10 Best Mason Jars for Canning 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have seen so many ads pop up for the promotion of mason jars. It has become a trend. There is no hidden fact that such types of jars were in demand from the 1940s and to date, it is considered to be of great use. It is believed that more than 3 million mason jars for canning are used every day. Previously the use of such jars was restricted only to preserve the bounty foods of summer seasons. But now, if you have a closer look, you will realize that canning jars are used from salad containers to toothbrushes and even vases holder which eventually helps in preserving foods too.

The invention of Mason jar was done in the year 1858 by John Land is Mason after whose product has been named. Looking at the way, this product has been in demand even to date; it seems that Mr. Mason did not get the desired glory for the invention. Such type of jar is used because of the less risk of it falling and breaking. If you compare it with salad dressing, mayonnaise, or even spaghetti jars, there is no denial to fact that such type of Mason jar used for canning is quite the sturdy ones that you can use.

Ideally, it is the canning which over the past time was used by people to make their food. This way they use to slack down the price of the food while enjoying the canning which their grandmothers used to make. This saved a lot of money while eating only healthy food. But with the increase of organic food and homegrown food usage, there is no denial of the fact that canning is the best preserve source. This ideally is the main reason why mason jars that are used for canning are used to a great scale. Unfortunately, most of us are still not sure the purpose and the right way to buy it.

No doubt that you can store food in metal or glass jar containers. You can use metal containers only once as there is a special kind of sealing equipment to it. No doubt if you compare it with other mason jars, it is pretty pricey too. But if you choose the regular wide mouth mason jar for canning then it is, of course, a perfect choice. The standard size of the jar with mouth opening is 2-3/8 inches while the one with wide mouth jar is around 3 inches.

The best part of such type of jar is you can reuse it ample time by simply changing the lid. The reason is simple. If you use the lid and jar in a good manner then there is no chance of jar breakage at all.

Best Buy Canning Mason Jars For 2020

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Listed are some of the top rated canning jars that you should surely take a look at before you draw any conclusion. With the best features, incredible quality and amazing result, you surely can rest assured if you buy any of such jar. The best part is this type of jar it is designed by the top-notch brands that have already set their name in the market because of the incredible services customers have received from them so far.

1. Ball 68100BALL Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar

Ball 68100BALL Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar

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Usually some people use it as a soap dispenser while for some there are ample of other reasons to use it. There usage are many and if you are worried about the quality then you can definitely be rest assured because the company offers best possible customer satisfaction that of curse you may not find elsewhere. If you have the pumps then you can replace them with the lids and use it in the kitchen or bathroom for hand sanitizer or hand soap as well. You can use it hold different cotton balls, craft supplies and even cocoa powder or chocolate chips without worrying about its breakage at all. With awesome usages, there is no denial to the fact that this product is simply worth to choose.


  • It is made from the Glass or Metal material
  • With such type of jar, you can preserve fresh food and store it for another 1 year
  • It is possible for you to refrigerate 3 weeks
  • You get it cost friendly value

2. Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Jar

Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Jar

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This fresh lid jar is another finest product that you can think of buying. The jar was earlier created to add some functioning and style to the home rooms. However, now since, it comes with thick side walling, you can be rest assured to use it for other reasons. This jar is basically designed to offer better stability and durability and no doubt it is worth the investment to make. It comes with some incredible features that let you access, scoop, and even easily use it to store sugar, flour and even cereal. The good news is now you can store your home décor items as well in this incredible option.


  • It is known to offer the snug fit because of which, you can use it for ample of reasons
  • It is extremely easy to use and is absolutely dishwasher safe
  • The set includes 2 Gallon Montana Jar
  • It has one year lifetime warranty
  • It also features a Fresh-Seal Lid
  • There is a clear glass because of which the jar content can be easily seem without removing lid

3. Paksh Novelty 1-Gallon Glass Jar

Paksh Novelty 1-Gallon Glass Jar

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This is one of the credible leakproof jar that you can plan to choose. It is known to keep the excess moisture out and ensure that unnecessary air doesn’t enter. Besides, it also offers a better life to the shell and its freshness for the food allows it to stay intact. There is no doubt that with its incredible features it has become the most amazing product that you can consider of buying but if you are still not sure of it then here are some of the features to know:

  • It offers lasting durability and can resist cracking and shattering too
  • It is made from the leak proof metal lid and premium soda-lime glass
  • It is extremely easy to clean
  • It is absolutely safe for dishwashing
  • It offers the right way to store food, canning and pickling as well
  • You can use it for large fruits and vegetables too.

