10 Best Hot Pot Cooker 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

With so many kitchen utensils and essentials have launched in the market that offers better service, you, of course, must be tempted to buy the one matching your home décor and serves you the right purpose. But looking at the prices you might be getting a second thought as well. Speaking of which, hot pot cooker has also become the talk of the town. There are so many small and large scale companies launching this product, that it is impossible to make the absolute right choice. However, we hope that this article can help you in making the right purchase. But before that, it is important to know if you are clear with what purpose does such a cooker serves and whether you will be needing it frequently or not.

Initially, the concept of hot pot cooker is more common and popular in China. Chinese hot pot is usually used by people to dip sauces, broth, and mix the ingredients. Many people use it in many other ways as well. It is believed that in the Chinese New Year festival, people usually conduct hot pot parties with their family as a way to bring the family together. Just the way in another country’s summer barbecue is organized, it is said that a hot pot party is also conducted. Now, this is what exactly we can say is the existence or use of hot pot cooker in some countries.

However, if you need this cooker to experiment with your new ingredient or planning to serve a recipe for which this utensil is required then there are certain factors that you need to consider to be sure that you are dealing with the right product. whether you are buying it from the local brand or the international, it does not matter as long as the product serves its right purpose. The best part about such type pf pot is that it is not that costly as you might be expecting. Besides, ample people can enjoy different ingredients within the same pot such as using tofu products on the plate.

One of the finest examples of advanced technology and a time-saving solution is this type of cooker. Of course, it serves a different purpose and looking at the demand for the same, manufacturers have dramatically improved it over the past few years. No doubt it is one multi-tasking counter top solution that you can consider buying. But it is also true that if you are not sure about the right way to use it then you may not get the desired results as well.  Also famous by the name of an instant cooker, this product is sold on a large scale online.

It is used for making or steaming rice, some people also use it to slow cook the soup while for some it is a far better option than the typical traditional cookers.

Best Buy Hot Pot Cooker Reviews 2020

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Given below is the list of best hot pot cooker which you can consider of buying. But before that make sure you compare the features, understand which fits in your budget while providing the best possible results and then jump on the conclusion. Remember, this cooker should be an asset to your house and not the liability. That is why when you plan to invest in it, you need to be sure about the service, quality, and many other factors. It is always better to buy a well-tested one which can give you assurance and reliability too. You might find some little pricey while some are quite less out with the features. But it is always important to consider the balance of all three things, price, quality, and feature when you consider such a buying option.

1. Proctor Silex 32oz Adjustable Temperature Electric Hot Pot

Proctor Silex 32oz Adjustable Temperature Electric Hot Pot

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Now you don’t just have to see your water boiling when you can actually do a lot more things if you have this product. It pace up the speed of boiling water and you don’t even have to wait for long. Around 32 oz. of water for tea or coffee, you can get the water heated up pretty quickly. The best part is this product is absolutely available within the price range this means, you will of course not repent of buying it. With sturdy material and great usage, there is no doubt that this is the worth product you can think of buying. It has a soft grip handling because of which pouring becomes a lot simple. Besides, thanks to the lid which is removable you get better convenience.


  • It helps in heating the water quickly
  • It has 32 ounce capacity
  • You get the option to adjust the heat
  • It is best suited for hot beverages, noodles and even soup
  • As compared to microwave, it give faster result
  • You don’t have scrub or scour, as it comes with non-stick interior.
  • You get lasting warranty

2. Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Approved for safety

Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

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The model no. SYHS-30 Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot cooker is another finest example of great technology. This product is made from stainless steel and has 4 temperature control settings. With capacity of 5L, certainly this is the right product you can consider of buying. With study quality and finely tested, you can be rest assured that you are buying the right product. This is not only the best part but also you get one year warranty with this product. You can also use their customer service for further guidance. With non-stick surface and adjustable heating solution, needless to say, this is one value for money product that you can consider of buying.


  • It comes with 5L Large capacity that has also the split structure
  • It is extremely easy to clean
  • Since it is made from stainless steel, you can be rest assured about the healthy diet you and your family will be having
  • There is an internal divider by which you can enjoy two different flavors at the same time
  • There is also a fine adjustment knob for better results
  • It is non slipper
  • There is a Transparent Glass Lid that makes food visible clearly
  • The handle is heat resistant
  • There is also Anti-Skid Silicone Feet
  • Maximum safety assured

3. Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Dezin Electric Hot Pot

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Whether you are planning to make Ramen, dumpling, oatmeal or even the pasta or egg, there is no doubt that this stainless steel product is the best choice to go with. With 1.6 Litre of solution, this rapid noodle cooker can surely save a lot of your time and money. The functions are not just restricted to quick heating. Rather, you get the control of temperature by which you can keep the warm food intact and fresh for long time before even serving it. This mini cooker is extremely easy to use rather it comes with better technology which you can make effs or even eat all healthy and light food without any problem.


  • You get over heating and boil dry protection
  • The electric pot is user friendly since it offers easy cooking options
  • There is ample of option of ramen, soups and even dumplings that you can make in this tiny looking cooker
  • It is easy to wash off and does not require much maintenance
  • This hot pot is the best gift you can plan to give your healthy freak friend
  • It comes with 1.6L capacity which is pretty perfect for use

4. 1.5L Electric Cooker Hot Pot

1.5L Electric Cooker Hot Pot

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The name itself states the purpose of this cooker. You may think this is one tiny utensil to keep in the kitchen but it is not less than a magic wand which serves ample of healthy options for you. With better durability and lasting usage, there is no denial to the fact that this product is worth to make the investment. Moving further, it has 1.1.5L hot pot capacity which means, you can serve nearly 3 people without any hassle. Maintenance shall not be the problem since, it is made from stainless steel. It is fabulously safe, easy to cook and comes with great technology. Choosing this option will surely not make you repent at all.


