Top 10 Best Kitchen Torches 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Gone are those days when people were using traditional stoves to feed their generations. Now the time has changed the way we cook things. There are a large number of electrical appliances are coming up in the market to transform your basic recipes into adorable restaurant kitchen results. In this way, the kitchen torch is one such great wonder of technology, which uses butane gas to create an intense flame that can meet your cooking needs in a matter of minutes.

Top Selling Kitchen Torches

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1. Sondiko Butane Torch
2. EurKitchen Culinary Cooking Butane Torch
3. Spicy Dew Blow Torch
Sondiko Butane TorchEurKitchen Culinary Butane Torch for CookingBlow Torch
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The instant flames it creates are ideal for making mouth-watering recipes to caramelizing sugars to firing a flame for cocktails.  Why should you invest in a kitchen torch? It is the part of our daily kitchen routines and is widely used in major applications. It is not just limited to creating meat recipes but also used for grilling cheese toppings, toasting bread, skinning tomatoes and lots more. It serves as a good source for baking cupcakes, making chicken fry, grilling vegetables, mashing potatoes etc.

Apart from the kitchen usage, it is widely used in the process like soldering metals, crafting DIY, making jewellery, melting alloys etc.  It doesn’t cost more and is available in many online sites at reasonable prices. Before start buying a kitchen torch, you must know how it works, where to choose and what features are to be looked upon. To ease your work, we have handpicked the best kitchen torches.

Best Buy Kitchen Torches Reviews 2020

1. GiBot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch Chef Cooking Torch

GiBot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch

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Whether it is soldering a metal, firing up a flame or preparing a cocktail, Git Blow Torch lighter is the best choice. Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch is an exclusive product of the top-selling electric appliances manufacturer, which targets at providing high-quality products at a reasonable price.

  • It features a multi-function safety lock Design which enables safety lock that can prevent a home from accidental ignites.
  • The manufacturer has incorporated Piezo Ignition technology to light up the torch on the go.
  • Adjustable Flame Intensity enables the users to slide, adjust the flame levels to the required temperature.

2. Culinary Blow Torch, Tintec Chef Cooking Torch Lighter

Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

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The exclusive product from the renowned brand is suitable for professional cooks. With the variety of features like safety locks, Easy refill option, non-slip grip, it attracts its customer base.

  • The kitchen torch comes with no butane gas hence you need to get 10 g butane fuels with filling capacity.
  • The best part of this Culinary Blow Torch is that it comes with an Adjustable culinary mode, which enables you to heat resistance up to 446⁰F / 230⁰C and can be used in the kitchen.
  • To ensure the durability, the product is made of long-lasting aluminum alloy.
  • The product come with a Screwdriver for you to used.

3. Blow Torch – Best Creme Brulee Torch – Refillable Professional Kitchen Torch

Blow Torch

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As the name suggests that the product comes from the reputed brand, which has established itself as the leading manufacturer in the competitive market.

  • The best Crème Brulee Torch is ideal for all kind of process like lighting candles, welding metals, making jewellery, and soldering alloys, dabbing, plumbing, camping, and lighting barbecue and much more.
  • To light up the torch, rotate the Flame knob clockwise, press the Child lock and then click the Trigger.
  • Surprisingly, it comes with 3 years manufacturer warranty but no money back guarantee.

4.  Jo Chef Professional Kitchen Torch

Jo Chef Professional Kitchen Torch

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The professional cooking torch from Jo chef holds good ratings and reviews in the top online shopping sites, thus making it one of the best kitchen tools on our list.

  • Having a variety of innovative features, the cooking torch helps to cook faster with the instant flame ignition system which can burns up to 2500 F.
  • The product of made of the highly durable metal body that is portable, light-weight and can prevent the damage of falling over you when you set it.
  • For melting cheese to soldering, this professional torch can help you in no time.
  • With this amazing cooking torch, you can try out some new recipes and make your kids happy.

5. Sondiko Butane Torch, Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter with Safety Lock and Adjustable Flame for Desserts, Creme Brulee, BBQ and Baking

Sondiko Butane Torch

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Unlike other cheap products, the Sondiko Butane Torch from Sondiko offers a lot of cooking versatility, thus it is ideal for indoors & outdoors application as well..

  • The highly portable Sondiko Butane Torch is made of sturdy metal that is small and light-weight, hence you can handle it easily.
  • The non-slip holding can prevent the accidental damage. The product comes with the refillable torch gun, which can be filled in a few minutes.
  • For professional cooking results in  a variety of delicious dishes, Sondiko Butane Torch can help your kitchen recipes improve into café creations.

6. EurKitchen Culinary Butane Torch for Cooking

EurKitchen Culinary Butane Torch for Cooking

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The product comes from the EurKitchen and is one of the widely used brands around the globe. Buying the professional Culinary Butane Torch from Eurkitchen is an amazing way to start your kitchen creations.

  • It is a perfect tool for professional and avid bakers who want to cook new recipes in a matter of second.
  • The Piezo press Ignition technology supports the product for safe, fast and instant lighting.
  • The mini torch bears a sturdy glass flow regulator to identify the torch’s gas level. The instant flame can burn up to 2370 F.

7. Iwatani Cooking Torch – Professional Culinary Butane Creme Brulee and Food Torch Burner

Iwatani Cooking Torch

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With the sleek &stylish design, the cooking torch from the renowned brand adds a professional touch to grabs a few million hearts.

  • The ergonomically designed sturdy grip let you feel comfortable in your hand, thus ensures safety.
  • To incorporate Operator safety, the cooking torch has safety child lock with instant flame technology.
  • The superior Quality Itwani Cooking torch can fulfill all your kitchen needs.

