9 Best Madeleine Pans 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The Madeleine pans often popular with the spelling Madeleine is a well-known cookie baking pan which now a days is easily available in the market. This type of pan is quite sturdy but gives the result so delicious that you would want to explore more of its uses. The Madeleine cookie which is also known as France’s national cookie is usually made with the help of such pan. It is beloved that such cookie gets the taste only when the right ingredients are put in the desired quality. But to make this buttery delicate cookie, a right pan is also important.

For the first time users, it is pretty obvious to wonder how exactly such pans look like. Well, this delicate Madeleine maker has a scalloped shape. It helps in creating baking time fun and making cookies easier to prepare. Using this type of pan will of course not disappoint you at all. Be it for the little one’s birthday or to throw an elegant tea party, such cookies can fulfill the entire event and for this, you must have the right pan at your house. Always remember, modern pans are a lot more differed and easy as compared to the traditional one. So simply to save money, choosing traditional pan does not make any sense when you can have the right one with you.

Madeleine is said to hold a history from a long time. It is believed that a French Novelist announced that such cookie is the most delicious one he had ever tasted. However, to bake such cookies in that particular shape, traditional Madeleine cookie molds were used. These were the heavy gauge tinned steel pan that ensures heating and baking consistency and that is well maintained.

Now the time has changed and so does the pan material. Now you can choose from different sizes to the non-stick or different finishing mold that would ensure quick release and hassle free clean up.

Best Buy Madeleine Pans Reviews 2020

Now that you have finally decided to bake the French butter cakes using such type of tiny tool and you have the ingredient ready, make sure you have a look at some of the best pans available to shop for. With the blend of old time lasting performance and modern usages, these pans are irresistible ones that create some sweet treats without any problem.

Have a look at some of the best options that are available in the market today.

1. Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan

Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan

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If you are looking out for a quality material plan which has the best price in the market then certainly this pan is the right option for you. It helps you make your cookies and cakes a lot more soft and easy to use. Besides, it has a perfect spend of sturdiness and modern design which makes it a unique product to have in your kitchen. Now you can also make sweet retreats at your home with this incredible option of pan that is not so easy to be found elsewhere. It is easy to clean and has carbon steel plating which makes it even more in demand. You may see it a little delicate but this is no hidden truth that it is the best product for better desert that you want to make.


  • It has non-stick coating for better result
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel
  • You can make classic Madeleine of French Shell-shape
  • It is easy to clean up
  • It is absolutely safe to be used in dishwasher

2. Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

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While you may come across tons of Madeleine pan options in the market but what makes this product unique as compared to the rest is the sleek performance and stylish lookout. It is extremely user and price friendly because of which it is one the top selling rank in the market till date. This product is designed for easy usage solution and is said to be highly recommended by professional chefs too. If you are keen to buy one such product then why don’t you consider this option? It is said that many professional bakers have also recommended this product since professional-grade craftsmanship


  • It is known to offer perfect Madeline’s baking solution
  • It is known to give superior heat conduction
  • Thanks to  heavy-weight aluminized steel, you can bake well
  • It has a crafting of carbon steel
  • It is absolutely dishwasher safe.

3. Fox Run 44925 Non-Stick Madeleine Pan, Carbon Steel

Fox Run 44925 Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

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This light weight yet easy to clean product is an amazing solution to create those yummy desert recipes that you had been craving to cook from long. This best part about this bake ware is that it eradicates the dependency of the cooking solution. This way, you don’t have to be in any hassle. Rather it also makes sure that Madeleine cookies that are being cooked inside are also easily removed from the bake ware utensil. If you want to enjoy making desserts in bakery pattern without leaving the house, then this pan can surely help you a lot. It is an ideal way to enjoy making lovely shape of the cookies with some delicate styling that you may not find elsewhere. It is also made of carbon steel and comes with a premium non-stick coating that offers easy cleaning solution.


