Top 10 Best Rice Cookers 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Best Rice Cookers 2018 Reviews
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The electronic rice cooker has come a long way from traditional stove to programmed mode that lets you change to setting and order whatever you want to do with your rice. In fact, electronic rice cookers are not meant for cooking rice alone but indeed a great steamer for cooking brown rice, vegetables, meat and much more.  Cooking rice needs a little effort, time and persistence but these are no longer required in case of electronic cooker. All you need to do is just pour the water over rice and change the settings, sit back and relax and let the cooker will notify you once it has cooked. Yes, of course, you might be running to grab special offers that are popping around the online shopping portals. However, it is not recommended to get the products in hurry. Keep in mind, the discount and offers are not an automatic sign that they are made from a reputed brand.

You must try to know to choose the best rice cooker and how can you benefited by these products as well.

So, we are here to guide you which one suits your cooking need.

Best Rice Cooker Reviews For 2018

1. Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker

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Our top pick for the list is Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT minicom, which comes with stylish design and has reliability to save your dollars. It is our top pick in terms of quality and reliability.. The manufacturer has incorporated the strong stainless steel body, which ensures durability and longevity. In fact, this versatile product holds high customer satisfaction and good ratings at the Amazon portal. This sleek, stylish and unique product is equipped with micom fuzz logic technology. Aside from this, LCD display makes it easy to adjust the settings and monitor the cooking process. The program in this rice cooker can be customized, thus enables effortless cooking. One of the interesting things is that this rice cooker comes with the additional accessories includes stream stray, measuring cup, serving spatula etc.


  • Comes with recipe book & user manual
  • 610-watt microprocessor
  • Simple yet stylish design

2. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice cooker

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice cooker

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Yet another product from the same band, these hold high customer satisfaction, reviews, and ratings. If you are cooking for a large family, you must have a 3-cup rice cooker. Without having to compromise the quality, Zojirushi series offers a high-quality product at a reasonable price. The fuzzy warmer is up for all your cooking needs. Interestingly, Neuro-fuzzy cooker consumes less time as compared to the traditional cooking process.  The sleek and round look adds charm to the fuzzy cooker. What’s more? It comes with a complete set of menu for porridge, quick cooking etc.  The great blends of digital controls and LCD displays make the Fuzzy cooker works like a charm. The preset timer will get your food ready without hassle. It features 8 different types of settings – keeps warm features, automatic mode etc.


  • Ideal for large family
  • High customer satisfaction
  • The most recommended

3. NS-TSC10 Rice Cooker

NS-TSC10 Rice Cooker

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Next, to our top picks, NS-TSC10 features fuzzy logic technology, automatic keep warm and 2 delay time settings. The fuzzy cooker can be programmed according to your cooking needs. With this computerized rice cooker, you can extend the basic rice cooking to other varieties of cooking such as cake, steam, ice cream etc.  Aside from this, Quick cooker enables you to prepare rice cake, sweet, etc. In terms of capacity, you can hardly trust the NS series as it is ideal for large family. If you want to tackle some kind of urgent and last minute cooking, it did cooks far well. While preparing brown rice, sushi, or vegetable rice, you will feel much more comfortable.


  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • Automatic keep warm mode
  • 2 delay settings

4. ARC-753SG Stainless Steel 6-Cup Rice Cooker

ARC-753SG Stainless Steel 6-Cup Rice Cooker

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You might have enjoyed using many of the aroma accessories, though Aroma stainless steel cup rice cooker has craze that attracts more and more customers at the Amazon portal. Unlike another ordinary cooker, it acts as a surgical grade cooking pot that ensures your safety, thus you can use it even when your kids are around. It features surgical grade stainless steel that ensures safety, durability, and longevity. It gets you to rice cooked in a short span of time. Despite the reliability and durability, it didn’t fare well cooking sushi, mixed rice, brown rice etc.  This lightweight cooker is available for you at a reasonable price.


