Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

While many women dismiss the idea of purchasing a reliable set of knife instead of individual pieces, there are so many professional chefs out there who spend quality time and a few bucks to get a knife set. For those whose spend even a little time in the kitchen, a set of kitchen knife is essential. As you know, a single knife cannot perform all the required task.  If you are setting up your kitchen for the first time, knife set can make an addition to your home décor. We also recommend checking out our new guide on using a knife safely and professionally written by our professional editors.

A professional chef requires a different set of knives than a homemaker who needs just of few pieces to make their meals. If you are not interested in spending the time to research and purchase a good knife, a knife set is a good option. Having well-branded products doesn’t mean having a high-quality product. There are so many well-known brands out there that claim to offer quality products but it is not that true as they sell their second line or low-quality products at high rate, hoping their brand or product name is enough to purchase the product.

Meanwhile, some brands offer a set with little variations in style or size, but you will be getting a set with same pieces. Or, they will add some latest pieces that don’t suit your cooking style. Before start choosing a set, you should consider these things to get a better set to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Instead of looking for a popular brand, you will have to consider many aspects such as a handle, bolster, sharpening edge, storage size, material quality, specifications and much more. With many options available, we have handpicked best knife set for you. You might also look our list for the Best Manual Knife Sharpener and Best Electric Knife Sharpener, if you’re interested in maintaining your knives..

Best Buy Kitchen Knife Set Reviews 2020

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1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife Set with Block

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife

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Being a most renowned manufacturer, Hanckels introduce the latest knife set which comes with far better quality and features sturdy bolster, sharp edging ,  attractive handles, which makes it the must-have accessory in every home. A sleek and stylish set of knives are designed with innovation to add more glam to your kitchen.

  • It doesn’t bear bolsters, which makes it light-weight.
  • The product comes with the set of 19 pieces that has everything that a home cook wants.
  • The whole set includes peeler, utility knives, serrated utility, Santoku hollow edge, bread knife, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, steak knives, and bamboo storage block.

2. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set

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Chicago Cutlery Fusion set from the renowned brand blends sleek style and precision performance. The innovative product features high-quality stainless steel plates and a sturdy pine wood block.

  • Chicago Cutlery recommends washing the knives after use.
  • The whole set of this product is made of the high carbon stainless steel material to ensure the durability and longevity.
  • Also to care this knife set please do not wash them in dishwasher.

3. Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, Tempered Glass Block

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Forged Knife

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A sleek, stylish and ergonomically designed handle from a reputed brand attracts masses around the globe. Being a well-known & most renowned brand, mercel Toop corp offers this innovative product at a reasonable price.

  • The whole set of products is made of High carbon cutlery steel which can resist rust, corrosion, dust etc.
  • The set of knife includes a precision forged knife, 5-inch Utility knife, 8 inch Bread knife, 6-inch Boning knife, paring knife, and knife block.
  • Features triple-riveted handles that will not break when exposed to oil.
  • It bears a short bolster that can provide better handling.
  • The set comes with the limited lifetime warranty.

4. Cuisinart C77TR-15P Triple Rivet Collection 15-Piece Knife Block Set

Cuisinart C77TR-15P Triple Rivet Collection 15-Piece Knife Block Set

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The brand has been a renowned brand in its kind apart from the name gained in its company performance.  Cuisinart always ensures the best user experience by offering products of high quality

  • Cuisinart designed the knife set with great innovation to offer great user experience.
  • The whole set of this product is made of high carbon stainless steel to resists rust & corrosion.
  • This stylish set includes 8” Bread knife, 8” slicing knife, 5” Santoku Knife, 4.5” Utility Knife, 3.5” paring knife, 8″ sharpening steel, 6 pieces of 4.5″ steak knives, 8″ chef knife & wood block to hold them.
  • The product measures 5.9×14.4×10.2 inches and weighs 7.82 pounds.
  • The knife set comes with the limited lifetime warranty.

5. Knife Set, 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden (15 Pcs Knife Set)

Knife Set, 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

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The premium quality knife set from Emojoy marks it quality and name. The stylishly curved knivesadd look & feel.