  • It is of dimension 7.75 x 15.75 x 1 inch
  • This product is made from durable carbon steel and has premium non stick coating
  • It lets you get the heat even distribution that makes amazing tea and dessert cakes too
  • It comes with 12 shell-shaped cups
  • You can easily wash it off with soapy water and let it dry.

4. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking 93230 12-Cup Madeleine Pan

Mrs. Anderson's Baking 93230 12-Cup Madeleine Pan

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If you are looking out for the professional quality bake ware utensil that would create some mouth relishing delicate Madeleine cookies then 12-Cup Madeleine Baking Pan by Mrs. Anderson’s is the right choice. Known to be made of tinned steel, it offers uniform baking solution right side to centre. It comes with beaded rim to make sure there is secure handling done without any need of wrapping through pan to be done. Do not worry about the usage as it is extremely easy and you can clean it off after you use it merely with water without putting any extra efforts. If you don’t want to have any kind of scratch on this utensil then use tools made of nylon or wood. This way the surface scratching is protected.


  • It is best suitable to bake sugar and Madeleine cookies.
  • Expert chefs also use it for candies and shortbread too
  • It is made of quality tinned steel
  • You get secure handling while using it
  • The product measures 15.75-Inches x 8-Inches
  • It is made of non-Stick Tinned Steel

5. CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan

CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan

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Made from silicone coating, this is the best product you can choose. It does not have any kind of harmful substance so you can be rest assured that you are baking dessert all safely. Whether it is breakfast, dinner, lunch or even snacks or fried eggs, you can get it all in this bake ware. Do not worry about maintenance as it is extremely easy to clean up and use it as and when needed. With great design and amazing technology, this is a must have product you can choose.


  • It is made of 0.8MM carbon steel
  • It lets quick heating
  • It is non-Teflon and PTFE & PFOA free
  • It is known not just to bake but also lock up all the food nutrients
  • This product is known to offer consistency, food taste and colour too

6. Fasmov 20-Cavity Silicone Madeleine Pan Cookie Mold

Fasmov 20-Cavity Silicone Madeleine Pan Cookie Mold

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While we search for tons of options that can be used for baking we often forget to choose the one which is extremely reliable and is right in front of us. Talking of which the Fasmov Silicone Madeleine Pan is one such product. This user and price friendly product is known to offer incredible solution for long span of time. You can use it in refrigerator, oven, microwave, freezer, and even dishwasher to name a few. Talking of which, be rest assured to use it for pizza, cake and mousse as well without being concerned on losing the food essence.


  • It is flexible and is made of non-stick material
  • It is approved by FDA and has food grade silicone
  • This oven is absolutely freezer and dishwasher safe
  • You can get it resistant to heat at -40 to +230 Centigrade without any problem.

7. Fox Run 4729 Madeleine Pan

Fox Run 4729 Madeleine Pan

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Now you can make the classic French shell-shaped Madeleine without any hassle if you have got Fox Run 4729 Madeleine Pan. This pan is known to be durable and is quite sturdy enough to bring you the most delicate cookies that you can taste. It does not make the food loose the essence. Besides, it is light in weight and does not have any kind of hassle to maintain or clean it up after you use it. This tin plated steel model comes with 12 molds that you can use to bake the amazing sponge cakes of scalloped shaped


  • The Product measures 7.75 x 15.75 x 0.75 inch
  • It is sturdy and can be used for lasting performance
  • It comes with 12 molds to be used fine
  • The heat gets transferred without any hassle
  • It cleanses up in less time

8. Mrs Anderson’s Baking Silicone Madeleine Pan

Mrs Anderson's Baking Silicone Madeleine Pan

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This incredible pan is certainly value for money. If you notice it has got many positive reviews and feedback from the users too. Shopping for such type of pan will of course be totally worth to choose. It is more like a blend of traditional bake ware and has modern features that ensure the food is baked well and released without any problem. The good part is it is FDA approved and has the silicone which can be totally used for food or cooking. There are some great benefits of it such as fast cool and heat down so you don’t have to wait and better storage solution to name a few. The surface of this pan is made of non-stick material. Because of this greasing unnecessarily gets saved. Besides, the pan has seamlessly transition that take place from cold to hot.