8. BEST CULINARY TORCH – Chef Torch for Cooking Crème Brulee


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With the crème Brulee-Aluminium Hand Butane, you can easily create mouth-watering dishes and impress your guests on the go. The product comes from a renowned brand and is ideal for professional cooking results.

  • The premium cooking torch is not just for cooking meat, seafood, cocktail etc, but also a durable torch for brazing, jewelry, soldering, melting, crafting and much more.
  • From soldering metals to making jewelry to roasting finger fries, Micro Butane torch can do it all.

9. Kitchen Torch for Creme Brulee-Culinary Torch-Butane

Kitchen Torch for Creme Brulee-Culinary Torch

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The premium quality Crème Brulee Butane torch is not just for caramelizes sugars and firing up a flame for a cocktail but also used for melting cheese, roasting pepper, skinning tomatoes and much more.

  • To add an extra layer of protection, the product is designed with child safety lock, which can prevent accidental damage.
  • From soldering metals to making jewelry to roasting finger fries, Crème Brulee Butane torch can do it all.

10. Axmda Cooking Torch, Kitchen Butane Torch, Culinary Torch

Axmda Cooking Torch

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Being a reputable brand, Axmda excelled at offering high-quality electric appliances at affordable prices, thus making its product on our list of top Kitchen torches.

  • The superior quality kitchen features lightweight, durable & ergonomic handles that make you feel comfortable while grilling vegetables, creating a flame.
  • Its ergonomic size and design let you cook things to the fullest, no matter how the kitchen is.
  • The sleek & stylish cooking torch is perfect for your kitchen environment since it comes with the blend of quality and safety.

 Kitchen Torch Buying Guide – What To Look For it? 

Kitchen torch also known as Butane torch produces an intense hot flame which is used as a culinary gadget. It is mainly used to caramelize sugar in cooking, melting top of casseroles, melt cheese or roast vegetables such as peppers etc. Kitchen torch is a useful mini hand stove.

Kitchen Torch Buying Guide

Kitchen torch works similar to pipe lighters which gives consistent flame no matter which angle you hold it. A consistent flame and flexibility to hold the torch in angle should be one of the key factor to buy the torch. The torch should be able to reach a temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit to be fast and effective. Make sure the torch comes with safety child lock to avoid any accidents to the children. If the torch has a lever to control flow of gas and a fuel gauge to tell you how much fuel is left in the tank. Some torches come with fuel window where you can actually see how much fuel is left in the tank. Most of the branded kitchen torch come with anti-flare technology which reduces the risk of hand burns to almost zero percent.


Kitchen torch usually is a metal body where the torch neck is attached to a small fuel tank. Please remember the torch never comes with the gas filled in. You have to buy the fuel separately. Usually the burn time depends on the type of brand and type of torch selected. The range of burn time is from 60 minutes to 200 minutes. There are torches that are ergonomically designed to relax the hand for flaming a dish that needs longer time and also provide flexibility to hold the torch in any angle. You can select from a variety of products to suit your needs.

Type of Gas Used

The fuel tank in the kitchen torch requires Butane gas which is available in any gas station or big retail shops.

Weight of the Kitchen Torch

The weight of the kitchen torch ranges from 250 gms to 400 gms without the fuel.


  • The kitchen torch is mainly used for browning a meringue top or tart top
  • To caramelize sugar on cakes, pies and oatmeal cookies
  • Toast cheese on bread or pizza or casserole.
  • It can also be used to repair jewelry, solder or melt wax.


Depending on your requirements, the kitchen torch is available from 1200 Rupees to 8500 Rupees. If you are looking for a small torch for your kitchen then a 2500 degrees Fahrenheit torch is useful. If you are looking for the kitchen torch for your restaurant then you may need the torch flame to rise up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, the price varies per the requirements.

 Kitchen Torch Cleaning and Caring Instructions 


Gently clean the pipe of the flame after it cooled down. Make sure there is no water vapor in the canister while refilling. It is very important to clean the nozzle as it will easily get dirty after blow torching the food. Gently clean it with rag or dish cloth.

Fuel Safety:

Some torches come with a screw flexibility of attaching any size canister, this type is easy to maintain and you will know exactly how much butane gas is needed. Always use branded refills while buying Butane gas.

Child Safety: Always make sure the child lock is engaged after using the torch.


The flame is nearly invisible in bright light. Hence one should be really careful if they are using it in daylight. Also, not all brands come with anti-flare technology. Hence, it is advisable to use heat resistant hand glove to avoid any hand burn.

Make sure there is enough oxygen for the torch. If there is no proper oxygen the flame will blow with yellow color creating hydrocarbons that may burn your pizza top or crème Brule and infuse a burnt smell. Don’t wear clothes that are highly flammable.

Fire Extinguishers

Always make sure you have fire extinguisher near by while using the kitchen torch. Given the high temperature the probability of fire breakthrough is high. Keep in mind that the torch can melt common metals like aluminum and copper.

Ensure to list down your requirements, read through the above guidelines for buying, cleaning and safety instructions and you will have the right torch for your kitchen.

Final Verdict

You might have seen some kitchen shows where professional chefs use a cooking torch to create delicious recipes but it seems difficult to handle right? Not obviously. Contrary to what you think, operating a kitchen torch is extremely easy. Firstly, push the ignite button forward, secondly, adjust the height of the flame to your needs. Thirdly, turn off the ignition when it is not in use .To create a customized kitchen and ensure safety, a kitchen torch is recommended. Don’t lose your hard earned money on buying those cheaply made torches that stop working after some time. Choose the best cooking torch from the list and ease your work.

Editor’s Note: Products updated on March 2020



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