10 Best Lemon Zesters 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Lemons are known for so many advantages and are widely used in different cuisine as a taste enhancer or for health benefits too. It is said that a lemon zest if freshly done can make the recipe more taste. Lemon zest is used in the West region as a taste enhancer. Some also add it in cookies, pastries, cakes, and much other confectionery. If you are curios us to use it in your recipe too then you probably would need a lemon zester. It is a popular kitchen appliance which is small and light in weight and would surely help you peel off the lemon easily. The lemon zest helps in extracting the zest section from the fruit. Most of the people also call it a scrape. It ensures that the with part of fright does not get peeled while peeling off the cover of it. This way the taste of the food does not get spoil at all.

A zester is a kitchen heavy hitter which is one versatile solution that you may require to finely grate the spices and even lemon or citrus so that you can use the homemade vinaigrette and add fresh flavor to your dish. Some people also use it for making the ginger-garlic puree and even hard cheese such as Parmesan that can be then sprinkled on the pasta dishes.

Best Buy Lemon Zesters Reviews 2020

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These zesters are not just the kitchen appliance but this funky looking option is best to make the citrus curl for garnishing and even for drinks.

1. Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater

Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater

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It is one of the best ways to zest the lemon and even grate cheese. The hardest and time taking part in making yummy recipes is that it needs zest. But with Deiss Grater-Zester, you can carefully peel off the white pith inside the peel. Unlike the traditional peeler, this zester can give you the zester lemon in less than 30 seconds in the form of tiny zest curls. Now you can make your daily cooking a lot easy with this top-notch quality stainless steel Zester. The best part about this tiny appliance is, it may look small to you but you can use it for versatile purpose. It is also used for making some creative fruit dishes or even vegetable salad without consuming much time. Whether it is hard cheese that you have to grate or want to make some unique shape vegetable salad, with such type of tiny tool, all your worries can come to an end.


  • It has Soft Handles that are non-slippery enough for strong gripping
  • It comes with durable yet lasting edges and the razor for zest is quite sharp
  • There is a plastic protective cover that offers a better storage solution
  • This product is absolutely dishwasher safe

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2. Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester

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Now you can surprise your friends with some exciting mouth relishing recipes that have a strong flavor of freshly added zest. Wondering how? Well, this product is an answer to your entire problem. This is one perfect grater which is designed with efficient woodworking. This tool has the cutters that are quite shape but assures the best grating you can get. While using it, you don’t have a top worry of holding it as there is a large handle that offers firm gripping. There is a flat grate surface which ensures that even the hard cheese like parmesan can get grated easily across the bladed. Other than this, onions, carrots, and firm cheeses can be well grated with this excellent product. Talking about the blade, it is made from a specific tooth that ensures there is flavorful rind directly off. The best part is this tool is extremely easy to clean and rinse off. You can use the tool to grate citrus so that there is lime, lemon and even orange zest that can be perfectly used.


  • It has the blades that are Ultra Sharp and have BPA free plastic handle
  • The blade comes with a tooth set that allows you get zest from citrus fruit to be used for stir-fries, baked goods, and salads
  • The tool is extremely easy to clean and even with the simple rinse, you can use the kitchen brush to clean out tough reaching areas

3. Rania Zester Stainless Steel Grater

Rania Zester Stainless Steel Grater

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 This is one quality zester that is designed for food-grade stainless steel. It also has non-slip silicone rubber for better gripping. Next time, when you plan to make a mouth relishing dish and want to use a zest to add flavor then this product can be the right tool for you. It is so safe to be used as it will not hurt your fingers when using it. The zester comes with a top-notch technology that is best to be used for ginger, lemon, cheese, carrot, and even chocolate too. With great design and perfect usage, this tool is a perfect example of advanced technology and user-friendly solution.


  • It has a modern design with a versatile solution
  • It comes with Non-slip silicone feet for better grinding
  • There is nonslip silicone handling which is ergonomic and offers strong griping
  • The sharp blade is made from high-quality stainless steel
  • You can keep it in the drawer or even hung in the kitchen without any hassle.
  • It is extremely easy to clean and handle.

4. Microplane 46720 Premium Classic Series Zester Grater

Microplane 46720 Premium Classic Series Zester Grater

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The name itself suggests that its features are quite the best one to be used. This is one signature technology that started in the year 1990 but as new technologies started getting invented, there is more of their usage. This tool has a fine point because of which when you cut it down, it performs better and faster too. This Premium Classic Zester Grater does not have any usage of plastic even for the handling. Besides, you get a wide range of options in colors to choose from and which would add to your home décor. You can enjoy better grating or zesting experience with any such tool.


