10 Best Crepe Pans 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Crepe Pans are widely popular around the globe to cook Crepe with ease, and these are the same tools used by professionals in five-star restaurants. You not only prepare Crepe, but you are able to make pancakes, galettes, billins, etc. without having a single issue. These are flat and reliable to cook, that’s why the majority of people prefer it.

Crepe pans are made up of iron cast, steel, and Teflon. These three are the most common and reliable material to go after, but the thought of choosing the best one depends upon your needs also. Iron cast pans are good for cooking quality pancakes or Crepe, but these are heavy in terms of weight, and you will find it hard to clean factors about them. Such things can easily put you in trouble; that’s why you must be selective to avoid getting into any trouble.

When it comes to steel or Teflon, both the surface is reliable, very lightweight, and convenient to use when cleaning them. Due to this, you can rely on crepe pans made up of Teflon or steel. The only problem is, you can’t expect the real crepe taste. The same goes for galettes, pancakes, and billins. The choice is yours about the material.

As it becomes complicated and tough to make a decision about a particular product, we come up with a list of top 10 best crepe pans that are lightweight, convenient to use, and they serve the best taste also.

Let’s get started by having a look at some of them

Best Buy Crepe Pans Reviews 2020

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Lots of research and hard work took us to a list of top 10 crepe pans. All the products are going to offer value for money deals instead of the best quality. Let’s begin by considering our list and know about the key features of each product.

1. Crepe Maker and Nonstick 12″ Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

Crepe Maker and Nonstick 12 Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

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Our very first choice in this list is Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan, which comes with the spreader and recipes books to ease up the work for you. It is an easy choice considering the built quality, compatible design, and nonstick cooking feature. Stability is great due to the rubber feet to provide extra firm grip over any surface.

Pricing is one necessary factor to consider, and this product has quick time cooking that can make things easier, and on/off indicator help you know about some basic things. The cleaning part is also easier because you can just wipe it off with the help of a wet cloth or damped sponge. These things can help in various manners, that’s why you can rely on it.


  • It comes with a recipe book and spreader to make your work easier.
  • Extra stable on your kitchen shelves due to rubber feet at the base.
  • It has a diameter of 12 inches for delicate Crepe and Pancakes mainly.
  • It can be used as a griddle because the heating base is made up of aluminum.

2. De Buyer Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France, 8-Inch Cooking Surface

De Buyer Crepe Pan

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Having an 8 inches cooking surface and a great blue steel material ensures that De Buyer Crepe Pan is a great choice. Blue steel is known for its incredible durability; premium built quality, and genuine taste of food. It comes in two different sizes, and the price difference isn’t much, which might get your attention for sure.

Contoured handle help in swirling purpose, making it super easy to cook whatever you like. You can wash it with hand using hot water and a sponge for easier cleaning. Things become easier when it comes to dry out this pan. When you are cooking Crepe, it doesn’t take much time to heat up, which ensures better energy preservation.


  • A versatile choice can be used for fish, pancakes, and other dishes also.
  • Nonstick pan, so food isn’t going to stick with the surface of the pan.
  • Made up of blue steel in France, it serves the best durability as compared to others.
  • Available in two different sizes for a slight difference in the price of the product.

3. Large Crepe Pan 10 Inch Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

Large Crepe Pan 10 Inch Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

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For an affordable price and genuine built quality, Maxi Nature Kitchenware is a great brand to offer quality products. Maxi Nature Kitchenware Large Crepe Pan 10 Inch Nonstick Coating pan is an affordable choice with a bake lite handle to make cooking easier. It is also easy to clean, and you can use the same pan for various other purposes, which will make the cooking work easier.

With the help of a handle, you can swirl food easily, and cooking becomes easier. The best part is, swirling is one of the hardest things with other pans, but it has a large surface, and you can cook without using any cooking oil, which will make the work easier in various manners. It is a made in Europe product with premium built quality.


  • Nonstick pan with 10 inches of diameter for Crepe and other dishes.
  • Made in Europe with premium built quality for easier use.
  • It can be used for other dishes also and you can cook without using any oil.
  • Swirling is easier with the help of the Bakelite handle included with the pan.

4. Norpro Nonstick Breakfast/Crepe/Tortilla Pan

Norpro Nonstick Breakfast

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One more affordable product on our list is Norpro Nonstick Breakfast/Crepe/Tortilla Pan, which is not only affordable, but it is also a very reliable choice to go after. It can be used for tortillas, and you can easily cook Crepe on this pan. It is 9.25 inches in diameter, and if you consider the cooking surface, then you are getting almost 8 inches for that, which is definitely the reliable choice.

