Electric Kettle Vs Whistling Tea Kettle: Which One To Buy?

When it comes to making tea with an electric kettle or whistling kettle, the debate’s rather wide open and contentious to say the least. It is not surprising to learn that most tea drinkers cannot make up their minds regarding the two. If you happen to be a tea drinker, then you need to know that choosing the right kettle can actually help infuse the tea with better flavour, which is why you need to check out both electric kettle reviews as well as whistling tea kettle reviews.  But you may want to check out the rest of the article as it can help you decide the question of which kettle to purchase.

Electric Kettle Vs Whistling Kettle

Electric kettle

Use: When it comes to electric kettles, the one advantage that it has over regular kettles is that it is highly portable. Since you use electricity for just about everything, you can carry the kettle with you, plug it into an outlet and heat the water to a required temperature. Basic electric kettles just allow you to preheat water but some premium models enable you to preset the temperature so that you can boil the water to the exact temperature. And these electric kettles come with a thermostat that registers the temperature of the water and automatically turns off when the targeted temperature is reached.

What to look out for: just remember that electric kettles are prone to damage, and moreover heating elements within the kettle can get damaged easily. This can be irksome considering the fact that electric kettles are not cheap. So make sure that you clean your kettle regularly, as per the directions provided in the manual.

Tip: Always purchase the right brand of the electric kettle; check out their reviews and find out what other customers had to say regarding their product. Make sure that you choose one with a warranty since electric kettles can get damaged very easily.

Whistling kettles

Use: Whistling kettles or your basic stovetop kettles need actual heat in the form of a stovetop to boil the water. Once it has reached the boiling point, the water transforms into steam and the kettle in question starts to whistle. While the debate as to which is better is somewhat contentious, most tea experts agree that a whistling kettle can produce water at higher than boiling temperatures and this can help infuse the tea with more flavour. This is the reason why most hotels pan-China still use whistling kettles to make the required tea. The one advantage that whistling kettles have over electric kettles is the fact that they are extremely durable and last for a long while.

What to look out for: when it comes to stovetop kettles, they are made more attractive on account of the fact that they whistle when done. And then, there’s the durability factor. But when purchasing a regular kettle, you may want to opt for steel as opposed to other types and confirm that it whistles when done. The other advantage to regular kettles is the fact that they are a lot less expensive than electric kettles; to put it in perspective regular kettles can cost as low as $20, but electric ones can go up to $150 and more.

Tip: If you consume tea often and need a regular supply of hot water, you can go for some of the premium brands which work as a kettle but also enable the hot water to remain hot for a while longer than most. The point being that boiling warm water should take less time than say boiling it from scratch.

Conclusion: If you commute to work a lot or travel a lot and happen to be a tea lover, then you would definitely need an electric kettle. However, if you do not travel much and want to experience some old world charm with some exquisite tea, then you can always go for regular stove top kettles that whistle when done. Just make sure that you know your preferences before you choose to purchase the kettle. And as always, make sure that you purchase products that come with a warranty in one form or another.


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