  • A complete set and a must-have accessory for a home cook. The professional knife includes 8″ slicing knife, 8″ Santoku knife, 8” Bread Knife, 5” Utility Knife, 3.5” Paring Knife, 4.5″ Steak knives, kitchen sharpener, and kitchen scissors.
  • The copper knife set is made of superior carbon stainless steel blades which ensure accuracy. The product bears a strong bolster for perfect control while handling knives.
  • The knife set comes with pakkawood Handles that are dense, durable and strong enough to withstand aging.

6. Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set

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Yet another product from the most reputed brand, these products transform your kitchen into professional cooking results. It is solely built to deliver excellent performance.

  • The ergonomically designed knife set includes 5” borning, 7-inch serrated bread, Santoku knife, 8-inch chefs, 8-inch slicer, forged steak knives, sharpener, and a wooden block.
  • The product is made of high carbon stainless steel for durability. It bears curved bolsters for  sharpness, precision & accuracy.
  • The product is designed with Triple stainless steel technology, which can secure a polymer handles.

7. Chef Knife Set Knives Set – Kitchen Knives Knife Set

Chef Knife Set Knives Set

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Our search for the best knife set with an amazing look ends with Home Hero. The product has a fully concealed body unit with stainless steel blades. It has sharpening bolster that adds up a layer of protection on the product.

  • The professional knife set includes a knife sharpener, finger guard, 5 pieces of stainless steel knives and a cutlery stand to hold them all.
  • It comes in a smaller yet stylish body design that adds charm to your kitchen.
  • Be it a utility knife, bread knife, boning knife, paring knife or carving knife, Home Hero is the best choice.
  • It is an affordable choice for both amateurs and professionals.

8. Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15-pc. Cutlery Knife Block Set

Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15-pc. Cutlery Knife Block Set

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The ergonomically designed knife set contains 15 different pieces of knives and a ceramic knife sharpener. Unlike other knife sets, Calphalon made this product using stamped steel of high-carbon & forged quality.

  • The knife set comes with the labeled handles for quick identification of knives.
  • For a secure grip, the knife set contains triple-riveted handles. You can enjoy the full-time life warranty of this knife set.
  • It worth your hard earned money and is the best knife set ever.

9. Cangshan N1 Series 1022605 German Steel Forged 5-Piece Starter Knife Block Set, Walnut

Cangshan N1 Series 1022605 German Steel Forged 5-Piece Starter Knife Block Set

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The manufacturer has incorporated high-quality German steel materials to ensure durability and stability.  The German steel is used in order to reach the hardness rating of 58.

  • The innovative knife set boasts premium & superior edge retention to ensure that the knife is sharper & longer.
  • The Cangshan Cutlery designed this knife set with great attention to attract professional chefs who like to use a knife with patented designs. Yes, it comes with 17 patented handle designs to give a touch of the profession.
  • The set includes 3.5” paring, 5” serrated, 9” forged shears & walnut block. It is perfectly designed to deliver professional results

10. Knife Set, 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden (18 Pcs Knife Set)

Knife Set, 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

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Yet another product from the same brand, these offer great features to attract its customer base. The product bears 18 different set of stainless steel knives, sharpener, self-sharpening manual.

  • The stylish product is made of stainless steel in such a way that it can resist rust, pitting and mild weather conditions to ensure durability.
  • The NSE certified knives can meet all your professional requirements. Blades are forged from German-made stainless steel for resisting rust, stains & corrosion.

About Knives

Santaku knife is designed for slicing, dicing & mincing while peeling knife is just for peeling potatoes, Apples, and round sized fruits & vegetables. To ease your work of cutting bread, pastries, pizza etc., a bread knife is preferred. Chef knife is the all-purpose knife that can be used for cutting, chopping, mincing etc. A utility blade can be used for handling fruits and small vegetables. For filleting fish, fillet knife is available.

The boning knife is specially designed to remove meat from chicken, pork etc. The knife set is not all about cutting vegetables; in fact, you can choose the knife set that best suits your cooking style.

Benefits of Owning a Kitchen Knife Set

A kitchen is absolutely incomplete without a proper set of kitchen knives. There are some noted benefits of such knives. Let us discuss some of them.