  • With this tiny tool, you can grate hard cheese and even zest citrus or the razor-sharp edges
  • It is made from 18/8 stainless steel
  • There is premium handling which is ergonomic and soft enough to be touched
  • This non-slip rubber feet offer better stability
  • It is completely safe to be put in a dishwasher

5. Citrus Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater by AdeptChef

Citrus Lemon Zester

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If you are looking for a reliable zester that is worth to invest your money in then certainly this is the right product to choose. It has a premium simple design with some technology added solution. If you are looking for the high-end quality product that can help you in a grating and zesting then this product can be a Greta one. Right from gifting it as a mother’s day gift to your chef mom or using it for a routine grating solution, this is worth to buy. This grater and zester are known to offer the best freshly grated spice and lemon most easily. Be it ginger, lemon or even the fine vegetable salad, you can simply get the best results with such type of zesting solution.


  • This grated zest has a razor-sharp stainless steel blade
  • There is no rush of the blade to get rushed easily
  • It has nonslip handling for better grip
  • There is a unique curved side on the handle to apply force as required
  • It is a perfect alternative to unsafe and bulky grater
  • It can be a helping hand to create some incredible restaurant-like recipes in less time

6. OXO Good Grips Lemon Zester with Channel Knife

OXO Good Grips Lemon Zester

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This may look tiny but at one time it can serve two purposes. This tool is extremely swift and can shave zest and also slice up the garnish. This way, in this single utensil, you can play very creatively with the lemon and add the zest for the vegetable salad and to enhance the taste of your recipe. It has sharp holes that let you conveniently zest the citrus fruit and the channel knife allows you to make the most elegant garnishing with fewer efforts. It is not just a lemon zester but you can use it as limes, organs and grapefruit zesting purpose too.


  • It is extremely easy to clean and is best suitable for dishwasher
  • It has a soft bulb-shaped handle for better gripping
  • It is one innovative consumer technology that lets you zest and creates garnishes
  • It is made from durable Double duty stainless steel
  • The handle is non -slippery for better gripping

7. 1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Grater with Channel Knife and Hanging Loop

1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester

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This is one of the best gadgets that you can use it in your kitchen. This tiny appliance can help you zest or peel lemons, lime, organs and even the thick-skinned fruits without any hassle. The peeler comes with sharp holes and has a stainless steel head. This makes it a lot more convenient for you to remove the zest and ensure that you get the best peel to be used in your recipe for enhancing the taste. You don’t have to waste your time in peeling lemon or orange when you have this solution. It has around style handled by which, you will not feel any cramps at the time of peeling. The peeler is extremely clean and features a corrosion-resistant etched blade that can be used reliably that too for a long time.


  • It is made of premium stainless steel material
  • You get five sharp zester holes
  • For better gripping there is Satin–finished grip handle
  • It is a perfect Built-in channel knife
  • This is easy to clean dishwasher safe

8. OXO Good Grips Zester and Grater

OXO Good Grips Zester

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Another incredible solution by OXO is worth to try out. It is all loaded with mind-blowing features which help in making this tool perfectly suitable for you. The tool offers the finest gripping and has the surface made from stainless steel for a better grating solution. This zested citrus fruits can peel off the hard cheese in a creative manner. Besides, it also has a non-slip handle that offers maximum gripping and ensures that when you use it, your hand don’t get pain as it has soft cushions which offer better grating in spite of repetitive motions without causing any kind of discomfort. if you want to make the worth investment without worrying about the durability then this could be the right product for you. With some new technology, it offers maximum easy zesting and peeling solution. This way, you can boost up your confidence level to try out some incredible recipes that you can now try with zest solution.


  • Along with zesting lemon, you can now grate hard cheese, chocolate, and citrus fruits
  • It has a Non-slip foot for better gripping during grating
  • This is dishwasher safe but provided you keep it on the top rack
  • It is designed with etched stainless steel blades for effective zesting and grating

9. BelleGuppy Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater

BelleGuppy Lemon Zester

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This grater is one efficient tool as it offers a protective solution and is extremely safe to be used. The baldest is of sturdy quality and you can clean them up pretty easily. Besides, they are shaped enough to give you a quick zesting solution. If you want to make some fresh parmesan cheese for your Italian dish, then you can use this stainless steel handheld zester. This could be a great helping hand to you. The good part is unlike other graters, this type of solution is cheap at the same time and has a with a stainless steel frame that offers maximum durability. This is one multi-use tool solution that can give you the best zest solution. It is not just good in performance but has such a versatile design which can enhance your kitchen décor without any problem.


  • This is one must-have kitchen tool that can work best for citrus fruits, limes, coconut, and orange too
  • It comes with a high-quality stainless steel blade which is extremely sharp and will not get rusted over time
  • This zester has a fine designing solution that is made to last for long.
  • Its sturdy construction will not break or bend due to stainless steel
  • It has the micro blades which are extremely safe
  • This is tiny enough to be stored in any corner of the kitchen

10. JOFUYU Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater

JOFUYU Lemon Zester

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This is another popular product in the market which you should try out. JOFUYU has earned the best brand recognition because of the kitchen appliances solution it has offered so far, This grater is made from the durable quality of stainless steel. It is, of course, durable, strong and lasting enough that you can use without any hassle. Besides, there is a polished yet sharp effective quality of zest which you can create without causing much of the efforts. It is now easy for you to use the zester for not just lemon but also garlic, ginger, parmesan cheese, and nutmeg as well. Other than this, this tool can work the best for even those hard cheeses than parmesan such as Mizithra without any problem.


