10 Best Lasagna Pans 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Lasagna seems to be a favorite meal for many people and most of us tend to go for lasagna as a dinner option. It certainly is a taste bud craving dish that happens to be part of many people’s top list. Quite often or not we tend to go to restaurants for lasagna which in fact can be perfectly made at home with much vigor and taste. The taste of lasagna at home made graciously by yourself rivals that any of any restaurant if you were to try on. All you need is a bit of ingredients and a good little lasagna pan.

Lasagna as we all know requires a bit of good meat, pasta, spices and fresh veggies to make along. And the pan that you make lasagna in also matters a lot as that is the one which allows you to make the lasagna without any disturbance or issue. We as part of our review system thought of going deep into the realm of lasagna pans and sought after the best lasagna pans in the market. And we have found quite a few takers around.

We here look into the list of best lasagna pans around and further look at the buying guide and considerations you need to make while going for it. Read along.

1. Chicago Metallic 26783 Professional Lasagna Trio Pan

Chicago Metallic 26783 Professional Lasagna Trio Pan

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One of the best pieces of lasagna pans when it comes to performance, durability and functioning, Chicago Metallic 26783 tops the list for us. This pan is certainly crafted with much admiration and mechanism that it always comes out on top when you make a lasagna and gives you the perfect meal. This lasagna pan comes with three completely separately based channels which are non stick for achieving the right taste and features.

It has an oven safe feature for up to 450 Degree Fahrenheit or 232 Degree Celsius and comes with a super heat conduction and easy release. It has a silicone based non-stick coating and allows for easy removal and cleaning of the pan. It measures around 13 by 9 inches and is good choice for a perfect lasagna. And the good thing, it’s also dishwasher safe to use for.


  • It is a silicon based non-stick lasagne pan.
  • It comes with better heat conduction and has an easy release option.
  • It is oven safe up to 450 Degree Fahrenheit or 232 Degree Celsius.
  • It is dishwasher safe to use for.

2. HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan

HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan

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At second place is the lasagna pan offering from HIC brand who are one of the leaders of the market in this niche. They are known for their high quality products and this one rightly sits as a great choice to go for. This lasagna pan from HIC is a high quality durable piece which at the same time is also quite versatile to go with. It is made from the finest quality of porcelain and comes with generous amounts of depth support that helps in paving way for making layered lasagna.

This one has a comfortable grip and has a secure transfer unit and is completely oven safe to use for. It can also be used along as a dish serving utensil as the look and the design affords this one that flexibility. It has a dishwasher safe option and a person can make many dishes in this like baking dishes like cakes and more along with roasting the veggies and more.

  • HIC’s Lasagna Pan is a durable and versatile baking dish for lasagna, cakes, casseroles and quiche, roasting and serving veggies, and more
  • Made from fine-quality porcelain
  • Generous depth supports layered recipes; easy-hold handles for comfortable grip and secure transfer into and out of the oven and under the broiler
  • Safe for microwave, oven, broiler (to 500-degrees Fahrenheit) and freezer; great for storing and reheating leftovers
  • Transitions beautifully from oven to table; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


  • Made with a beautiful porcelain, this one is a thing of beauty.
  • It has deep depth which is perfect for making mouth savoury lasagne.
  • It comes with microwave safe feature and has a comfortable grip for handling.
  • It has a dishwasher safe feature.

3. Rachael Ray Stoneware 9-Inch x 13-Inch Lasagna Lover Baker & Roaster

Rachael Ray Stoneware

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Rachael Ray are one of the prized stoneware manufacturers who have been plying their trade in the market. The brand is known for its vibrant and contemporary shaped cooking ware and this one doesn’t disappoint any bit. A perfect piece of cookware for making lasagna, this one is a product you should go for. It comes with a durable construction and has a bold color along with flared edges to add that vibrancy to the kitchen. It has a wide handle that allows for easy and comfortable grip that helps in transferring the dishes from the oven to the table. It comes with microwave safe feature and is also freezer safe.

This lasagna tray is a beautiful and versatile tray and comes with option for baking and roasting both. It comes with dishwasher safe feature also. It can withstand up to 500 degree Fahrenheit.