4. Golden Spoon Mason Jars

Golden Spoon Mason Jars

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This jar comes with lids that you can use for drinking, and also the regular lids to store food. Since, it is BPA free, you can be rest assured to use it for a long time. Furthermore, this jar set is made from the top notch quality of materials because of which you get better durability and it is quite convenient to be carried in long travel with no hassle. Moving further, this jar also has a silver lid which you can use it to store and preserve the supplies. You can use this jar to can up the homemade jelly or jam. It is not only use for storing but furthermore, you can use it for drinking your smoothie you made on breakfast or even add fun to the parties with the cocktail that you can serve in more interesting way.


  • You can use it for storing homemade decoration
  • It has a classic design that lets you open your creativity
  • You can use it for making interesting vases
  • People use it for handmade gifting purpose too.
  • The jars are perfect for personalized and handmade gifts.

5. 3 oz Small Glass Jars With Airtight Lids

3 oz Small Glass Jars

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This brand is another talk of the town because of the great results so far customers have received. No doubt that it is made of sturdy quality and has the best design to flaunt and match your home décor. But if you are looking out for the reliable option that can help you do ample of storage things in less space then surely this is the right jar. It is user and cost friendly and is versatile solution that can be used. With endless possibilities, you can use this jar to fill cotton balls, chili flakes and is ideal container to store samples too.


  • It has a perfect size of¼” tall x 2” wide
  • You can use it for party favors, décor and gifts too
  • It is durable and versatile with airtight glass lid
  • This is one perfect gifting solution

6. 1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars

1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars

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If you have been organizing spices or your favorite fruits in a wrong way then it is time for you to grab the right product that can save your time and money. Yes, we are here talking about the most useful product which is the Mason jar. Made from sturdy premium quality, this miniature jar has ample of things for you to store. It is best to be also used for keeping bobby pins, paper clips and even rubber bands. You can also add some magnet to it or make it more creative and crafting. If it is a bridal shower then gift this amazing present that of course your friend will not be able to deny. Another good part is the guarantee. Since, it is made from the best material, you can be rest assured that breakage risk factor will be absolutely less.


  • It comes with a Hexagonal shape
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • You get 7 colors to make the choice
  • Best to store small yet valuable products
  • It is known for ergonomic design and is one convenient storage
  • It comes with long term warranty

7. Mini Mason Jars

Mini Mason Jars

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This is another perfect product to add in your kitchen or living room. Certainly it has a design which can match your home decor. Besides, this quality product is extremely super friendly since it is made from the top notch quality. Moving further the product has earned the name because of the company as the team never has disappointed its people at all. Of course, this product is totally worth to invest your time because of the great durability and lasting solution that you may not get elsewhere. With different number of lids that you get definitely this 2.75 inch width product is totally worth to try out. This mason jar may look extremely little to you, but there is no hidden fact that it is a cool yet the most classic jar shape that you can plan to choose. This can be used for drinks, party favors, shots and even crafts to name a few. You can plan to keep sauces, jellies, jams, favored vinegar, mustard and even other products for long time that too fresh


  • It comes with the set of 25 glass jars, silver lids, gulden lids and even 30 chalkboard labels
  • There is a hit quality of jar set made just for the valuable customers
  • This glass jar is absolutely food safe
  • It has the material made with safety stands
  • The design is of course versatile in nature
  • You can plan to give it as an ideal shower gift
  • You can refrigerate for 3 weeks and free up to 1 year

8. 2 Pack ~ Wide Mouth 1 Gallon Clear Glass Jar

2 Pack ~ Wide Mouth 1 Gallon Clear Glass Jar

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Moving to another great mason jar that has become talk of the town is the pack mouth gallon jar. This is known to be answering for ample of your problems. Be it for canning, pickling, or even fermenting kombucha this product is absolutely worth to try. The best part is, it is dishwasher safe and you can easily wash it off without any hassle. The good news is that you get 2 packs of this jar with lasting warranty. This way you can be rest assured that you are at least investing on something useful. Since this product is made keeping needs of the customer in mind, you can be rest assured to use it for different reason such as to can vegetables, or brewing sun tea


