Top 10 Best Whistling Tea Kettle 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy a new whistling tea kettle? Let me help you to choose the best!

I have been using a whistling kettle for a long time now. There are many reasons for it, most of my colleges and friends ask me why I prefer using it when I have better options available on the market.

To be frank, there is more than one reason why I use it. I belong to the working class and I need to get to my office at the right time. As a matter of fact, even if I manage to get up early in the morning, I would end up shortening my breakfast to save time. Most of the time, I set water to boil on the stove or in a kettle to prepare a cup of tea and I forget the whole thing. In the end, I find my kettle or saucepan burned and almost worthless to be used again. This is one of the major reasons why I bought the kettle, on the other hand, preparing tea in a kettle with a whistle is more feasible, we could just leave the kettle heating and continue with our work and when the tea is ready the whistle alerts us. That’s it you are done no more tension and burned kettle.

Now, you know my story and the reason why I bought it, you could have the same issue and scenario in your life. But, getting the best kettle is not that easy. I bought my first kettle after a thorough search. There was almost a 100+ kettle models on the market and I frankly did not have any idea on how to select the best. But eventually, I did get the best.

Here is the list of best whistling tea kettle available today.

Best Buy Whistling Tea Kettle Reviews 2020

Table of Contents

1. T-fal C76220 Specialty Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Whistling Kettle

T-fal C76220 Specialty Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Whistling Coffee and Tea Kettle

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This whistling tea kettle from T-fal brand is one of the top choices of customers. The entire product comes with stainless steel body that polished for maximum attractiveness. It is a rust resistant design, comes with insulated Bakelite handles for easy using of the product.

  • The kettle has a maximum fluid holding capacity of 3 liters
  • Efficient whistle that could alert the user once the water is ready
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this product
  • Comes with an option to open and close the spout with just a push of a minute lever on the handles
  • The stainless steel used to manufacture this kettle is heavy gauge and therefore, does not shrink or deform at high pressure

PS: this kettle is not induction stove compatible

2. Willow & Everett Tea Kettle – Surgical Whistling Teapot

Willow & Everett Tea Kettle

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  • Comes with an overall fluid capacity of 3 liters
  • Heavy gauges stainless steel material made kettle
  • Made of metal that is resistant to rust and stains
  • Polished to a mirror like finishing
  • Comes incorporated with tea infuser
  • The manufacturer offers a premium quality stainless steel tea strainer with this kettle
  • Made of 5 layers of premium stainless steel that enables the kettle to heat faster than most of the kettle
  • Aluminum formed bottom that plays an important role in heating the kettle soon
  • Comes with high quality silicone handles incorporated that enables the user to carry the kettle when hot
  • The entire kettle is BPA free and hence could be used with satisfaction and no risk to health

3. Coffee 92114.01 Alderton 2.3 Quart Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Coffee 92114.01 Alderton 2.3 Quart Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

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  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Durable and highly efficient design
  • Resistant to rust and deformation
  • Whistle incorporated for alerting the user when the tea or water boils
  • Comes incorporated with fill-up spout for safe and easy pouring
  • The entire kettle comes in 2.3-quarts size
  • This kettle could be an attractive addition to your cutlery as it comes with excellent ceramic coated at the exterior

4. Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Teakettle

Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Teakettle

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  • Whistles incorporated for alerting the user
  • Designed in such a way that the kettle could heat up quickly
  • Made of stainless steel in such a way that it could retain the heat for a long time
  • Classic stainless steel finish
  • Could be washed thoroughly using mild soap
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty with this product
  • Comes with a maximum fluid holding capacity of 2 quart
  • The entire kettle is light weight, but at the same, the kettle does not deform or shrink under any circumstance

5. Circulon 1.5-Quart Sunrise Teakettle

Circulon 1.5-Quart Sunrise Teakettle

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  • One of the most attractive kettles on this list
  • Comes with a capacity that could hold a maximum of 6 cups of fluid
  • The manufacturer has added some modern style into this kettle
  • The handles come in a attractive shape and size
  • The handle is made of high quality insulated material
  • Squeeze and pour spout lever incorporated
  • The entire bottom body of the kettle is made of stainless steel coated with enamel for enhanced style
  • The enamel coating is guaranteed to be resistant to stain and could be cleaned with ease
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this product
  • The high quality whistle incorporated is designed to last long

6. Vremi 2 quart Whistling Tea Kettle for Stovetop

Vremi 2 quart Whistling Tea Kettle

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  • Comes with a fluid holding capacity of 2 quart
  • The entire kettle is made of stainless steel
  • The product comes coated with enamel that looks elegant and shiny
  • Ergonomic handles that comes specially designed for extreme safety
  • Handles are made of nylon
  • The entire product is BPA free and could be used with absolutely no fear of any health issues
  • Comes in attractive color variants

