Top 10 Best Pizza Stone 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Pizza stone is simply a cooking surface for baking or grilling purposes. It can be made of stone, clay, ceramic, cast iron, cordierite, or steel. It can bake food safely without burns due to its build material. These stones are built to mimic the baking quality of masonry oven. Unlike metallic bakeware, pizza stones are built to manage extreme heats and they can still cook well. These stones are used also in hotels or restaurants to make delightful pizzas for buyers. They can also be used to produce healthier and crispier crusts in home ovens and prepare healthy pizzas faster.

The structure of the stone is the main reason behind it. The stone absorbs moisture from the dough and makes the crust really crunchy. You can produce evenly baked pizza without burns on these stones. In addition, these stones are very easy to maintain and use.

You can choose the right pizza stone as per your needs. First of all, it is important to measure oven and choose the stone accordingly. You also need to consider the purpose. If you just want to bake pizzas, you can go with a round stone. If you want to bake pastries or bread, you can go with a rectangular stone.

If you are looking for the best rated pizza stone for your kitchen, you are at the right place. We have handpicked some of the most popular and attractive options for you. We have compared and tested these pizza stones before adding to the list. We are introducing actual pizza stones that we use to grill our pizzas. 

Best Buy Pizza Stone Reviews 2020

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1. Heritage 15” Black Ceramic Pizza Stone for Oven, BBQ and Grill

Heritage 15” Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

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The best pizza stone for oven & grill – This ceramic stone from Heritage is definitely your best alley in the kitchen. Surprise your children and family in the next event or dinner by baking restaurant-worthy pizza at your home. The best part is that this stone comes with free pizza cutter so you won’t have to buy one. This non-stain baking stone is perfect for your oven, BBQ and grill. In addition, this pizza stone is completely food safe. There is no cadmium or lead used on the surface.

Key features

  • Preheats around 2 times faster than other stones
  • Will not burn crust or stain from grease
  • Does not produce smoke and keeps pizza tasting fresh and smelling nice
  • #1 Reviewed and most loved baking stone on Amazon
  • Does not crack in the oven and will last lifetime

2. Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

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Make your movie night, game night or just any night useful with your favorite pizza and red wine that can fit any occasion. Whether you are rolling in your own pizza dough or throwing frozen pizza in the oven or grill, you will definitely love this rectangular pizza stone from Old Stone for the crust you love. It heats evenly and quickly with its cordierite clay so you can get the golden brown crust on every bite. You can even bake bread and pastries, or even cook vegetables on this stone.

Key features

  • Easier to pick up the pizza due to raised edges on the bottom
  • Also used for baking pastries, bread and vegetables
  • Made of cordierite material for even and rapid heating and longer lifespan
  • Well designed Heat Core to avoid soggy centers

3. CastElegance Pizza Stone for Crispy and Crust Pizza

CastElegance Pizza Stone for Crispy and Crust Pizza

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CastElegance Pizza Stone is engineered to last and produce the best crust and crispy pizza at home. It is made of Thermarite, a well-formulated and high density cordierite stone which is heated well to around 2000F for superior durability, strength and thermal shock resistance. The pizza stone is highly absorbent and unique which absorbs and extracts moisture off the moist dough to form the best crispy crusts. It has superior heat transfer and retention to provide even heat transmitted into the food for good crusts.

Key features

  • Made of Thermarite to vaporize all organic waste and resist smell
  • Shields pizza from intense heat on grills and ovens
  • Packaged to come in one piece without micro fractures
  • US FDA approved

4. Love This Kitchen 16” Round Bread and Pizza Stone

Love This Kitchen 16” Round Bread and Pizza Stone

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The Ultimate 16” Round Pizza and Bread stone from Love this Kitchen is just what you want. It is the best choice to make pizza both on the grill and in the oven. It has been tested on various professional and commercial BBQ grills, gas or charcoal at high heat. It is made of porous ceramic designed to absorb moisture from the dough to make crispier crust. It is made of US FDA approved Therma Shock Cordierite to withstand around 1500 degrees for easy cooking. The stone is also unbreakable from thermal shock.