  • It is known to have mouth wide on the head of the jar
  • This jar is around 1 gallon storage solution
  • It is quite easy to access and clean
  • This is one time solution for canning, storing and even fermenting
  • It is absolutely safe to keep food
  • It has also been approved at BPA free level
  • It is light in weight and not treated by heat

9. Home Brew Ohio One gallon Wide Mouth Jar

Home Brew Ohio One gallon Wide Mouth Jar

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This jar has the drilled lid which makes it a user friendly solution. It is sturdy, light in weight and of course best to be used for brewing your Ice coffee too. If you are worried about the quality then probably you should relax because the company is lives in uttermost customer satisfaction. This product is totally worth to make an investment because of great results it so far has given to the customers. If you our cold coffee is in this jar, then it will stay, fresh delicious and cold for long of course. Besides, this 4″ wide mouth product is best to be used for cleaning purpose. Since, it is made of USDA constructed solution; it is absolutely safe to be sued for food purpose. You can this way protect our food from chemicals leaching, and flavors without any problem. Since the lid is made of plastic, it will not have problem as that of metal corrosion. Besides, there is also a grommets for airlock solution.


  • This package includes 2 jars, 2 airlock and 2 lids for better usage
  • You can also use it for wine or beer
  • It has the lids which is grommeted for storing airlock
  • The USDA certification of food grade glass is meant for this glass jar.

10. KAMOTA Mason Jars

KAMOTA Mason Jars

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This 12 piece set of mason jar is definitely worth a purchase because of incredible results it offers. It is of course, loaded with some great features and premium quality makes it further more in demand. This product is made with the lid of silver and glass body which makes it a perfect home décor product. Further the good part is it is cost friendly and is available in the market. It is capable for refrigerating up to 3 weeks and you can even preserve the fresh food for long say around 1 year for storage. Further, it comes with freezing solution up to 1 year which is definitely the best option you can think of choosing.


  • It is BPA free and food safe
  • It is made to offer lasting durability with convenience
  • It is absolutely dishwasher safe
  • The silver lids are lab certified corrosion-resistant material
  • This multipurpose yet versatile jar can be used for decoration and crafting purpose too

Mason Jars Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

To choose the right type of jar can be quite confusing initially. But if you follow steps in the right manner, then, of course, things will not be complex at all. There are so many types available in the market that it is most likely for you to get confused about which shall work the best with you. However, given are some of the things that you may want to consider.

  • Size Of The Jar

Generally, the mason jar is available in different sizes and shapes and has a different mouth pattern as well whether it is the small four-ounce jelly jar or the half-gallon jar. The most common sizes are a quart, pint, and a half-pint. Generally, a pint jar is equal to the two cups which can also be 16 ounces. It is important to memorize them especially when you need an ample amount of jar. Moving further there are also other sizes categorized into the novelty section which is 4 ounce, half a gallon or even gallon. They are little pricey and manufacturers don’t produce most of them. In the end, it all depends on the amount of the product that you will be persevering in such a type of jar.

  • The Mouth Shape

This is another thing to be considered as it plays an important role too. Understand that regular mouth jar measures usually 2 3/8” that has the opening of wide-mouth lids that measure 3”. If you are planning to use such jar for a long time then this type of size is the best one to choose especially for fruit chunks or drill pickles. Then comes is the half-pint jar which is best suitable for jellies or jam. Hover, considering family usage in mind, such jar may not be that helpful. The comes is the pint-size jar which is used for keeping the fruit juices, dill slices or even veggies such as corn and beans. Quart-sized jars are often used for chow-chow, beets, dilly beans, pickled veggies or even tomato sauce.

  • Other Things To Consider

While we consider the size and the mouth type, you need to also consider other things such as the quality must be BPA free and shall be reused for a long time. The mason jar must be made from an anti-rusting solution and there should be a standard ring used for sealing. Once you have these factors ready in your hand, make sure you count the number of the jar that you will be needed and in what size. This can be quite helpful for you as it saves a lot of your time and money.

So What’s The Final Verdict

There are a consistent shape and volume of such type of jar. Now that you are pretty much clear with the buying guide and different best mason jars to think of, it probably should not be that difficult for you to choose the right type of one for yourself. There is no specific science-based logic that was used for making such a jar. But yes, if you choose the one that comes with extra science logic or have the lids closed with rubber gaskets or clamps, it can be a great choice too.

The decision is all yours but sees to it that you research well, ask your family and friends who previously used such a product and then only make the decision of buying the right one.


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