Difference Between Citrus Juicer and Juice Extractor

Worried about the health effects of sugary juices available in the market? You can now get the pulpy juice out of your loved veggies and fruits at home with citrus juicer or juice extractor. Both of them give juice which varies in mechanism. Juice extractor cuts veggies and fruits and spins/rotates at high speed to separate skin, seeds and pump off the juice. On the other side, citrus juicer may lack in several features but it is a lot cheaper than juice extractor. Here’s what you should know to know the difference between juice extractor and citrus juicer.

 Juice Extractor  

Juice extractor is basically an appliance used to extract juice from both veggies and fruits. First of all, it cuts the contents into pieces and spins the pieces faster to separate the skin and seeds. At the end, you will get pure juice of vegetable or fruit. Simply speaking, juice extractor handles pulp and seeds so user gets only pure juice and nothing else without any other item.

Here are two different types of juice extractors out there –

Centrifugal Juice Extractor – They are commonly known as fast juice extractors due to their centrifugal force. You don’t have to wait too much to extract juice with it. They spin the contents at around 12,000 RPM like a washing machine to separate juice from seeds and pulp. They collect waste in another container and extract pure juice in another.

Masticating extractor – They are slow juicers as they use slow auger to crush fruits off a stainless steel mesh at just 100 RPM. They don’t cut or shred food with blades. They are ideal for leafy greens to get all the nutrients at very slow pace.

 Citrus Juicer 

This juicer is very affordable as it spins the items like centrifugal juice extractor but at very slow speed and it is good for citrus fruits. They have cone-shaped rotating head to be pressed over half of the fruit to extract juice. You can retain or separate the pulp off the juice as you like. They are also easier to wash and use as you just have to detach few parts. Here are some of the common types of citrus juicers –

Citrus Reamers/Manual Juicers – These are very affordable options but they make a lot of mass to make a cup of citrus juice. It also comes with cone-shaped head to squeeze the fruit. It collects the seeds and pump above the strainer and it collects the juice in the cup. It also mixes the seeds and pump with juice if it has wide holes on the strainer.

Citrus Press Juicers – These are also used manually as they have arm on right or left side to pull down to make the juice. It is easy to use. Insert half-cut fruit on the bottom part of squeezing and press the handle to pull down the fruit forcefully and press out the juice.

Electric citrus juicers – There are different versions and various out there for various features. In general, there is a motor in the machine so reamer can grate and rotate the fruit once it is pressed over the reamer forcefully.


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