Top 10 Best Egg Slicer 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you ever got annoyed because you could not slice an egg perfectly? I have been in this scenario many times. This was when I planned on getting an egg slicer for the first time. An egg slicer would be the perfect solution for our dilemma here, especially for clumsy people. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that Willy Abel invented the egg slicer for this exact feature!

Yes, selecting the best product is not that easy, and it could be one of the reasons you are here. Egg slicers come from different brands and types. However, you can simplify the selection procedure by checking the product for these specifications.

  1. Quality of the product
  2. Check if the product is made of food-grade material
  3. Check if the blades and cutting wires are made of high-quality stainless steel or not
  4. The product you consider purchasing should come with a non-slip base, preferably a silicone, rubber, or nylon pad to avoid the product from slipping.
  5. Purchasing a product that could only slice eggs should be avoided, consider purchasing a product that could slice, wedge, and cut eggs, vegetables, fruits, butter, and cheese efficiently.

The factors mentioned above and features could make it easy for you to get yourselves the best-rated egg slicer on the market. You can also check my list for the best egg cooker in 2020 if you’re looking to complete your collection of egg-related paraphernalia.

Our technical reviewer, Angie has personally tested the egg slicers available in the market, and have came up with a series of requirements

Best Buy Egg Slicer Reviews For 2020

Table of Contents

1. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer (Grey)

Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer

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This egg slicer is manufactured in Germany, an imported product, and rated to be one of the world’s best egg slicer products. The entire product his made of high-quality stainless steel that comes incorporated with razor-sharp steel wires, guaranteed to be rust and stain-resistant. The slicer is guaranteed to work efficiently to cut anything that includes strawberries, kiwi’s, mushrooms, etc

  • High quality cast aluminum base and handle
  • Comes fully assembled and easy to use features
  • A multipurpose slicer that can be used to slice anything
  • Easy to clean design, dishwasher safe
  • Has an overall dimension of 5x3x1 inches
  • Comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Could be used in both direction

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2. KitchenAid Egg Slicer, Red

KitchenAid Egg Slicer,

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This product is best recommended for slicing hard boiled eggs. Comes with a rubber base that prevents the product from skidding. The entire product made of high quality plastic that does not deform or break under pressure.The cutting wires incorporated into this egg slicer is made of high quality stainless steel.

  • Designed to suit modern kitchen settings
  • Easy to clean design
  • The entire product is dishwasher safe
  • Best recommended for slicing not only an egg but also vegetables and fruits of the same hardness
  • One year hassle free displacement offer
  • The manufacturer offers a life time warranty on this product

3. OXO 1271080 1271080V1 Egg Slicer, CD, White/Black

OXO 1271080 1271080V1 Egg Slice

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This is one of the most attractive egg slicers on my list. It could be used for slicing eggs and wedges, and it is designed to deliver the perfect 5mm egg slices. The non slip base to prevent the product from slipping and therefore, makes the egg slicer stable

  • The egg slicer is designed in such a way that it could be used both the directions
  • Comes incorporated with raised handles that makes it easy to open and close the slicer with ease
  • The top rack of this product is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with an overall dimension of 10.5×5.25×1.25 inches
  • Has an overall weight of 0.38 lbs

4. Norpro (989) Egg Slicer, Wedger, Pierce with Garnish Tool

Norpro (989) Egg Slicer

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  • Best recommended for slicing, piercing, and wedging hardboiled egg
  • Could help the user acquire 6 wedges and 10 uniform slices
  • Designed for slicing and wedging more than just eggs which includes mushrooms, kiwis, strawberries etc
  • Designed to function better than a knife
  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Comes with an overall dimension of 1.5x7x4.75 inches

5. Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Multipurpose Slicer with Seven Blades – Grey

Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Multipurpose Slicer

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  • Unlike the above listed products, this egg slicer comes with 3 different options, slicing, piercing, and wedging.
  • Could be used with mushrooms, strawberries, and kiwis.
  • Easy to use
  • The product is designed to provide a maximum of 10 uniform slices, 6 equal wedges, and also has an inbuilt egg piercer.
  • Could be used to create edible masterpieces with a garnishing tool
  • Safer and fast to use
  • Has an overall dimension of 1.5×4.75×7 inches
  • The entire product is made of high quality ABS plastic that could withstand any stress without deforming or breaking.