Key features

  • Perfect for BBQ, oven, and grill
  • Durable and safe, thermal shock resistant
  • Made of FDA approved Cordierite stone

5. Unicook Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone

Unicook Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone

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Gather your family and friends and treat them with delicious crusty and crispy pizza made on Unicook Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone. It is ideal for BBQ, oven bake and grill. Cook healthy and delicious pizzas like a chef and surprise your friends and family. Unicook Pizza Stone can be used in home ovens or outdoor grills. This stone is easy and convenient to thaw frozen pizza. It can be used to make cookies, breads, and biscuits along with homemade pizza.

Key features

  • Made of LFGB and FDA approved Cordierite stone which is heat safe (up to 1450F)
  • Smell proof
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Good for frozen or fresh pizza in the oven or grill.
  • Ideal for baking bread, pizza and cookies.

6. Cuisinart CPS-445 Pizza Grilling Set

Cuisinart CPS-445 Pizza Grilling Set

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This ceramic pizza stone from Cuisinart bakes tastier, delicious and crisper crust. It is heat resistant around 800 degrees Fahrenheit and it provides even heat distribution without hot spots and it mimics the traditional brick pizza oven. Along with pizza, you can also bake toasts, warm bagels, waffles, and tortillas.

It comes with a long pizza peel made of aluminum with smooth finish which resist sticking to the pizza peel. Slide the peel under the pizza assembled, place it over the hot stone in the oven, and remove the peel to bake the pizza. When the pizza is baked, slide the peel under the pizza and move it from the oven to the cutting area.

Key features

  • Heat resistant with even heat distribution
  • Comes with pizza cutter and folding pizza peel
  • Cut and serve your delicacies quickly
  • Make perfect cuts with cutting peel

7. Wilton Perfect Results 15” Ceramic Pizza and Baking Stone

Wilton Perfect Results 15” Ceramic Pizz

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If most of your day involves cooking and baking, you should have a bake ware that can hold up you. The Perfect Results ceramic pizza and baking stone from Wilton is best for daily use. It is made of cold-rolled, heavy duty steel. This oversized pan handle is made of strong non-stick coating so that can move in and out of the oven easily. There is a choice of muffin, loaf, pizza or cake pans, cookie sheets or even mega-sized pans for different baking needs. The pan is dishwasher safe as well.

Key features

  • Oversized handles to provide better grip
  • Non-stick surface
  • Different Pans available
  • Dishwasher safe

8. GOVOG BBQ, Baking and Pizza Stone for Oven with Cutter Handle Set

GOVOG BBQ, Baking and Pizza Stone

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Delight your kids, family, colleague and friends by making pizza at home with GOVOC BBQ, Pizza and Baking stone for oven. It is made of cordierite material for delightful and crispy crust pizza. It comes with cutter handle set for fine and perfect cuts.

Key features

  • Round pizza stone with rack and cutter
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor BBQ and most types of grills
  • Cordierite baking stone for even heat distribution

9. ROCKSHEAT 14.2″x 0.6″ Round Cordierite Pizza Stone

ROCKSHEAT 14.2"x 0.6" Round Cordierite Pizza Stone

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Bake Pizzeria-style pizzas anytime at home with ROCKSHEAT Round Cordierite Pizza stone which simulates similar cooking standards of professional brick ovens. It provides even heat distribution for best cooking results. It delivers crispy and browned crust you love and get the best commercial brick oven results.

Make fresh pizza, for birthday or other events at home and turn it into a typical pizzeria with ROCKSHEAT Pizza stone. It can resist extremely high heat up to 1400F with strong thermal stability.

Key features

  • Extremely high temperature resistant up to 1400F
  • Made of food grade cordierite
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Can be used in oven or most types of grills

10. Culinary Expertise Cordierite Pizza Stone Set

Culinary Expertise Cordierite Pizza Stone Set

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Many pizza stones shatter in extreme temperatures. However, this cordierite pizza stone from Culinary Expertise has innovative thermal design which is best suited on your grill and other cooking options with open flame to deliver flame-cooked flavor in your pizza.

