It saves great space and is a perfect answer to the eggs breakage problem
  • It can hold 22 eggs
  • It is well constructed and is available with sturdy metal design
  • Thanks to its black coating, it matches the home décor
  • It measures 12.5” H X 8.25” Diameter

Egg Skelter Buying Guide – What To Look For It?

The above-mentioned products can surely be of great help to you since the brands are quite ruling in the market and you will be able to choose the sturdy quality without any worry. But here are some important buying guide tips that equally you need to consider. This way, you can save a lot of your valuable time and money.

  • Consider The Sizes

There are different sizes of an egg skelter available in the market. However, you should buy the one as per the number of eggs that will be available to you. Generally, it is the egg skelter that can hold around 24 eggs or the one that can hold 12 eggs. Both accessories to keep the eggs are perfect and can be on display in the kitchen that can match with the room décor. However, you need to also understand that 12 version is quite a smaller one. If you have an authentic design kitchen where there is even a hideaway of chic styling or the kitchens is designed using modern spacing then such egg container will look quite different.

  • Colour Choice

You may wonder that this container is available only in the steel plating. But the fact is such a product is a perfect blend of great design and functionality. Yes, there are ample colour options available to which can help you make the choice that can match with your kitchen walls and also enhance the overall look without any problem.

  • Understand The Egg Storage Purpose

Whether you will be keeping the regular size of eggs or the bantam’s egg also matters. Generally, such type of holder is designed for small to medium size of eggs. But if you are looking for a special kind of egg holder that you can choose to buy especially to keep the bantam style eggs then you must go for 24 eggs stir age solution. As the pattern comes with wire spacing, you can rest assured that it will not fall through.

  • Accessibility

Egg Skelter is not at all a delicate product. Rather it is a product that can hold your delicate eggs in a much sturdy manner. The precious eggs of yours will surely not fall even when you are travelling while using this type of product. The best part is you don’t need any assembly tools to get your egg out from the holder. It is easy to access and offers a perfect protection solution. When you place eggs in such a holder, it is advised to put them gently directly at the end. When you need to use the egg, all you need to do is remove the one that comes at the front and the other will automatically roll to the downward side and get a new place.

  • Exploring The Features

Don’t just jump on the conclusion when buying a skelter. It is important to understand if the features it offers can meet your expectations or not. Generally, egg skelter is a product that can hold up to 14 eggs. It lets the eggs to be stored well at the room temperature. Look for the product that will reduce the chances of egg wastage to a great extent. Generally, it is available in two sizes and different colours to make the choice. Consider buying the one that can perfectly match your egg requirements.

No doubt along with the above tips, you will be able to decide on which product to choose. This lightweight product is extremely of great use. Of course, it is easy to handle and is designed with a scratch-resistant solution. Besides, the joints are almost not visible.

So What is The Final Verdict?

To buy an egg skelter should not be difficult for you as long as you are following the above-mentioned steps. However, it is important to understand how well and for how long will you be able to use such a product. Basically for this product to be kept in the kitchen should not be a problem. It is highly functional and can be a great helping hand when you need to make eggs, do some cake baking or create mouth relishing recipe of the egg.

But always focus on quality rather than the price. After all, this is the product you will be using more frequently and compromising with the service does not make any sense.


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