6. New Star 42634 Heavy Duty Egg Slicer with 3 Slicing styles

New Star 42634 Heavy Duty Egg Slicer

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  • This egg slicer comes in a unique design
  • Chrome plated top section that comes incorporated with high quality cutting wires
  • Designed in such a way that it could slice horizontally and vertically.
  • Could cut egg slices and wedge shaped pieces at the same time
  • Best recommended for preparing chefs salads and egg based dishes
  • Could be used to cut soft vegetables and fruits at the same time
  • Comes with an overall dimension of 5.24×3.25×1.25 inches
  • Comes incorporated with stainless steel wires
  • Has a die cast zinc alloy cutting frames
  • Incorporated with silicone base mixed with nylon for enhanced grip and stability while using it.

7. Gourmia GCU9265 Egg Slicer & Wedger Features Stainless Steel Blades

Gourmia GCU9265 Egg Slicer

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  • This is a versatile egg cutter
  • Helps you slice and wedge
  • Best recommended to be used for slicing or wedging for hardboiled egg or fruits or vegetables.
  • This is a manual egg chopper
  • Easy to operate
  • Could slice or wedge egg, vegetable or fruits easily as the cutting wires and blades are too sharp
  • Offers the user two options, cutting the egg to 6 even wedges or crosswise slices.
  • Heavy duty construction that could take any stress or strain without deforming or breaking. ABS plastic
  • Easy to clean design and dishwasher safe
  • Comes in a compact and sleek size and shape, making it easy to store

8. ChefsGrade Egg Slicer Solid Diecast Aluminium with Stainless Steel Wires

ChefsGrade Egg Slicer

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  • Made of premium class aluminum
  • Comes incorporated with high quality stainless steel wires
  • Manufactured in such a way that it could meet the highest quality and safety standards
  • The entire product comes powder coated to make it safe for use
  • Slices egg, vegetables, and fruits in such a way that it does not destroy the flavor in anyway
  • Could slice egg, fruits, cheese, butter, and vegetables for salad or any other dishes
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • 100% refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product
  • Has an overall dimension of 5.25×3.25×1.25 inches

9. Prepworks by Progressive Compact Egg Slicer

Prepworks by Progressive Compact Egg Slicer

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  • The entire product is made of plastic
  • Dishwasher safe product
  • Comes with non-skid base that offers higher stability to the egg slicer
  • Could be used to slice egg, vegetables, mushrooms, and strawberries
  • Comes with stainless steel wires sharp enough to slice anything
  • Has an overall dimension of 4.1×3.5×2.2 inches

10. ZYLISS Egg Slicer – Non Slip, Egg Cutter and Wedger with Built in Shell Piercer

ZYLISS Egg Slicer

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  • One of the simplest egg slicer
  • The entire product is made of ABS plastic
  • Comes incorporated with stainless steel wires for maximum cutting efficiency
  • This is a multipurpose cutting tool
  • Could be used to slice and wedge easily and quickly
  • Has a non slip base that makes the entire egg slicer stable
  • Designed in such a way that the entire product is free from deformation and stains
  • Comes with shell piercing feature incorporated
  • The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on this product

 How To Choose The Best Egg Slicer 

Do you prefer slicing a hard boiled egg with ease to spread it over salad or a sandwich or a burger? Then an egg slicer is something you should consider purchasing at the first place. A few things that make an egg slicer the best is its quality, the technology, and the price. However, to make things easier for you here is a list of factors considering which you could get the best egg slicer.

Type of egg slicer – There are two types of egg slicer on the market today, a rotating egg slicer and a simple traditional egg slicer. A rotating egg slicer is the one that allows the user to rotate the egg while the blades cut the egg precisely. If you are a person who need precisely cut egg, then a rotating egg slicer is what you should go for. On the other hand, if you need something simple and precision is not your major concern; a simple traditional egg slicer is what you could use. However, remember rotating egg slicers are expensive than other egg slicers.

Feet – An egg slicer serves the sole purpose of helping the user slice a hard boiled egg with ease. You know exactly how an egg slicer works and it demands the user to apply force on the product to slice the egg with ease. However, while applying a force on the egg slicer, there is a higher chance that egg slicer could slip away and break. This is why a non-slip foot is a necessary feature that on an egg slicer. Remember, not all egg slicers come with this feature, check the specification and make sure your product has this feature.