7. Vanika Whistling Tea Kettle

Vanika Whistling Tea Kettle

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  • Looks familiar to the legendary whistling tea kettle
  • Polished in such a way that it delivers mirror like finish
  • Could be a beautiful addition to your kitchen show piece when not in use
  • Insulated high quality handles incorporated
  • Te handles are made of safety silicone
  • PS: not designed to be used on induction stove
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the kettles performance
  • Could be used for boiling milk and for preparing coffee and tea

8. Whistling Tea Kettle Bellemain

Whistling Tea Kettle Bellemain

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  • Comes with a flat base
  • Mirror like exterior finishing
  • Bellemain’s Surgical grade alloy used for manufacturing the product
  • The entire product is rust, stain, and crack resistant
  • Metal handles coated with insulated Bakelite for maximum safety
  • Handles are riveted to the kettle and the handles come with curves that prevent the fluid from pouring on the user under any circumstances
  • The flat bottom of this kettle comes made of aluminum, iron layered that makes it suitable to be used with almost any heat source, induction, halogen, electric, you name it and this kettle is compatible
  • Designed to heat quickly and to transfer heat evenly all over the surface for maximum heating efficiency
  • Whistle incorporated for alerting the user when the water or fluid boils

9. Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Zen 1-2/3-Quart Teakettle

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Zen 1-2/3-Quart Teakettle

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  • Enamel coated steel kettle
  • One of the most attractive kettles available today
  • The enamel is highly resistant to heat and does not peel off after prolonged use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Loop handles to prevent the kettle from slipping while wet
  • Bakelite handles bolted to the clamps riveted on the bottom of the kettle
  • Best compatible with almost any heat source
  • The refill spout comes with an attractive lid that comes incorporated with Bakelite handle for easy removal

10. KitchenAid KTEN20SBEU 2.0

KitchenAid KTEN20SBEU 2.0

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  • Made of stainless steel which is enamel coated at the exterior
  • Stylish and could be an attractive addition to your show pieces
  • Attractive handles made of metal but silicone coated for grip and safety
  • The porcelain exterior incorporated in this kettle is heat resistant and is guaranteed to last long as the product itself
  • The kettle comes incorporated with an attractive stainless steel trim brands, that add more elegance to the kettle
  • The whistle is incorporated in such a way that its blow is audible and clear

 How To Choose The Best Whistling Tea Kettle 

A whistle tea kettle is one of the best efficient type kettles available on the market today, not just because it comes with a whistle, but the precision it offers. The past few years have seen a steady increase in the demand for whistling tea kettles and this, in turn, has to lead to the rise in the number of models available on the market today. Here is a list of factors that could help you select the best whistling tea kettle from the market today.

Type of kettle based on the power source – A tea kettle, no matter what the features it provides could be an electric kettle or could be a stovetop kettle. Different people like different types of kettle and it is not just concentrated on a single type of tea kettle. Some people claim that electric kettles are far more efficient than stovetop kettle and on the other hand, some people claim that stovetop kettles are efficient. Based on our expertise it is better that we leave the efficiency of the kettle and focus on the type that suits your situation. An electric kettle requires the least set up for its functioning; all you need to have is a plug point where you could plug in the device. Nevertheless, when it comes to stovetop kettle, you need to have a stove and a fuel source. Now, with this being said, if you are a person who loves having a traditional or a retro style kettle, then an electric kettle can never satisfy you. On the other hand, if you are a person who is busy and want the tea made within the least time, then an electric kettle is all what you need.

The size of the kettle – The size of the kettle refers to the capacity of the kettle and not the overall dimension of the product. While purchasing a kettle it is very important to consider the capacity of the kettle, because if you purchase a large size kettle and if you fill the kettle with a small amount of water then it will take more time to boil and the tea will lose flavor. On the other hand, if you are planning to purchase a small size kettle then make sure that you need a small capacity kettle only.

Insulated handles – A kettle could come with insulated or a non-insulated handle incorporated into it. Most of the people would know that a kettle heats up and transfers the heat throughout its metallic body making it impossible for the user to move the kettle from one place to another without burning your hand. This is why we recommend that you consider purchasing a kettle that comes incorporated with insulated handle, but, while purchasing make sure that the handles are made of high quality insulated material and not some local product with poor quality handles that would melt at high temperature.

Size of the mouth opening – A kettle could be electric or stovetop and the capacity could vary based on the model and based on the user’s preference. However, the most important thing that you should know is that a kettle boils milk and other fluids and cleaning the kettle regularly after use is very important. What if the diameter of mouth is small and you cannot access the remote corners of the kettle. The cleaning will not be easy right, this is why it is best recommended that you should consider purchasing a kettle with a maximum wide mouth so that you could access the corners of the kettle and efficiently clean the kettle.

