10 Best Vegetable Spiralizer 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you want to follow the paleo diet, which focuses only on grain-free living, the latest trend in diet and nutrition? Due to this trend, vegetable spiralizers have come to the market.

Vegetable Spiralizer is a manual tool which turns all your vegetables into veggie noodles. You can save your time a lot in preparing the dishes you love, without cutting your hands as it does all the jobs for you. These tools were initially very expensive and out of reach for many people. But they are finally in the limelight and almost anyone can get hold of it.

Some of these tools can easily make vegetable curls and ribbons as well. This is the kitchen gadget loved by both chefs and home cooks. The best part about food spiralizer is that food is cut automatically while you sit back when the machine is doing its job. These gadgets come with several stainless steel blades with several options for spiralizing. They are made of plastic and have compartment to store extra blades. You might also like our list for the Best Vegetable Peeler and Best Vegetable Shredder. Without further ado, here are our top picks to choose the best food spiralizers out there:

Best Buy Vegetable Spiralizer Reviews 2020

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1. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

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We all have desired to eat delicious food. This is the reason why fast food is in trend. The beautiful colors, shapes, and packaging make them so much appetizing to eat. What if you have the same goodness and excitement? Beautiful dishes will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer is really the best way to trick your mind to eat vegetables on daily basis. You may be surprised to see the best effect of spiralizing veggies. This heavy duty veggie slicer was created by considering your needs.

Key Features

  • Spiralizer is a trusted brand to rely on.
  • Features high-carbon cutlery grade blades made of stainless steel and ultra-reinforced BPA free design to spiralize even the harder root veggies like turnips and sweet potatoes.
  • Never get bored of low carb, paleo, vegan or gluten-free diet ever again.

2. Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

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We all know the value of healthy eating for overall well being and weight loss. It won’t just make you feel and look better, but it can also save money on future costs on healthcare. With Brieftons 5-blade Spiralizer, preparing your meals for full family will no longer be boring. This highly versatile spiralizer can crank out vegetable strands, shreds, slices and chips effortlessly. From apple to long fruit like zucchini, and from a carrot to thick vegetable like cabbage, it can manage everything.

Key Features

  • Foolproof, oversized suction pad to keep it secure
  • Flat Slicer Blade and 4 Julienne blades for all your needs
  • Compact and safe storage for all of its blades
  • Removable components for quick cleaning

3. Spiralizer Ultimate 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Spiralizer Ultimate 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

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Spiralizer Ultimate 7-blade vegetable slizer is your ideal kitchen companion for healthy and ideal eating and it is fast and easy to prepare. This kitchen appliance comes with different knives to make various noodles that can be used in different ways, be it as salad, main dish, appetizer, or with other ingredients you like.

Key Features

  • 7 ultra-sharp premium blades for all your slicing needs
  • Safe and secure suction cups
  • Prepare healthy and delicious recipes with free recipe ebooks
  • Compact blade storage

4. SpiraLife Sparilizer Vegetable Slicer

SpiraLife Sparilizer Vegetable Slicer

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Do you need a fast alternative to pasta which is delicious, healthy and low carb? Don’t fall for similar products with bundled toys without quality built. This spiral veggie slier is made of BPA-free Foodsafe plastic and world-class stainless steel blades. You can make two different sizes of vegetable noodles with two-ended construction. You can also make spaghetti-style, thin vegetable noodles with wide spiral ribbons.

Key Features

  • Handheld, portable kitchen tool ideal for on-the-go, travel, camping and takes minimal storage.
  • Durable, safe, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean
  • Improved design of finger guard for less wastage of vegetables and improved safety
  • No jamming, clogging, or shredding zucchini

5. Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer/Spiralizer

Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer

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This spiral vegetable slicer from Paderno World Cuisine can cut fruits and vegetables into ribbon-like, curly slicers. Place fruits or vegetables on the prongs of wheel and turn the wheel while pushing its base off the julienne blade. It has plastic slicer which has three sets of blades.

Using this gadget is fun for both supervised children and adults. Mount your veggies or fruits on it and turn the handle to create strands, ribbons and shreds. It produces thicker strands than shredder blade and they are ideal for baked fries or roasting. These thicker strands are ideal to pair with Bolognese, a dense meaty sauce.