Key features

  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Withstands up to 1500F
  • All materials are approved by FDA, LFGB, RoHS, and EC

 How To Choose The Right Pizza Stone 

 Getting a pizza stone is very important as it decides the crispness of the pizza crust. Would you prefer a pizza with perfect crispness and flavor? Then, you should be careful while selecting the pizza stone as each pizza stone highlights the different characteristics in different types of pizza. Here is a buying guide that could help you get the best pizza stone from the market today.

a) Type of pizza stone

A pizza stone could come in different materials and each material has its own pros and cons:

  • Cast iron – Cast iron is one of the most commonly used pizza stone type as cast iron pizza stones offers maximum flexibility. Cast iron pizza stones have high melting point, making it compatible for high temperature. One of the disadvantages of cast iron pizza stone is that once the cooking is completed, it will take a long time for the stone to cool down, hence there is a high chance of overheating.  
  • Ceramic – Ceramic pizza stone is best recommended if you need a pizza that does not have a thin crust. A ceramic pizza stone heats quickly and could be cleaned easily. Most of the experts recommend a ceramic pizza stone over other pizza stones, as they are easy to use. Yet one of the greatest disadvantages of ceramic pizza stone is that if it falls down, it could break easily.
  • Steel – Steel pizza stone is the latest type of pizza stone available on the market today. Compared to other types of pizza stones, a steel pizza stone is the most efficient as they are very efficient heat conductors. A steel pizza stone is more durable than a ceramic or cast iron pizza stone. However, a steel pizza stone is more expensive than ceramic and cast iron pizza stones.
  • Clay – A clay pizza stone is the best and the oldest of all the pizza stone types available these days. Most of the experts consider using clay pizza stones as they are able to deliver a pizza that has enhanced flavor and aroma that no other pizza stone could ever offer.

b) Size and weight of the stone

The size of the pizza stone could vary, it is totally up to the user’s preference on which size to purchase. If you prefer baking small pizzas, then a small stone is appropriate for you. Likewise, medium and large sized pizza stones are more appropriate if you prefer baking larger sized pizzas. However, we do recommend that you consider purchasing a medium sized or large sized pizza stone instead of a small one, as it could prove useful at times.

Now, when it comes to the weight of a pizza stone, the weight actually depends on the type of stone.

  1. Steel pizza stone – minimum 15 pounds
  2. Stone made pizza stone – approximately 10 pounds
  3. Ceramic pizza stone – 5-7 pounds
  4. Cast iron pizza stone – 7-10 pounds

Based on the info mentioned above, you can choose a pizza stone that suit your tastes.

c) Shape of the stone

A pizza stone could come in different shapes:

  1. Round
  2. Square
  3. Rectangular

The shape of the pizza stone that you choose to purchase is more of a personal choice and the taste and flavor of the pizza have nothing to do with the shape of the stone. However, most people love round pizzas and hence consider purchasing round shaped pizza stones.

 Pizza Stone Cleaning & Caring Instructions 

There is one thing that you should always be careful about, let the pizza stone be made of any material. You should be careful enough to clean it only after it cools down. Cleaning the pizza stone while hot could ruin the stone. Here are the some best way to clean a pizza stone:

Step 1: Allow the pizza stone to cool

Step 2: Use your hands or use a small blade remove the food deposits sticking on the surface of the stone. You can also use metal spatula for removing the surface particles.

Step 3: Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water (mix it into a paste) and then apply the paste on the stone. Soap should never be used to clean a pizza stone. This is because pizza stones are porous and tend to absorb soap.

Step 4: Scrub the stone surface with a brush and then wipe the stone clean with a dry cloth. Do not use too much water to wet the surface of the pizza stone. Submerging the stone in water is also prohibited.

Step 5: Now, with a wet cloth, wipe the stone clean and allow it to dry. Air dry the stone after cleaning. You should never bake it in an oven to dry it because such a course of action will cause the stone to crack. 

If the cheese or pizza residue clings stubbornly to the surface of the pizza stone, keep the stone in the oven and turn it to a high temperature. High temperature burns the residue which can then be removed easily by a brush.