It is a multifunctional pan, and you can use it to create crepes. That’s why you can rely on this product without having any issue. Cooking omelet and such other recipes is definitely an easy choice due to quick time heating. The use of slope on sides helps you cook food with ease, and it is also helpful to protect the nonstick finish on sides, which can make you rely on this product over the selection of any other.


  • It can be used for cooking Crepes, Omelet, Tortillas, and Breakfast with ease.
  • Affordable price for such large diameter and easier cooking on this nonstick pan.
  • Built quality is high as it is made up of steel, and there is a nonstick Teflon coating.
  • Long handle to swirl easily, and it has slopes on edges to prevent food from dripping.

5. Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle

Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake

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This nonstick heavy gauge pan is made up of aluminum, which is going to provide better conduction to heat, and it is able to prevent hot spots by cooking equally in all the areas. Nonstick cooking is going to make the whole work easier. It has a large handle which stays cool even after hours of cooking so that you can swirl without any problem.

It can be used on a gas stove, electric stove, halogen, and ceramic also. Versatility with a lower price is an additional advantage which can make you love this product for sure. The only drawback we found about this product is related to the durability of bolts connecting the handle to pan. After checking hundreds of reviews, we found that this product is highly reliable and better to prefer over others.


  • The diameter of 10.25 inches with 8 inches of cooking area for easier swirling.
  • A small slope on edges to prevent food from dripping and easier flipping.
  • Premium built quality with a nonstick surface to cook without any problem.
  • It is made up of aluminum, and it weighs very genuine, good to go choice for sure.

6. Paderno World Cuisine Blue Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

Paderno World Cuisine Blue Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

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With a huge variety in sizes and built quality, Paderno World Cuisine Blue Carbon Steel Crepe Pan is the adequate choice who wants a specific pan size. It is very conducive to heat, which lets you cook Crepe without any problem, and the built quality is remarkable. It is a carbon steel griddle, which makes the work easier for everyone; that’s why you can rely on it.

Creating the initial layer of seasoning is easier with this product; that’s why you can rely on this product over the selection of others. It is also induction ready, so you can cook on a ceramic surface. When cooking on electric or heat stoves, you must pay attention to the accurate level due to the higher conductivity of this steel crepe pan.


  • It has a polished surface to cook pancakes and other food without any issue.
  • Higher built quality, made up of carbon steel for easier cooking.
  • The conductivity of pan is good enough to let you cook in a couple of minutes.
  • Plenty of sizes available in the same to help you grab the best product of need.

7. Matfer Bourgeat 062034 Round Crepe Pan

Matfer Bourgeat 062034 Round Crepe Pan

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Our next product of choice is Matfer Bourgeat 062034 Round Crepe Pan, which help you cook delicious food with ease. With a long handle and large diameter of pan surface, you can cook Crepe, omelet, and several other dishes in a couple of minutes. The heavy-duty construction of this unit lets you expect higher durability from the same product.

There are plenty of sizes available in the same, and you can find a significant difference due to the price, which will help you get the best deal without any issue. It is for all hob types, that’s why you can rely on this product without any issue. Even, you can season using this pan as nonstick wear, and it is all hob types which will make you prefer this product over the other ones.


  • It has a surface diameter of 9.5 inches and 8 inches for effective cooking.
  • Built quality is impressive, and it will help you cook plenty of foods with ease.
  • Heavy-duty construction of the same with plenty of additional features.
  • Available in four different sizes to help you grab the best size for your specific need.

8. MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

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One of the pure carbon steel crepes in this whole list is MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe, which serves the best purpose of cooking without any issue. The manufacturer guarantees that this pan is made up of safe material, and they are not using any PTFE or PFOA pr any other chemicals. Built quality is also remarkable, even way better from the other ones; that’s why you can rely on the same.

You can use it without any problem, but keep it in mind that you can’t use the dishwasher to get it cleaned. There is a normal method where you have to use a wet cloth to wipe the surface and clean it, which will take a couple of minutes; that’s why you can rely on the same. Bee wax is protecting the surface from any chemical damage.


  • Genuine built quality with the chemical-free manufacturing for safer use.
  • Available in three different sizes to help you grab the best deal with ease.
  • Easy to wash with the help of a wet cloth and some soap. Don’t use a dishwasher.
  • It is made in France product with bee wax for higher durability and safer use.

9. Scanpan Classic 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Scanpan Classic 10-Inch Crepe Pan

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Scanpan is a reputed brand known for cookware manufacturing. The reason behind the popularity is premium built quality and great durability, but they have the expensive price tag, which can make you think whether to grab this deal or not. This product is oven safe and can be heated up to 500 F. Nonstick coating will peel off above this point, which can make you feel worried about the product.