  • It comes with durable build quality.
  • It has wide handles and a bold color with distinctive flared edges.
  • It comes with multipurpose use and can be used for baking.
  • It is oven safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

4. Baking Dishes, Krokori Rectangular Bakeware Set Ceramic Baking Pan Lasagna Pans

Baking Dishes, Krokori Rectangular Bakeware Set

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This unique and wavy bakeware is the perfect answer for the best lasagna pan that you have been looking for. It comes with a unique pattern that adds to the functionality and is topped with fine fashion display. It has a classical and a remarkable display that adheres to a perfect piece for usage. It has an environmental friendly build and is made of high quality hybrid ceramic resists. It also has a long lasting build and is durable to use for.

It comes with over safe feature up to 500 degree Fahrenheit and also has aexquisite double based ear handles that aid in handling for better control and non-slip feature. It has a multi-functional usage and can be used for making not only lasagna but also pizza, breads, chicken, meat items, veggies and more. It comes with a dimension of 13 by 9 inch.


  • It as a unique wavy design and fashion build.
  • It has a high quality hybrid ceramic make and has a fine build quality.
  • It comes with double ear based handles for easier handling.
  • It is oven safe and can be used up to 500 degree Fahrenheit.
  • It has a multi-functional usage.

5. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Oblong Rectangular

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Now for the fifth number we have the Mrs. Anderson’s Baking cookware range which is known for its functionality and performance. This one is a great piece of cookware to go with and has high fired ceramic used in it. it has a scratch free glaze and also has a feature that allows for resisting stains and odors and cracks and more. It also has a generous capacity that allows for a better layered of dishes and also has wide handles that allows for the presentation of the dish in a proper manner. It is very good option for making lasagna, one of the best dishes around.

This cookware has featured as an award winning design and has a perfect piece of usage feature for making not just lasagna but also like casseroles, meats and more. It is a perfect piece of utensil for your need and is also durable to the core.


  • Award winning design
  • High fired ceramic for better design and performance
  • Wide handles for better handling
  • Multi purpose usage and oven safe feature

6. Emile Henry Made In France Lasagna/Roasting Dish 16.75″ x 11″x 3″ Burgundy Red

Emile Henry Made In France Lasagna

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A great product to list around, this one comes with an all natural material made list. It has a high fired burgundy clay that was used for making and uses the Emile Henry’s coveted HR ceramic feature. It comes with a superior heat retention and also has an even heat diffusion. It helps to keep your favorite lasagna hot for hours. It has a temperature resistant feature and has an oven safe feature up to 520 degree Fahrenheit. You can place the dish after making in a freezer or an oven or anywhere on the table without any need to fear.

This lasagna pan is very durable and is also scratch resistant to use for. It also comes with a high resistant glaze that allows for making of beautiful and tasty dishes. It also has an easy to clean feature and further comes with an 10 years of warranty to say the least.


  • Comes loaded with the Emile Henry’s ER ceramic feature
  • Highly durable to use for
  • Temperature resistant feature and oven safe option
  • High resistant glaze for better cooking

7. CasaWare Grande Lasagna/Roaster Pan

CasaWare Grande Lasagna

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Now at seventh in the list is the one from CasaWare Grande which is a very impressive lasagna maker pan and is a great piece for have for. it comes with an 18 by 12 inch extra large pan which is truth be told larger than most of the lasagna pans that were available around. This one comes with non-stick coating which makes sure you have the best baking and roasting experience you can ever have. The ceramic based coating provided on that is an FDA one which is European standard approved thing. It also comes with a pan feature that is quite blue colored granite and is a high functioning cookware.

It has a double coated ceramic surface and with carbon steel it comes with longer durability and also comes with scratch resistance feature. It also has a very easy to clean off surface with just a wipe off the cloth. And it allows for dishwasher usage.


  • It comes with one of the largest areas of lasagna pans around in the market.
  • It has a ceramic non stick coating that allows for high functioning.
  • It comes with carbon steel for reinforced protection.
  • It is easy to clean off.