Slicing wires – Have you ever wondered how an egg slicer could slice the egg without destroying it? If you still have not figured, out why then understand that an egg slicer comes with slicing wires rather than slicing blades. An egg slicer slices the egg with wire and this is why the eggs do not break. However, there is one thing that you should know; a slicing wire can come with made with any material, especially metals. Nevertheless, as per our expertise, the best slicing wire material is stainless steel and you should consider purchasing an egg slicer with this type of material only.

Dishwasher safe or not – An egg slicer comes designed in such a way that it has to be cleaned manually or in a dishwasher. Cleaning an egg slicer is easy; however, there are some egg slicers that come in a complicated shape and size, which makes it incompatible to be cleaned in a dishwasher. Remember, rotten eggs are poisonous and therefore, you cannot avoid cleaning an egg slicer. Therefore, based on what type of cleaning is suitable for you, purchase the egg slicer.

Brand – The brand is something that you should consider while purchasing an egg slicer. You should understand the fact that a reputed brand always maintains their product standard and designs their product to meet the market standards. When it comes to egg slicer, the quality of the material and the slicing wires are very important, and only a reputed brand will ensure these properties. Therefore, purchase an egg slicer from a reputed brand only.

Multiple functions – Not all egg slicers are limited to slicing eggs only; there are products on the market that will allow the user to slice egg and other food materials. It is very important that you check the user’s manual or product specification and then use the product accordingly.

 Egg Slicer Cleaning & Caring Instructions 

As mentioned above, cleaning an egg slicer is very important, if you fail to clean the slicer after use, then it could lead to several issues. The issues include bad odor and food poisoning. Cleaning an egg slicer is not a complicated process, first, if your egg slicer is dishwasher safe, then we recommend you clean the slicer in the dishwasher rather than with hand. If you do not have a dishwasher, then, the cleaning process is common for both the types. You will have to pour some water on the egg slicer and then with a brush gently rub the slicing wires and sides of the product to remove the egg deposits. Once, you have completed the above-mentioned process, rinse the product with water and with a dry cloth remove the moisture from the slicer.

The best egg slicer available on the market today can enable the user to slice an egg with the least effort. The buying guide above will help you get the best egg slicer.

 How To Use an Egg Slicer Properly? 

1. Egg slicer is a handy thing which can be used to slice your eggs in equal parts when you are preparing any cuisine which needs to cut it in equal parts. It is a straightforward task to use the egg slicer, and you can use it to cut down various things in your kitchen.

2. To cut down the egg, first, of you all, you should boil the egg properly. The boiled egg can be cut down by using the egg scalier and then you have to remove the peel of eggs. Witt bout removing the skin,   the slicer won’t be able to cut it down, and it will only create a lot of mess.

3. After you will remove the peel off the egg, you can put it through the egg slicer and press it with your hand. You will find that the egg has been cut down into perfect equal parts.

4. Make sure that the egg is boiled up properly because incredibly soft egg won’t cut down properly and that’s why you should learn to boil the egg properly because you start using the egg slicer.

5. After you have cut down the eggs by using the egg slicer, you need to clean it properly and let it dry before you put it inside the cabin. If you don’t clean it properly,   then it can catch rust easily. Please get the best quality of egg slicer which doesn’t find rust easily.

6. There are numerous options available in the market when you go for buying egg slicer, but you have to choose the one which is perfect according to your budget and features. It should have sharp blades and durable material so that it can last for a longer time. This will prevent you from making compromises while you are using the egg slicer at your home.

7. It can be also be used for various other purposes in the kitchen like you can cut down strawberry, onion, kiwi and different other things which are of the egg size. Make sure that you don’t cut too many hard stuff with egg slicer because it can ruin its blades. You can also cut down mushroom into equal pieces by using an egg slicer, and that’s why every person should own the egg slicer because it can be a handy tool for your kitchen.  


We have listed almost every best egg slicer available on the market today. With a life being too busy these days, we understand that it is not that easy to select the best egg slicer from the market.

However, if you purchase any one of the product listed above, you will not regret it.


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