Top 10 Best Mug Warmer 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for a Mug Warmer for your coffee & other beverages? Let me help you to find the best one!

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of coffee or tea? According to a researcher at School of Human Kinetics in University of Ottawa, Ollie Jay, having a warm beverage like coffee or tea can calm you down. Coffee reduces the heat in your body and helps your mind relax and cool down. Making hot coffee is far much easier than a cold one, which is very tiring and time consuming. A lot of coffee lovers prefer warm coffee as it is tastier than a cold one. A cup of piping hot coffee brings out the aromas in the beans, and allows you to fully enjoy it.

Top Selling Mug Warmer

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1. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer 
2. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer
3. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer
Coffee Mug Warmer Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer COSORI Premium 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer
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However, the problem is when you have to keep it warm until you finish it up. For this purpose, you need a coffee mug warmer. It can keep your coffee or tea from getting cold before you take it. It is designed to maintain the heat of the drink for longer period. This electrical gadget is plugged into a USB port or a wall socket and has a warming plate to maintain tea or coffee temperature in a cup. If you have to work late at night and hate warming up the coffee again and again, it is best to own a coffee cup warmer.

This cool gadget can keep your coffee or tea warm or hot. You can choose from different elegant and heavy-duty warmers out there which are fabricated with ceramic bottoms. If it’s your first time to buy it, it can be challenging to choose the best model for you. This way, we have listed below some of the best coffee cup warmers you should try. Also, take a look at the Best Electric Kettles to help you make that cup of coffee!

Best Coffee Mug Warmer Reviews For 2020

1. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer  for Office/Home Use, MWBLKPDQ-RB

Coffee Mug Warmer

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Now you can keep your favorite tea, coffee or cocoa mug warm whenever you need. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is a perfect choice for home or office use. It has an on/off switch that has indicator which turns on when it is working and it’s hot. You can use it almost anywhere around you thanks to its long cord. It is a perfect go-to gadget from a leading brand, Mr. Coffee.

Since 1970, Mr. Coffee has been serving Americans with delicious cups of coffee by making coffee makers. Now it brings the rich experience of having a cup of warm beverage to your doorstep with this gadget.

Key features

  • Surface is easy to clean
  • Tote, take and use everywhere
  • Turn on indicator and on/off switch
  • Keep cocoa, coffee and tea hot
  • Fits different mug sizes and styles

2. COSORI Premium 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer

COSORI Premium 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer

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A perfect gift for a coffee lover! COSORI Premium 24W stainless steel coffee mug warmer is ideal for your home or office use. It also has LED backlit display to show temperature of your water, tea, milk or cocoa.

The hot plate of this gadget gives enough power to keep your drink warm for drinking. But it is still recommended to use cups because they are good conductor of warmth. Even when the AC is working and everything is cooled enough, you can easily sip at warm cocoa all day long.

Key features

  • Clear and spill-resistant LED display
  • Warm your beverage in glass, iron, steel or ceramic mugs
  • Your coffee remains warm if you are whisked away for appointments or meetings
  • Enjoy it at right temperature every time.

3. ROSKY Coffee Warner with Automatic Shut Off

ROSKY Coffee Warner

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ROSKY Coffee Warmer is an ideal birthday gift to pamper the coffee lover in your friends’ circle or family. However, you can also use it at your office or home to keep your coffee hot

One feature which makes it stand out is its automatic shut off heating pad and micro induction to regulate temperature of your beverage. You don’t have to shut it down when you put it on automatic heat to keep the temperature constant. You can use this gadget every time, no matter what the season is.

Key features

  • Smart auto turn on/off
  • Keeps your beverages at ideal heat
  • Made of durable material

4. Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer for Coffee

Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer

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Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer is designed well to heat almost everything, whether it is coffee or candles. Depilatory wax, scented candles, or roasted coffee, everything works well with heat. It features 3.5 inch large heating area to warm up any heat-safe container to the ideal temperature.

The quick-cool technology and non-slip grip are some features provide additional safety. It stands on non-skid feet and its heating surface heats up quickly when it is turned on and cools down quickly when it is turned off. Now you don’t have to rush finishing drink. Sit back with a cup of hot drink warming your life and hands. It is an ideal mug warmer for desk, home or studio.

Key features

  • Fast to heat up and cool down
  • Wide warming area to warm up everything
  • Easy to clean up and use

5. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer (5569)

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

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Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer is designed well to be used when you are at home or office, or while traveling. It features a heated plate to keep your coffee mug warm. Take your time and enjoy your favorite cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa and other beverages. Its nonstick heating element wipes clean with ease. It has neon light indicator and on/off switch.

Norpro is a leading kitchenware brand founded in the year 1973 with an aim to manufacture, design and offer the high quality kitchenware. The brand offers high quality, innovative products for preparing, cooking and serving food.