You can cook without the help of any cooking oil, which ensures safer cooking. The safety factor is always important to consider, and you can expect Safe, PFOA-free, and sustainable cooking over this pan, which will make you love this product over the selection of others. The number of positive reviews is also heartwarming about this product.


  • Premium built quality with a nonstick over the surface.
  • It is available in a single size of 10 inches crepe pan for effective cooking.
  • It is made in Denmark with a limited lifetime warranty of coating and pan.
  • Easy to wash product; wipe clean with hot water and a sponge.

10. Berndes 579865 Specialty Crepe Pan 9.5 Inch Diameter

Berndes 579865 Specialty Crepe Pan

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The last product of choice is Berndes 579865 Specialty Crepe Pan, which has 9.5 inches of pan size and plenty of genuine features. The advantage of buying this pan is, you can choose between two different sizes; it is conducive to heat and soak the maximum amount of heat in a couple seconds and a lot more.

It has the premium built quality along with a detachable handle for easier cooking. Cooking Crepe is an easy thing on this pan, but the only reason to keep it, in the end, is the expensive price point. It is sure that there are positive reviews about the quality, but you can find value for money deals which are cheaper and kind of similar to this product. Apart from that, the below mentioned are some key features


  • Available in two different sizes of 9.5 inches and more.
  • Nonstick coating on the top to prevent food from sticking to the pan.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure the best use of the same.
  • Wipe it to clean the surface and using a wet cloth is enough for that

Crepe Pan Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

In order to cook delicate Crepe and pancake, having a good quality crepe pan plays an important role. Several companies are coming up with great quality products, but among all of them, everyone feels stuck due to the variety. To put it in perspective and make it easier for you, we made a list of the top five factors that can help to grab the best deal with ease. Let’s get started by looking at some of the major ones

Material – Plenty of materials are used in cooking of Crepe; it can be cast iron pans, Teflon, and steel. The best one is iron to give the best taste, but it is hard to clean, and the weight is going to make you feel hard while cooking. Due to this, you can choose aluminum pans or nonstick Teflon pans. They can serve the same need in a better manner, and they are still going to preserve the quality taste, which will be a reliable choice.

Non-Stick Properties – Keep it in mind that Crepe, pancakes, and such other dishes are going to stick with a base on high flame. To avoid such issues, get a nonstick pan because they are easy to wash, easy to clean, and they are not going to stick with Crepe at all. Even, you can cook Crepe with less amount of cooking oil, which will ease up the work in various manners. Try going for a complete nonstick pan, which will be an easier choice, and you can rely on such pans.

Built Quality – A thick crepe pan doesn’t mean better quality because they are going to consume more fuel to heat up properly. Choose a medium-thick base of crepe pans. These are not heavy, and you can easily cook food without any issue. Always try going after higher built quality. Such high quality means spending more money, but you will get satisfaction in cooking, and they can make the same job easier, that’s why you can find that way more appealing as compared to others.

Reviews – Needless to mention, but reviews play an important role in deciding which product is best and why. When you check reviews, you learn about the built quality, durability, cooking experience, value for money factor, and lot more. Considering the rating might be a bad choice when you look after a huge number of reviews, then things become easier, and you can rely on the product also.

Size – Variety in sizes might be a good choice for many who want to do an experiment and try cooking different types of dishes. After comparing a huge number of products, we found that 12 inches crepe pan is good to go. If you prefer any small or large size than 12 inches, then it might cause various issues, and you may end up getting the wrong product. So, you have to be careful with the size factor.

After these factors, you should decide a good budget because if you are going to spend more than 40 bucks on crepe pan, then you do lots of research. Our mentioned products are based on value for money factor and built quality instead of affordability. If you can’t find any of our mentioned products compatible with your needs, then you can go with our buying guide and start doing your own research to have the right deal.

Note – Crepe taste and quality is a subjective part that depends upon how you cook it. Still, the material of pan matters. That’s why you should check out all types of pans and know which one is getting you the best taste. This will help to make your decision easier and to grab the best deal also.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Overall, thought about the top 10 products are positive because of their reliability factor. A newbie might find it hard to select the right one. That’s why they can follow the whole list and choose the adequate deal depending upon the price factor.

Hope, this guide about crepe pans and their reviews will let you order a reliable product. Getting an expensive crepe pan doesn’t mean the best quality, but you still get some additional perks like a recipe book. So, you should choose wisely.


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