Pizza stones tend to have stains and marks which cannot be cleaned. Thus, stains and marks are considered normal and are taken as an indication that the stone has been put to good use.

PS: Never use the stone while it’s wet. Always see to the fact that pizza stone is dry before using it to prevent the pizza dough from sticking to the surface.

Consider the factors mentioned above and get yourselves the best pizza stone.

 How to Use a Pizza Stone Properly 

The correct ways to make pizzas using pizza stone are as follows:

Place the pizza stone in the oven

The pizza stone should always be placed in a cold oven. Putting the pizza stone in a hot oven causes the stone to shatter due to thermal shock. Thus, never commit the mistake of heating the oven before placing the pizza stone in it. Place the pizza stone on the lowest rack of the oven.

Heating the pizza stone

Preheat the oven to 550 degrees Fahrenheit after placing the pizza stone in it. Pizza stones can withstand very high temperatures but more than 500 degrees F temperature is an ideal oven temperature for pizza stones. The oven must be preheated for at least an hour.

Use pizza peel

Pizza peel is a wooden paddle which is used to transfer the uncooked pizza dough to the pizza stone. Both long handled and short handled wooden pizza peels are available in the market. First, you need to scatter cornmeal or rice flour on the pizza peel. Cornmeal and rice flour prevents the pizza dough from sticking on to the surface of the pizza peel. Thereafter, you need to place the dough on the pizza peel and add toppings. Finally, you need to carefully slide the dough from the peel to the pizza stone placed in the oven.

Baking the pizza

Baking time for the pizza placed on a pizza stone is lesser as compared to pan pizza. The whole process takes a few minutes. Large sized pizzas take about 8-10 minutes to bake on pizza stones.

Removing the pizza from pizza stone

After the pizza has baked completely, use a metal spatula to slide it from the stone to a pizza peel or to a pan.

The pizza stone should be left to cool in the oven after turning off the oven.

Why Sometimes a Pizza Stone Will Crack and How To Prevent It

If you see a crack in your pizza stone, then do not worry as you are no alone. Most pizza stone owners faces this issue when using their stone.

What are the reasons for the pizza stone to crack?

There are various reasons as to why the pizza stone might break. If you want to understand the reason behind the crack of your pizza stone, then check out these things.

  • Use a cold baking stone in the oven to avoid giving the pizza stone a thermal shock which is caused due to high temperatures
  • Avoid washing the baking stone as the moisture in the stone can make the stone weaker
  • The cold food in the pre-heated oven can damage the pizza stone
  • It is essential to take proper care of the pizza stone, as it is fragile due to the thermal changes
  • If you remove the pizza stone from the hot oven quickly, then it can also give a thermal shock due to the change in temperature
  • A pizza stone can break under too much heat

How to prevent pizza stone from cracking?

If you do not want to face such issues again, then you might be looking for some ways to prevent this problem. Well, here are some of the things that you can try to avoid cracks in the pizza stone. By keeping these things in mind when using your new pizza stones can help you to avoid damages to them.

  1. Always keep the stone in the oven and use foils to cover the stone so that it does not get stains
  2. Put the pizza stone in the cold oven, and then pre-heat first to use it properly
  3. Moving the pizza stone in and out of the oven too much can result in cracks
  4. Dropping the pizza stone will cause cracks in it
  5. Don’t remove the pizza stone until its completely cold
  6. Never put cold pizza on the pizza stone which causes thermal shock
  7. High heat can cause cracks on the pizza stone

To avoid facing any type of issue related to the pizza stone, you need to consider all the things mentioned above. It will help you to take better care of the pizza stones.


Pizza stones mostly are either circular or rectangular. It is up to your needs as circular stones are easy to rotate in oven. On the flip side, rectangular stones are used in most ovens and grills. Consider your convenience, needs and oven design before picking the pizza stone.

We hope you have enjoyed our pizza stone reviews and you can make your own choice by checking out the above pizza stones and make your delicious restaurant-worthy pizza at home.


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