  • A sharp kitchen knife set is ideal for a kitchen. It works much better and in an organized manner. They can easily cut the vegetables into proper pieces and it also makes uniform pieces of the same. A good kitchen knife set works in a speedy manner in this case.
  • A sharp knife is much safer and secured for the user. If anyone is using a blunt knife then there is high risk of causing accidents. The hand of the user may get cut thereby causing good injury. So, it is always preferred to use a sharp knife for kitchen activities.
  • It is also presumed that a set of sharp knives are much more economical. If one gets damaged then it may be replaced by the second one. But in case of single knife it is not always possible to work uniformly. If it gets blunt then to make it sharp one may take a good amount of money. So, always try to buy kitchen knives that are available in a set.
  • It also takes very less time to cut vegetables or fruits with the help of a sharp knife. If the user is using a blunt one it may require a lot of time. On the other side, there may be a good amount of risk at the same time.
  • If the set of knives are sharpened on a regular basis then there is lower chance of getting damaged. Rather regular maintenance is always better and ideal for the set of kitchen knives. It can help the user to a great extent. The benefits of using set of sharp knives are just tough to be described in simple words.

Kitchen Knife Set Buying Guide – Features To Consider

If you are someone who regularly uses kitchen knifes at your homes, you will definitely want to know which is the best kitchen knife set that is available in the market today. This article provides a comprehensive buying guide, cleaning, as well as caring instructions for the kitchen knife set.

The Material Which Goes into the Making: The first and foremost thing that you will want in a kitchen knife set is that it should be of a good make. If the material in the knife is not solid, you will end up not using the same.

The Blades of the Knives: Whether or not a particular set of knives is able to help you in your kitchen, blades of the knives in the set play a very important role in determining the same. The blades should be sharp enough to aid you in cutting vegetables and fruits without having to put too much of an effort. At the same time, it should not be too hard, so much so that you start bleeding just when you touch its surface. 

Durability: Durability of the knives that you purchase is really important as it is these that will help you determine whether or not you made the right choice. If you buy something that is not durable, it is a waste of money and you will surely not want that to happen

Handle Size and Grip: One of the very important things to keep in mind while you go for the purchase of a kitchen knife set is that the grips of each of the knives in the set should be appropriate. If that is not the case, you shall not be in a position to use the knives in an appropriate manner and the entire purpose of having and investing in kitchen knives shall remain unresolved. Hence, it is highly recommended that you hold the handle of each of the knives in your own hands and figure out whether or not the grip is good enough for you.

Type of Knives in the Kitchen Set: When you are purchasing a kitchen knife set, you are actually not buying just a single knife. You are buying a total set which might comprise of various types like a chef knife, knives that help you cut various shapes, and others. You should go for that set of kitchen knife which you believe have different types of knives as per thw requirements of you and your family.

Price: It is very important to consider the cost of the kitchen knife set. When you buy something, you want to get the best value out of it. The same applies to the kitchen knife sets as well. There are plenty of knife sets that are available in the market today. All have shapes, sizes, as well as designs that are different from one another. But you need to figure out what suits you and your family the best. Hence, it is highly recommended that you take a knife set which is within your budget and will be able to serve the needs of you and your family.

Knife Set Cleaning and Caring Instructions: 

Clean it Gently with Hands:  The safest and the best way to clean all the different knives that make a part of your kitchen knife set is to clean them in the traditional way, that is to say by your hands. You should use a mild soap and plain water for this purpose.

Rinse the Knife After Every Use: If you are not able to wash the knives with your hands after every use, you should at least make it a habit that you rinse the knife each and every time you use it. This will ensure that the waste do not accumulate in the knife. This will also ensure that the task of cleaning the knife is easier at the time when you are washing your knife.

Avoid Using the Dishwasher: If you happen to use a knife that has blades of really high quality, you will have to avoid using the dishwasher as there are chances that the blade may lose its strength. You, instead should wash the knife with a soft brush and for the blades, you can definitely use a cotton cloth or any other soft cloth.

I hope that the above article will help you in making a smarter choice when you go to buy your kitchen knife set!


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