Quality of the material – A kettle could be made of any type of material, it could be made of a material that conducts heat easily or that conducts the head very slowly. It is well known fact that different metals conduct heat at different rate. So, if you are considering to purchase a high quality metal kettle then we recommend that you go for a stainless steel kettle as they are rust proof and stain proof.

 Whistling Tea Kettle Cleaning Instructions 

Step 1: After using the kettle, wait till the entire kettle cools down

Step 2: Once the kettle cools down, in a separate bowl mix baking soda and water

Step 3: Now, pour this solution into the kettle and boil the solution

Step 4:Once the solution starts boiling, remove the kettle from heat source and allow it to cool down

Step 5: With a soft scrubber, scrub the interior of the kettle to remove the deposits

Step 6: If you still find any deposits on the walls of the kettle, repeat the process again.

After completing the above-mentioned process, with a dry cloth remove all the moisture from the kettle and then store the kettle somewhere safe.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are other factors like brand, extra features, and price of the kettle. However, these factors are not so important to select the best kettles from the market. So, better avoid such factors.

 Whistling Tea Kettle Usage and Caring Instructions 

Tea Kettles has been used in the kitchen from centuries for different purposes in addition to making it. This versatile product can be considered as the best design because it whistles whenever the temperature is boiling hot and ready to use.

Common Usage Tips

Whistling tea kettles are used for many purposes. You can easily find this kitchen appliance in number of homes due to ease of using and number of benefits offered by it. Except for convenience, its versatility helps this product rise among all others and become the popular one.  

The common usage tips to consider during the use are –

  • Do not use the tea kettle on wrong-sized burners because large burners can heat up the whole body whereas small ones are not going to provide enough heat. However, you can rely on the correct size and the small ones.
  • The lid of tea kettle increases the efficiency of warming water inside, and you can expect a lower fuel bill. So, you should check whether the tea kettle lid is securely seated or not. This thing matters a lot.
  • Avoid leaving the tea kettle on the hot burning stove even if the stove is not working. Place the kettle on a heat resistant surface for the better lifespan of it.
  • Pouring hot water from the tea kettle can burn your hands; that’s why you should use a potholder when you are removing the kettle from the stove. Sometimes, the handle of kettle gets heated during the use.
  • Always pour water at lower angles if you don’t have any experience of using a kettle. This will help you avoid hot water splatters.

These are some basic things to consider when you are using a tea kettle for the first time or if you want some safe use.

Caring Instructions for the tea kettle

A tea kettle is a sturdy product that’s why you can find it versatile and durable, but you should focus on below mentioned caring instruction for the higher durability –

  • Avoid using tea kettles with damaged handle or spout.
  • If mineral deposits inside, fill with the same amount of water and white vinegar in the same quantity. Heat it up at boiling. Simmer it for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Repeat if required.
  • Make sure to empty the kettle after every use. Wash properly and if hard water deposit minerals inside then use the previously mentioned method.
  • Hard-anodized kettles are not dishwasher safe.
  • You can use a dishwasher for Stainless steel teakettles.

These methods will help you clean the tea kettle perfectly. Make sure that you follow the instruction mentioned by the kettle manufacturer, which will help you have the better durability of a tea kettle.

How To Make Tea in Whistling Kettle?

Is making tea in whistling kettle is difficult for you? If you say yes, let’s check out the proper ways to make tea in whistling kettles:

Boil the water in a kettle

In the beginning, you will have to purchase a high-quality whistling kettle from your nearest market. You cannot afford to use a poor quality whistling kettle as you could have tasteless Ti from it. Once you purchase the best whistling kettle, you will have to boil some water in it. Heating the water in a whistling kettle is the first step you have to do for making tea in it.

Place the tea bags                          

When you consider that the water is heated in the whistling kettle, you can add the tea bags into the water. According to the quantity and quality of tea you want to me, you have to add the tea bags. This is going to be the second important step you need to follow to make tea in the whistling kettle.

Let it takes time to the desired amount

After placing the tea bags, now you have to let the mixture takes some time.  According to your requirements, you can let the whistling kettle take some time.

Remove the leaves

Once you follow the previous step successfully now, this is the perfect time for you to remove the tea leaves from the whistling kettle. You have to be a little bit more careful when it comes to removing the tea leaves from the kettle.

Transfer the heated water

After following the previous tab now, you have to pour the heated water carefully.

Serve and enjoy your tea

Now, you can serve and enjoy your teeth that you have made with the help of a whistling kettle. With all these steps, you can easily prepare a cup of tea in the whistling kettle.


Getting a whistling tea is not easy, then, how did I manage to get the best? Customer reviews, it where all the truth about the product would be, and the whistling kettles listed above were all selected based on the customer reviews and the brand reputation.


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