  • The pan size is 7 by 3/4 by 12 inches
  • It is easy to clean merely with fresh water
  • The pan is absolutely flexible and offers baking mold
  • It is FDA approved
  • It can be used in dishwasher and microwave and freezer too
  • It lets you make 9 Madeleines in total

9. Chloe’s Kitchen 203-167 Madeleine Pan, 12-Cavity



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The team of MDC Housewares is known to offer the best quality product in the market which customers of course will never deny to use. It offers wide range of kitchen ware items that are worth to be used for long. The good part is this product is best suited to be a gift for mothers on Christmas or thanks giving day because of the unique style of dessert patterns that you can make.

This non stick interior lets you clean up without any problem. There is also a deluxe bake ware that is made of the best quality 0.6 mm carbon steel. It is of course resistant to scratch and worth to be used.


  • This product offers top notch results
  • It is also recommended by chef experts
  • It has Non-stick finishing
  • The pan is made from Carbon steel
  • You can make 12 Madeleine
  • It bakes at a faster pace

Madeleine Pans Buying Guide – What To Look For It?

Well now that you have finally decided to choose this plan, you first need to understand that competition amongst different brands manufacturing such brands is a lot. It is most likely for you to see one particular feature missing in the other one and which again may put you in dilemma. But you need to understand that when you look for a pan it must be at least capable enough to give you the right result of the recipe for which you had been struggling from long.

  • Sturdy And Durability

Quality of the pan needs to be considered first. You must choose such pan just the way you would look for other cookware too such as woks. This type of pan is ideally made of carbon steel. If it is little pricey then you can also settle down to aluminium since both these materials offer better heat conductivity. The reason why carbon steel is kept at priority is because it is more resistant to bending and dent solution as camped to aluminium. This means, you can expect more of its use for years to come.

  • Be Sure About The Coating

This is another important thing to consider when you plan to buy such pan. No doubt that this pan is amazing but it is also true than it is little delicate too. It makes Madeleines because of the shape and delicacy it has got. The traditional molds to make amazing desserts needed quite a lot greasing. This of course wasn’t a healthy sign too and sadly it never gave you the perfect shape and caused more damaged at times. But if you choose the non-stick technology option then the pain to make beautiful crafted dessert will come to an end. Look for the finest coating of the non-stick technology that will give you perfect result.

  • Clean Up Solution

Even if you buy a non-stick coating but a better hygienic condition is important. That is why see to it that even when you choose such coating based product, you clean it with a right liquid detergent. However, it should not lose its freshness and look. Ideally to clean such type of pan is not such a tedious task. You don’t have to scour or scarp at all. Besides, some of the pans do go in the dishwasher too.

  • Features To Not Miss Out

Although you will come across different brand options but it is always better to be clear about the right product. You should look for some of its best features like it will be able to make Madeleines of fresh shell shape, the heat conduction is quick, you can release the Madeleines quickly and without any hassle. Furthermore, you will be able to check the brand’s features as well. So make sure you compare each one of the product as per the features too and then decide.

The above guidelines will surely help you. But it is always better to do some online research. Gain some better insights on the pan and why is it being used. You can also get some pro tips from the chef who uses such type of pan to make their buttery dessert which even you want to experiment making some day. However, do not immediately get tempted with the claim that a particular brand makes on the product. Feedback and reviews are important considerations that will help you decide.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Now that you have a complete buying guide ready with you, see to it that you choose the pan which is of sturdy quality. For the little chef inside you which is talking, make sure you complete your recipe in which this type of pan is needed but of course, do not compromise with the quality associated with it. It is quite common and most likely for you to get confused amongst the options that you may see in the market.

But take your time, research well, compare enough and then decide on which option to choose. Further, you can speak with your family member or friends who have been using such pan for as a secret recipe tool.

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