Key Features

  • Shredder blade produces long strands
  • Straight blade ideal to make ribbon cuts
  • Chipper blade to create thick strands
  • Dishwasher safe in top rack
  • Made of strong stainless steel blades and ABS

6. Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer

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Eating healthy shouldn’t be dull, boring, and tiresome. Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4 Blade Spiralizer makes it more fun and satisfactory by preparing healthy food for you. It is an ideal kitchen gadget for healthy eating which is fast and simple to prepare. This kitchen appliance comes with multiple knives to make several veggie slices that can be used in different ways. It can help you prepare healthy meals in seconds. You can use it and your veggies can become a culinary art. It will definitely let you prepare meals with your own recipes and free your creativity.

Key features

  • Made of professional-grade BPA free plastic
  • Comes with several blades for easy preparation
  • Easy to cleanup and use
  • Thick julienne blade for thicker pasta
  • Slicer blade for pappardelle like ribbons, pasta and chips

7. Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Complete Bundle

Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Complete Bundle

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Eat more fruits and veggies, cut back on your carbs, and maintain healthy balance of your life with Spiralizer from the Kitchen Supreme. Transform your cooking pattern and improve the overall health of your family. With this spiralizer, you can easily create low-calorie dishes. You can prepare healthy vegetable noodles to avoid high-carb versions. Prepare the similar vegetable recipes you love that much with great taste and texture.

Key Features

  • Comes with complete bundle to prepare huge variety of vegetable dishes
  • Prepare any dish for any type of diet, whether it is gluten-free, low-carb, raw food, no wheat, or paleo diet
  • Made of BPA-free food grade ABS plastic and blades made of heat-treated stainless steel
  • Enjoy your meals fully even on a diet

8. Zalik 5-Blade Spiralizer

Zalik 5-Blade Spiralizer

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Are you on a vegetable diet or a great food lover? Have you tried different vegetable slizers before but not liked them because they were harder to user or flimsy? Trust us, Zalik 5-blade spiralizer won’t let you down. Prepare delicious meals in no time. Whether you are up for curly, straight, or thin, zucchini or angel-hair pasta, potato or cucumber slices, you will love to enjoy it on your plate within few minutes.

Zalik is a leading brand which manufactures bar, kitchen and home products which are long-lasting with attention to detail and quality materials for best results. Whether you are looking for a great gift set, love to entertain or make your food preparation whole lot easier, this 5-blade spiralizer is the one you can buy with peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Strong and robust veggie pasta maker
  • Good for all types of diets
  • Powerful suction base
  • Additional blade storage caddy

9. Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer

Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer

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Spin your favorite vegetables to prepare your loveable zucchini noodles and pasta dish rather than spaghetti or give your gourmet or basic side salad a gourmet look with ribbons of cucumbers rather than slices. This 3-in-1 spiralizer from Hamilton Beach creates healthy spiralized fruits and veggies.

Key Features

  • Three cutting cones – linguine, spaghetti and ribbon
  • Prepare healthy meals with this electric spiralizer
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts
  • 6-cup bowl
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Includes cleaning brush

10. Mealthy 4335496302 Spiralizer

Mealthy 4335496302 Spiralizer

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Mealthy 4335496302 Spiralizer comes with 5 top quality stainless steel blades and a container to catch your vegetables and store your blades. It is a heavy duty spiralizer to hold even the hardest of veggies, including squash, butternut, beets and sweet potatoes.

Key Features

  • Comes with low-profile and large container, user-guide, recipe book, online recipe app, and even more.
  • Includes five stainless steel blades
  • Made of best-in-class 100% BPA free durable, food grade reinforced ABS material

Vegetable Spiralizer Buying Guide – Features To Look

 The vegetable spiralizer is a kitchen tool that is used to turn fresh vegetables into faux noodles.  It is used to spiralize vegetables like carrot, beet, cabbage, celery, bell pepper etc. and it is the best way to consume vegetables when you are on a carb-averse diet.

Vegetable Spiralizers Buying Guide

The vegetable spiralizers in the market are of two types it is electric and tabletop spiralizer or handheld spiralizer. The factors you should consider while buying a spiralizer include

Price – Depending on your budget for the new kitchen appliance, you would have to settle for an electric or a hand-held or a table top spiralizer. You will be able to make different types of vegetable pasta and expect quality results only when you buy a spiralizer that costs quite a bit. But, you can decide on the spiralizer you want to buy based on how often you are likely to use it.