8. Silikomart SFT332/C Silicone Classic Collection Lasagna Pan

Silikomart Classic Collection Lasagna Pan

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Now we have next at the eight number a fine lasagna pan from Silikomart, a famed classic cookware collection makers. They are one of the major names in the industry and it shows why. With great build quality, design, and performance, they are well and truly one of the top makers of lasagna pans around. This one from them is a silicone based mold which is made from a platinum base and is a 100 percent food grade silicon. It has a removable fiberglass safe ring and comes with a mold rim that allow for a stable performance and more. It has a durable lifecycle and can provide a flexible type of longetivity.

It has an easy extraction means and comes as a odorless and smokeless one. It is guaranteed to offer upto 3000 uses and can be safely used in the oven or fridge or even a freezer. It has a dishwasher safe feature.


  • A high quality performing silicone mold.
  • Comes with a removable fiberglass safe ring
  • Up to 3000 uses guaranteed.
  • Dishwasher safe to use.

9. Cuisinart 7117-14 Chef’s Classic Stainless 14-Inch Lasagna Pan

Cuisinart 7117-14 Chef's Classic Stainless 14-Inch Lasagna Pan

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Now looking at the ninth entrant of our list, we have reached to the Cuisinart’s fabulous offering that is in form of this 14 inch lasagna pan. This one is one of the largest surface area equipped lasagna pan and comes across as a secured piece of pan for using. It has a stainless steel interior and features and allows you to get a clean easy lasagna without the need for any discoloring and more. It has a secured riveted feature that allows for comfort-grip and also has a safe transport handle for usage.

It features a dishwasher safe option and has an oven safe feature that can go up to 550 degree Fahrenheit. It has a lifetime warranty which is an impressive thing to have for and also comes with a fine elegance about it.


  • It comes with a stainless steel interior and a perfect comfort grip.
  • It has a riveted design and also has a safe transport option.
  • It comes with a dishwasher safe option.
  • It has a lifetime warranty to it.

10. Norpro Stainless Steel 16 Inch Roast Lasagna Pan

Norpro Stainless Steel 16 Inch Roast Lasagna Pan

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Now closing our list is the one from Norpro with its stainless steel lasagna pan. This one comes with a 16 inch long pan which has impressive quality to hold a large sum of lasagna in it. The stainless steel feature allows for a use of pan without the fear of sticking by of lasagna or any other feature. It also allows for an optimum usage and temperature control.

This pan is versatile and you can use it to prepare either a lasagna or a cake or even a brownie. It comes with a recommendation for hand washing to make it last longer and retain the shine.


  • Made from high quality steel.
  • Allows for a large surface area
  • Versatile and allows you to make cake and more.
  • Highly durable

Buying Guide – What to Consider During the purchase?

  • Size

More often or not, it’s the size factor that comes into play when the talk is about a lasagna making pan. It is what allows you to go for the size of the lasagna that you make for yourself and family. Often times when the family is large, you have to go for the large sized pan while if the family is small you can enjoy with a small sized lasagna pan also.

Normally the pans are in 13 by 9 inch size and those who want larger can go for 14-inch or 16-inch pieces. Also look for the base as that is what defines whether it will fit good into your oven or not.

  • Design factor

The second prime factor is the design size. In fact if you were to look upon, then most of the lasagna pans are rectangular shapes ones. But that doesn’t close the door on all. There are also other evolving designs that come along and are in a different unison to the traditional rectangular design. There is also like 3 in 1 segment type lasagna maker available and there is also non stick types and more. We will talk about non-stick more in detail down below in another part. Also look whether it has handle or not at handle is what helps in carrying it around for easy transformation.

  • Build Material

One of the another major points to consider whilst going for the buying of lasagna pan is the build material quality. This is what determines whether the pan performs well or not and this is what makes sure that you have the pan that helps you out for years. You don’t want to crash out and invest time and again year by year in the lasagna pan can you. Look for the material that tend to retain heat as that allows your food to stay warm for long. Also look for the vessel which doesn’t not transfer odor from the vehicle to the food as that will harm very badly.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Whenever it’s a lasagna craving, a restaurant option might seem like the easy option to go to. But that should not always be the top agenda as making one at home gives much more good product and satisfaction. Take along these fine lasagna pans and you can go for them as per your need.

There are certainly plenty of lasagna pans and we have reached out and compiled a list of best top 10. We hope the list provides beneficial feature to you to buy a new lasagna pan and use it.

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