Why Silicone Oven Mitts Are Better Than Other Cooking Gloves?

Cooking gloves are commonly used in kitchens. It offers safety and convenience to people while cooking. There are different varieties of cooking gloves available in the market. Due to the advantages and remarkable features offered by silicone oven mitts, many people are replacing their regular cloth cooking gloves by silicon oven mitts. Let us see what makes silicone oven mitts better than all other types of cooking gloves.


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RedLanta Silicone Oven Mitts

This is one big aspect of why people prefer the use of silicon oven mitts over the ordinary ones. Unlike other types of oven mitts, the ones made using silicone offer superior heat resistance in very hot temperatures.

This is because of the food-safe and high-grade characteristics of silicone material. Their exemplary heat resistant feature makes it easy to handle the extremely high and extremely low temperature.

These oven mitts have the ability to easily withstand high temperatures around 482 degrees Fahrenheit and also safeguard against the very low temperature maintained in the freezer.

Good coverage

The size of the silicon oven mitts is sufficiently long that reaches above thirteen inches right from the top of the glove to the rear end of the sleeve. This offers high-end protection to the users from getting their hands burned while working in the kitchen.

Better grip

When it comes to cooking gloves, grip holds a lot of significance. Silicone mitts are known to offer enhanced grip as compared to the conventional ones. These gloves have an elevated parallelogram pattern present on both of its outer sides that gives better grip and prevents any slippage while performing cooking.

Silicon oven mitts are effectively covered in elevated dots that will assist you to get an enhanced grip. It has got a spot for all five fingers and that provides a lot more functionality and convenience when you are trying to get hold of an object.

Waterproof and bacteria proof

Regular oven mitts that are made using cloth are prone to carry with them a lot of disease-causing bacteria and microorganisms in it. This happens especially when the gloves are left indirty,damp, and unwashed condition.

As silicone is known to be water resistant proof material, it provides a smooth surface that doesn’t permit bacteria to get embed inside it. This making use of these glovesa lot safer for health.

Both the interior as well as the exterior region of cloth-based oven mitts presents acute health risks in spreading contamination. This occurs when cloth oven gloves come in touch with cooked or raw meats, vegetables, fats, greases, and oils. This results in contamination to occur.

Once the organic form of materials comes in touch with the oven mitt fabric, they are hard to remove. Sometimes, even after washing, these materials do not get completely eliminated from the fabric. This makes the cloth glove contaminated.

When such contaminated mitts are used for cooking purpose, the result is the spreading of diseases. So, to stay away from contamination in your kitchen, one of the best things that you can do is to change your regular cloth-based gloves to silicon oven mitts.

These are the best gloves to save your family from cross-contamination.In this way, you can ensure safe and hygienic use whenever you use it in your kitchen.


Normal cooking gloves tend to become thinner and weaker as you keep using it. This makes them less resistant to heat. So, on holding a hot pan or chilled pan, you will begin to feel the temperature right through the gloves. With silicone oven mitts, you don’t feel any hot or cold sensation no matter how extreme the temperature of the utensil is.

Easy to clean

Another good thing about silicon oven mitts is that these gloves are very easy to clean. It does not require more effort on your part. They get dry soon and lasts for a longer time. This makes these durable oven mitts a good investment in your kitchen.

Cleaning of these gloves is made to be very easy. All it needs is warm water and a good quality liquid soap. A little rubbing makes them spotless and free from any food material that has got stuck to it and you are all set to experience its continued and safe use.

If you don’t have time to do it manually, then you can even wash them in your washing machine. Unlike other gloves, they do not fade in color or contract in size. This is one of the things that makes them superior to other regular cloth-based gloves. These gloves can be easily wiped and rinsed to remove any sort of food that gets stuck on it.

Highly efficient

Silicon gloves are designed to be safe and convenient to take hot food out of your oven, or griller. It is also beneficial when you are using an open fire method to cook food. You must use these gloves when you are trying to remove a lid from a container as your hands may get burned due to the sudden heat that may come out of it. In this way, silicon oven mitts take the best care of you while you are cooking your favorite recipes in the kitchen.


These are multi-purpose gloves whose use is not limited to just holding your hot or cold utensils at the time of cooking. People who have sensitive skin can even wear these versatile gloves at the time of washing their utensils. It will protect their delicate hands from the harmful effects of the chemicals.

The downside of silicon-based oven mitts


Due to the heightened safety and comfort offered by silicone oven mitts, they are comparatively pricier as compared to cloth based oven mitts. One of the relieving things is that at online stores, you can get them at a discounted rate with 100% satisfaction, superior quality, and safety assurance.


Another drawback of these gloves is that they come in a limited size range and people who have short hands may not get their appropriate size. They may find the gloves to be loose and bulky.

The benefits offered by silicon oven mitts over weighs its drawbacks. If you are in the market to buy a cooking glove, then do buy silicon-based oven mitts to enjoy its benefits and make your cooking experience all the more enjoyable and safe.


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