  • This lemon zester is made of premium 18/8 stainless steel
  • It has properties like anti-rust and an anti-slip solution
  • There is a large size silicone handle for safe grating
  • It is quite resistant to be blunt and is extremely clean
  • The square razor with sharp edges offers an effortless solution when you grate

Lemon Zester Buying Guide – What to Consider During the purchase?

A perfect blend of lemon zest along with fine ground of nutmeg can add a good taste to your dish especially if you are making after-dinner sweet. For those who are not frequent users of zester need to know that it comes with a single role of holes. It is designed to offer the peeling of different citrus fruit. However, you can simply use it for lemon but not for shaving soft products such as chocolate or hard products like nuts.

When you look for the right zester, it is important to consider different features of the product. It does not matter whether you are planning to choose micro-plane zester or the citrus zester, make sure you research well before buying one.

Know the Functions: This is the primary thing that you need to consider. The best zester will be the one that comes with lasting Stainless Steel Head to Zest which would, of course, offer better garnishing and creative vegetable cutting

Understand the Blades power: It is important to see if the blades have sharp holes on the zest head. This makes the zesting and grating simple. Besides, if it comes with a built-in channel knife for garnishing then it is certainly a great catch

Grip solution: It is important to have a good anti grip handle. Maybe a silicone material handle or the large round handle can allow you long grip and hold without any problem. Choose the ergonomically designed handle for better hold.

Is value worth quality: It is important to have such a product which is easy to maintain. You can have the zester that is hand and dishwasher safe and is quite easy to be cleaned.

Durability: This is extremely important as you will be spending amount for the lasting results. It does not make sense to buy the zester that is of no help after one use.

Make sure you consider all the above points at the same time, see to it that you buy the one that fits in your budget and is of good quality. Your family and friends who have been using such a product can be of great help to you in selecting this right product too.

How to Use, Clean and Care For Lemon Zester?

Are you facing some problems to use a lemon zester? How should you use a lemon zester? How easy is it to clean the lemon zester? Let’s know answers of all these questions with the following paragraphs:

Ways to use a lemon zester:

Glide the zester over the curve of the lemon

First of all, you need to glide the Jester over the curve of the lemon. Make sure that you will not commit any mistake when you want to glide the zester over the curve of the lemon. This is the first thing you have to do for learning how to use lemons zester.

Use the palm of your hand to zesters

To run your lemon zesters, you will have to use the palm of your hand. This is the second important step you have to follow for using the lemon zester.

Zest the lemon

In the conclusion part, you only need to zest the lemon according to your desire and requirements. This will be the last step you need to follow for testing the lemon with the help of your lemon zester.  This will be the last step you will have to follow for using a lemon zester.

How to clean a lemon zester?

Wipe off the excess zest with your fingers

When it comes to cleaning the lemon zester, you might have a number of doubts and questions there in your mind. In other words, you cannot determine the methods that are suitable for cleaning the lemon zester. This is why you will have to wipe off the excess rest with your fingers from your lemon zester.

Rinse it with water

After wiping off the access just with your fingers from your lemon zester, you will have to wash it with water. While washing the lemon zester with the water, you can determine whether you will go with warm water or lukewarm water.  The professional suggest you clean the lemon zester in the normal water.

Wash them with soap or other washing liquids

Once you clean the lemon zester with the help of the water, you need to watch them off with the cleaning soap or other washing liquids. If you want to have better outcomes of this particular step, you need to wash the lemon zester more and more in the solution of water and washing liquid. This can become an important procedure for cleaning the lemon zester and having the rest of the benefits.

Repeat the procedure

Now, you will have to repeat the mentioned above procedures if you are unable to clean your lemon zester.  This is going to be the last procedure you need to follow for cleaning the lemon zester.

Ways to maintain lemon zesters

Store it in plastic bags

If you want to preserve the lemon zester for a long time, you will have to pay attention to the storage options. In other words, you need to store the lemon zester into the plastic bags where they will stay protected.

Label it with types of zesters

For your convenience, you should try to label the lemon zester with the types of zester you already have. This will help you to maintain the lemon zester for a long period of time without any doubt.

With a bit of luck, the mentioned above paragraphs have helped you to determine how you should use, Clean and care for Lemon zester.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

There is no doubt that with the above tips and the best recommendations to buy zester, it will be quite easy for you to make the choice. But it is always better to take some time, compare and know, which is the right tool that can help you fulfill all your cooking desires. So what are you waiting for? Finalize the best zester amongst the incredible options right in front of you.


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