Storage –  Again how frequently you use it will not only determine the budget but also whether you need to provide space for the spiller in the kitchen, for a table top spiralizer indeed occupies considerable space. If you are not going to use it frequently, it is better to go with the handheld spiralizer that can be stored conveniently. More often than not the tabletop versions would have various attachments or multiple blades which also has to be stored safely for use. So, it is imperative to decide where and how you are going to place it in the kitchen without the cluttering space.

Ease of use – The tabletop versions are considerably easy to use than the handheld models. The table top versions require less arm strength than the handheld models to get faux vegetable noodles. It is important to find out how each model of the spiralizer has to be operated and choose the one that you find convenient especially if you already have certain mobility issues or problems like arthritis.

Ease of cleaning – As the spiralizer actually crushes the vegetable to slice it like the noodles, it is likely to get stained especially while spiralizing vegetables like beetroot. Similarly, there is a lot of chance for pieces of vegetables to get stuck to the blades. This can be a pain in the neck when it comes to cleaning. Find out, if the spiralizer has parts that are dishwasher safe if you are not comfortable about cleaning it after every use by hand wash.

Quality – Quality here can refer to two things. First is the quality of the vegetable noodles. How thick, how spiraled and how fine the texture is etc. the other aspect is the quality of the blade. it refers to the ability of the blade to produce the vegetable noodle of your choice consistently irrespective of how often and how much you use it.

Durability – This is closely related to quality. if the product is of a good quality, it would last really long.however, you can have a fair idea about the durability factor by going through the reviews and it is also prudent to choose the product that comes with a reasonable warranty.

Vegetable spiralizer Clean and Caring Instructions

  • Cleaning the spiralizing tools by showing it under running water immediately after use. If the vegetable matter does not slough off easily, you may use warm soapy water to soften the vegetable matter and it can be cleaned using the brush.
  • Once the cleaning is done, allow the tool to dry on the dry rack.
  • In case, the spiralizer is dishwasher proof, you can get it cleaned by stoving it into the dishwasher.
  • Just in case the vegetable debris is not cleaned and it is clinging on to the spiralizer tool, you can use a power sprayer to force the sticky particle out or you can use the brush or gentle scrub to clean out the debris.

The spiralizers have to be cleaned immediately after use to prevent the vegetable from sticking to the blade and making it hard to clean it. This means extra work. It is important to wash it immediately after use especially when you have used it to slice Zucchini beetroot etc because it may stain the tool.

How to Use a Vegetable Spiralizer?

Anchor your vegetable spiralizer to your countertop

First of all, you need to keep in mind that you have to anchor your vegetable spiralizer to your countertop. Many models can have suction cups that help to protect the unit to your workspace without any doubt.  Ensure that your vegetable spiralizer will be anchored to your countertop.

Place a blade into the unit of spiralizer

In the next step, you cannot afford to forget placing the desired blades into the unit of your vegetable spiralizer.  While placing a blade into the unit of spiralizer, make sure that you will not commit any particular mistake to avoid the problems and issues.  When you want to learn how to use a vegetable spiralizer, this one is an important thing you have to learn Hare.

Wash off the veggies

Make sure that you will wash your veggies before using the vegetable spiralizer.  In addition, you need to dry the veggies. Overall, washing and drying your veggie can become two essential works you have to do before using the spiralizer.  You cannot afford to use the unhygienic and unclean veggies with your vegetable spiralizer.

Use the spiralizer

After following the previous step successfully now, you will have to place the vegetables in your spiralizer. You can position the flat and against the blades of this spiralizer. In this particular situation, you can use the wrong disk for keeping the other and in the exact place.

Twist the cranks

Now, you are ready to turn the cranks and see your vegetable noodles mound up. Make sure that you will repeat the mentioned above steps if you have any confusion about using a vegetable spiralizer.

With the help of the mentioned above things, you can learn how effortlessly you can use a vegetable spiralizer and make the most benefits out of it.


When you are cutting your vegetables in a traditional way, you often end up cutting your own hands. Be it because you are in a hurry or lack of time, you often end up with bruises.

By investing in the best vegetable spiralizers, you can save both your time and yourself as the blades would cut what you want to. You can even make tasty recipes without any pain and wastage of time.


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