Types of Vegetable Peelers & Their Uses

Regardless of the cuisine you are fond of, you will find the vegetables as one of the prime ingredients of every vegetarian recipe. And in order to achieve the best results and taste, it is essential that you prepare the vegetables at the best. Perfectly peeled and cleaned vegetables not only enhance the taste of the recipe being prepared but also provide the recipe an organized and beautiful look. So, if you were looking to make the best looking recipes at home, you should find a reliable and efficient way to peel up the vegetables. And if we talk about the simplest and the most reliable method to peel the vegetables, then it would be none other than the vegetable peelers that are available in the market. By relying on the vegetable peeler reviews, you can easily get the best peeler for your home.

As the vegetable peelers are an important tool to be used at home kitchen, you can find different brands, models and types of vegetable peelers in the market. And almost all of these types target different buyers. So, if you are buying the vegetable peeler for the first time, you may find it difficult to choose the perfect product for yourself, if you are not aware of the different types of peelers available in the market.

So, stay tuned with us until the end of the article to know more about the different types of vegetable peelers and their uses.

Different types of vegetable peelers in the market

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As said, the vegetable peelers are available in the market in different types, and almost all of them target different buyers and serve different needs. So, for the readers’ sake, we are listing the different types of vegetable peelers in the market and their uses. Go through them, and buy the one that fulfills your needs. And buy a perfect model from your preferred brand.

1. Swivel peeler

Swivel peeler

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Swivel peeler is one of the most widely used and popular vegetable peeler across the world. With the most compact design and easy to use design, the Swivel peeler is an ideal choice for the small fruits and vegetables with soft-to-medium shells. The design and compact dimensions make it an ideal tool to use in the kitchen on the daily basis. You can completely rely on the long and efficient blades of the peeler and can easily use it for your daily kitchen needs.

2. Y peeler

Y peeler

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Y peeler is another brilliant buy for those users who are looking to buy an easy to use peeler that can efficiently handle most of your vegetables and fruits that you use in your kitchen. The unique Y-shaped frame of the peeler makes it one of the easiest ways to peel a fruit or vegetable. A long handle and efficient blade provides a brilliant control over the movement and provides it a perfect peel. So, if you were after a useful peeler that can be used for all soft shelled fruits, then the Y-peeler would be efficient peeler for you.

3. Serrated peeler

Serrated peeler

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Users often find it difficult to peel the fruits and veggies with glossy and slippery skin. However, if you are using the Serrated peeler, then due to its specially designed blades and efficient grip, you can easily peel any fruit or veggies that are relatively hard to peel with other kinds of vegetable peeler. With the serrated peeler, you can easily remove the skin of almost any kind of veggies and fruits within a few minutes. Just make sure to keep your hands safe while peeling the slippery veggies and fruits.

4. Julienne peeler

Julienne peeler

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Julienne peeler, as the name suggests is extremely useful if you are looking to cut the veggies juliennes. The specially designed blades of the peeler make it easier to cut the juliennes easily in a single pass that is hard to achieve if you are relying on the traditional ways to cut the juliennes. So, if you were looking for the best way to cut the juliennes in the fastest possible way, you should look for a reliable and efficient Julienne peeler from a good brand.

5. Speed peeler

Speed peeler

For the buyers who were looking for a faster and more reliable peeler for their home, will find the speed peeler a perfect buy. As the name suggests the speed peelers provides the fast and efficient peeling. The thing that makes the speed peelers different from the other peelers is the way the blades and arranged and the ease with which the peeler performs grating.

So, if you were after a peeler that can grate your fruits and veggies as needed, then the speed peeler would be a great buy for you.


So, these were the different types of vegetable peelers and their brief uses. By knowing them, you can easily buy the best one for yourself according to your needs. Choose the perfect vegetable peeler according to your needs and make cooking an easy thing to deal with.


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