  • Simple & sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

5. Aroma ARC Rice cooker

Aroma ARC Rice cooker

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When compared to the electric & programmed pressure cooker, you can easily get the versatile rice cooker that comes with extraordinary features and available at a reasonable price. Yes, its way very inexpensive that other cookers in the market. Despite the price, Aroma offers a trustworthy product without compromising the quality of the cooker. While opting for a rice cooker, you should ensure that the product comes with the manufacturer warranty. In this way, thanks to the product as it is insured with a one-year manufacturer warranty. In terms of capacity, it accommodates 8 cups of cooked rice and is ideal for feeding the large family where 5-6 members live. The cooking cup measures 8.5×9.3×8.7 inches. The rice cooker weighs around 4.2 pounds, ensuring portability.


  • Has no complicated menus
  • Comes with one year warranty

6. Black+decker


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A versatile product from the reputed brand that has all essential features to grab its customer base. The unique design and affordable price tag make it stand out from others. If you want a budget-friendly product that serves your whole family, you can opt for Black+ Decker product. A versatile kitchen companion that ensures convenience & peace of mind. It features a tempered glass lid that lets access easy visibility and helps keep track the cooking process.


  • Available at an affordable price
  • Comes with a tempered glass lid
  • Holds up to 6 cups of cooked rice

7. Tayama Rice Cooker

Tayama Rice Cooker

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The simple and affordable choice is worth to buy In the coming years. Aside from the basic features, it comes with the four different types of the cooking menu for cooking not only rice but also brown rice, vegetables, meat etc. The non-stick surface will let the surface absorbs oil easily. It comes with a cookbook that boasts a variety of delicious recipes that impress your family. The small, handy and easy to clean cooker comes with a nonstick spatula, measuring cup and cooking plate. The advanced cooking functions let you cook two different food simultaneously.


  • Compact, Handy
  • Non-sticky surface

8. Tiger Rice Cooker

Tiger Rice Cooker

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You must be wondering to see the product from the Tiger brand as it won’t always appear on the kitchen side, but you can go with it if you want to invest little in getting the versatile product. Its reliable, sturdy and multi-functional cooker rice cooker that can suit all your cooking needs.  The rice cooker is not just mean for cooking rice but also used for a variety of cooking needs like steaming vegetables, meets etc. It comes with the attachment of paddle, glass lid, measuring cup etc. Based on your cooking needs, you can make use of the multiple settings to get things done.


  • Stylish square shape
  • Brushed stainless steel

9. Breville Risotto steamer

Breville Risotto steamer

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What makes Braville steamer extraordinary is it holds 10-cup capacity, which is far better than other medium-sized products. It’s ideal for serving a large family.  It is necessary to have a rice cooker for heavy rice consumers. A versatile 10 cup capacity makes it stand out from other low-quality products.  Whether it is steaming rice for daily needs, or opting for last minute cooking, Breville steamer gets your rice cooked on the go. The rice features non-stick bowl for enabling easy cleaning. It’s an affordable, basic model that best suits for all the basic cooking purpose.


  • Ideal for novice users
  • Basic & simple model
  • Reliable & durable

10. Cuisinart CRC 4 cup Rice cooker

Cuisinart CRC 4 cup Rice cooker

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Are you tired of using a heavyweight pressure cooker? Yes, you can try smaller rice cooker that gets your rice cooked in a short span of time. Meanwhile, this small cooker can be customized to meet all your cooking needs. It comes with a glass lid, which lets you keep track of the cooking process without hassle. The reliable and most efficient rice cooker just needs 310 watts of power to survive in your kitchen.  It comes with the attachment of rice scoop, user manual and measuring cup. The product is lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it easy to operate for even a novice user


  • Amazing price tag & features
  • Small, light-weight, handy
  • Affordable option

Rice cooker mentioned are reliable, sturdy and trustworthy. With all these beings told, make sure that the product comes from the reliable brand that offers essential features required for an ideal rice cooker.