Key features

  • Good for office, home use and while traveling
  • Wide heated plate to keep your mug warm
  • Non-stick heating element which is easy to clean
  • Neon light indicator with on/off switch

6. Home-X Desktop Mug Warmer

Home-X Desktop Mug Warmer

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Keep your coffee mug warm at your desktop or home with Home-X mug warmer. It is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go. It is your best friend to keep all your beverages at ideal temperature. It can even keep your wax and candle warm too.

It is also a great choice to bring along during camping to keep your coffee, tea, cocoa, sauces, gravies, and beverages warm. The cord has on/off switch with bright red indicator light on the mug warmer so you can know whether it’s hot. It is ideal for office and home use.

Key features

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Perfect for cocoa, coffee, milk, tea, soup and other beverages
  • Heated plate keeps beverages warm
  • On/off switch and red light indicator

7. NiceLucky Coffee Mug Warmer

NiceLucky Coffee Mug Warmer

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Nicelucky coffee mug earmer can heat cold beverage or turn hot water into warm one. It has energy-efficient temperature control system to keep your beverages at 131F. It controls temperature through micro induction and it turns off and on automatically as it has a thermostat. Simply put the mug on it and turn it on automatic heat to keep the temperature constant. The heating pad stops heating when you remove the cup off the heating pad.

It is made out of silicon, which takes less power and is completely safe. It has 16W fast heating and low power heat focus. It is best suited for metal, enamel, ceramic, and high temperature glassware and plastic cups.

Key features

  • Made of durable plastic on outside ring
  • Constant low-energy temperature control system to maintain temperature
  • Micro induction to control heat

8. Bravo Coffee Electric Personal Coffee Mug & Beverage Warmer for Desk

Bravo Coffee Electric Personal Coffee Mug & Beverage Warmer

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Bravo Coffee Electric Personal Coffee Mug and beverage warmer keeps your java delicious and piping hot and your mug toasty for as long as you finish it up. You no longer have to leave your desk every time and pop your brew in the microwave again. It hits the temperature up to 120C to warm your coffee better than other common models. Its warming plate is 4” in diameter, making it larger enough to fit all sizes of mugs.

Key features

  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Slim design
  • Ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, tea or soup

9. Timcare Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk

Timcare Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk

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Timcare Coffee Mug warmer is an ideal gift for the connoisseurs of rich coffee. It keeps the coffee temperature warm up to 131F and slows down the cool-down of hot coffee. It has micro-gravity sensing switch which turns off automatically.

Key features

  • Compact enough to warm your favorite mug
  • Auto shut-off button
  • It keeps cup warmer and resists heat and flame

10. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer for Office Desk

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

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Electric mug warmer from VOBAGA slows down the speed of cooling of hot drink. There are three different ranges of temperature to choose from with “Tempering Button” to warm up the temperature to 131F, 104F or 149F.

Key Features

  • Tempering button to set temperature
  • High-end Polyimide (PI) film to make it heat and fire resistant and to warm drinks evenly.
  • Safe and reliable for desk use

 Mug warmer Buying Guide – What To Look For it? 

Mug warmers are a favorite item for the millennial’s and this is a guide to help you to choose better.

1. What is the right size of mug warmer to purchase?

Mug warmers come in a variety of shape and sizes. In order to choose the right one, evaluate your consumption of tea/coffee in terms of quantity. If two or three cups is enough then a medium or small size works or else choose a larger one.

2. Does mug warmer have auto shut-off feature ?

Some brands of mug warmers come with auto shut-off feature. This is helpful since it lessens the chances of overheating and any form of damage thereby. This additional feature however may result in an increase in the price of the appliance. Considering the benefits, it is ideal to pay the extra amount.

3. Is it good for heating beverages other than coffee?

The primary role of mug warmer is to keep the beverage warm. Be it tea or coffee is hardly a concern. Due to widespread consumption, the appliance is associated more with coffee. But it can be used for any beverage that needs to be kept warm.

4. How many extra attachments come with the device?

Mug warmers may or may not come with a detachable cord. Some have an inbuilt   switch to avoid hassle of plugging in. The cords are usually small in size. It depends  on the brand, if the extension is an option or not. While purchasing, make sure that the cord has no damages on it.

 5. How good is the overall design of the product?

Given the design, most mug warmers have a flat shape to be kept on a desk or table. A flat surface conducts the heat from the wire which is inbuilt in the device hence heating your coffee faster and for longer time.

 6. Is the device dishwasher safe?

For most mug warmers, cleaning with soapy water or wet cloth is the most recommended option. Dishwasher may cause damage to the outer layer or cause scratches.

7. What are the important precautions to take while using a mug warmer?

Mug warmer should not be used for anything other than the intended usage. Strict supervision is required while allowing children nearby. Care should be taken to not leave the mug warmer switched on after using.

8. Do mug warmers come with the option of temperature control?

Depending on the brand, some models allow for controlling the temperature of the device. This is especially ideal for people who prefer their coffee at a specific heat to keep the flavour intact.

9. What is the major benefit of owning a mug warmer?

If you like to binge on warm drinks the entire day, and there are times when you have to waste the entire cup of drink because it turned cold and is no longer drinkable is when you will benefit from mug warmer.

This is portable and can be easy placed on your desk or kitchen, with or without a power source. You can have your cup of warm drink or reheat the same whenever needed.

 How Does Mug Warmers Work? 

Getting straight to the point on how does mug warmers really work, the answer is that they use simple science to keep your drink warm. They use the principle of induction to keep the drink warm. We will first tell you how does a mug warmer looks and then we will tell you about what mug warmer has and finally, we will tell you how the mug warmer works.

What Does Mug Warmer looks like?

To begin with, mug warmer looks like a regular coaster that you might use to keep your drink on. The major difference is in the thickness of the mug warmer as they are accommodating certain electrical parts. Apart from that, the mug warmer would also have a cord coming out of it which can be plugged into USB or in power outlet in order to provide you with the ability to charge your stuff. This was the basic physical properties of the mug warmer.

What Does Mug Warmer Contains?

Moving on to the next part, the mug warmer contains only a small induction coil which can easily be heated with a 5v power supply. This is combined with a circuit to regulate the temperature and to ensure that the proper temperature transfer takes place. All these parts are in a casing which you refer to as Mug Warmer.

Real Working of Mug Warmer Explained

Moving ahead with the working of Mug Warmer, it should be noted that you need to keep your drink on the mug warmer and you need to plug in the mug warmer to a power supply. The flow of current starts heating up the element in the mug warmer which in turn generates the heat. Since the mug is kept on the warm surface of mug warmer, the heat transfer takes place. The excited molecules collide with the cold molecules of the mug and this lead to the transfer of heat inside the mug. This heat which is transferred to the mug is now responsible to keep your drink warm.

So, it can be said that the mug warmer works on the simple principle of conduction. The heat generated by the electric coil in the mug warmer is conducted to the mug and hence the drink stays warm. This ensures that your coffee stays warm.

What Temperature can a Mug Warmer Reach?

A lot of people question the capacity of the small element present in the mug warmer. The fact is that it is highly efficient and the mug warmer can easily reach the temperature of 210 Fahrenheit. This 210 Fahrenheit translates to roughly 99 degree Celsius. The temperature is hot enough to almost boil the water as the boiling point of the water is 100 degree Celsius. The heating capacity depends on the type of mug warmer you are using but most of the good mug warmers can reach this temperature easily.

So How Long Will it Take for a Mug Warmer to Heat my Drink?

Moreover, you don’t have to wait for it to warm up your drink to make it warm. The mug warmer can heat your drink in just about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the quality and type of mug warmer you are using. It should be noted that you should not be using an insulating mug while using the mug warmer because the insulation will prevent the effective heat transfer and then you might not get good results.

How Can I Use the Mug Warmer in General?

There are two ways to use the mug warmer. Ideally, you must keep your already hot drink on the mug warmer so that it stays warm. This works more effectively as there is no extra energy required to reach a certain temperature for the drink. The efforts are required only to stay at the temperature. However, if your drink is cold because of the cold weather or because you forgot your drink on the table, then you would need to leave your drink on warmer for a couple of minutes before it reaches a warm temperature for you to drink.

With this, we would conclude this section and we hope that you are now aware of the working of the mug warmer including the parts that your mug warmer contains. This all works on scientific principle and it is not just a marketing gimmick that you come across with various other products. The mug warmer actually works and keeps your drink warm..!

 Mug Warmer Clean & Caring Instructions 

Mug warmers can be fragile in nature. Please find below some important steps to consider while cleaning/using the same –

Step 1: Unplug the mug warmer and let it cool before cleaning

Step 2: Clean the interior of the mug warmer with the help of soap water.

Step 3: For burnt stains, add a little bit of vinegar.

Step 4: The outer side of the mug warmer can be cleaned with a wet cloth

Step 5: Wipe the clean warmer dry with the help of a cloth

Step 6: Make sure you place it in a clean dry place.


Making a warm coffee is somewhat difficult every morning, especially in the middle of the winter. But it won’t happen again because you can choose from the best coffee warmers listed above. These gadgets are designed to keep your coffee always hot. You can also keep your cocoa, tea, soups, water, and other drinks warm in these versatile gadgets.

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