  • You get rotating control switch for better adjustment of the fire as per the requirement
  • There is a durable protection with anti-shut off solution
  • It is made from stainless steel solution with better food grade level
  • It is absolutely safe to use
  • The body is separated with the base so that for cleaning you can move it without hassle
  • You can clean this product more conveniently
  • It is well known shabu shabu, noodles and boling water pot

5. Dash DMC100AQ Express Electric Cooker Hot Pot

Dash DMC100AQ Express Electric Cooker Hot Pot

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This hot pot cooker comes with 1.2L capacity which can easily serve 3 people without any problem. With the best speed power of 200/600W, this hot pot can also be a perfect gift to give this Christmas or Thanksgiving day to your loved ones. The pot is suitable for noodles, pasta, rice, boiling water and soup too. If you are planning to try with some new recipe or look forward to reheat your hot soup then surely, this 1.2L capacity cooker is best for you. With convenient pot and better controlling solution, there is no doubt that you can explore wide range of recipes without any problem. There is also a control dial feature that lets you control the temperature. Besides, the indicator light present protects the overcooking solution. With some incredible features like cool touch handle, you get easy transportation solution. It is safe and can be a great helping hand to you to make healthy recipes.


  • This pot offers the most versatile solution since it is easy to use for different cooking ingredients
  • It has The 1500 watt and you can store around 1.2L capacity of rice, noodles, and even boiling water
  • It is compact and portable too which makes it more perfect for small kitchen or students
  • With a  control dial, you can get perfect cooking temperature
  • Thanks to the cool touch handling, you can cook safely

6. Joyfulsky 1.5L Electric Hot Pot

Joyfulsky 1.5L Electric Hot Pot

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This is another perfect product you can consider of buying. With the steamer option and American plug system, this pot is surely value for money. The company so far has managed to offer its customers with the best service. In case, there is any kind of even minor defect found the company, gets it exchanged to you instantly. Talking about the pot, there is no denial to the fact that you are going to love this. With 10cm of depth and 1.8L of capacity, this pot is certainly worth to be used. The steamer although is not so big but you can use for multi-purpose. It is best to be used at home, travel and even you can carry the pot with base anywhere you wish to.


  • The steamer is not so big but the water up to 1.5L capacity can be boiled safely
  • Quality assurance is guaranteed
  • It can has the capacity of 110V 600W
  • It is made from the stainless steel because of which you can safely use the product
  • It is phenolic resin safe hull and has Telphered glass lid
  • You can eat and clean the pot without any hassle
  • It is best to make noodles, boil eggs and water too
  • Cooking becomes simpler because of electric heating solution

7. 1L Liven Electric Hot Pot

1L Liven Electric Hot Pot

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This is healthy pot with 304 stainless steel material which lasts long and is extremely easy to use. This cute looking pit has been in selling and in demand since quite a long time. The company is reputable because of the best services it has been providing to the valued customers. Besides, high boiling water, you can also use this poi tot make noodles, boil rice and do lot many things. Made from sturdy material, there is no doubt that this two speed point is prefect to be used with slow cooking. Do not worry about the price, as this product is a perfect example of great pricing and incredible quality. In case, there is any issue with the product, without hesitation contact the team to get it exchanged.


  • With this pot, it is possible for you to cook noodles, meat,  pork, and vegetables
  • With auto shut off technology, you don’t have to shut it off manually
  • It comes with minimum capacity 0.3L,120V 600W and which is faster than 400W
  • Thanks to its inner stainless steel interior, you can use it without any worries
  • There is a quality control system for lasting results
  • It comes with long term warranty

8. Liven 3L Electric Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Liven 3L Electric Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

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Made from the casting of aluminium alloy, there is no doubt that this is totally a worth product to buy. The product offers ample of great features and easy using technology because of which it has earned attention of many people. Thanks to its non-stick coating solution and thick pot body, this product is absolutely safe to be used. Talking about its appearance, you surely will not be disappointed since it can match your home décor. There is a streamline deign because of which the pot gives the most elegant appearance wherever it is kept. Thanks to its glass lid, that is on e the standing upright position, you can save a lot of space.


  • It is good in design
  • It is best accessory and gift to give your loved one who loves cooking
  • You can conveniently monitor the cooking process because of the Tempered glass lid
  • It is available at cost friendly value
  • Thanks to its Anti-hot Bakelite handle, it is possible to avoid scalding
  • It also has three-speed fire adjustment which makes it more safe to be used

9. Aroma Stainless Steel Hot Pot

Aroma Stainless Steel Hot Pot

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Moving next to another incredible product is this hot pot. It is the best way to enjoy your hot feats with your loved ones and family members. Besides, you can carry it on your trip also since it is portable and light in weight. However, don’t just go on the size and think that it may not be that functional. Rather the story is absolutely different. This product is designed to surprise you with some latest features and is of course, worth to make the investment. Whether it is vegetables, meat or even the seafood that you wish to cook, this product can surely be the right one to be used. Of course it is dishwasher safe and cleaning up shall not be difficult for you at all.


  • It is one versatile piece with stainless steel appearance
  • It is durable and safe to be used
  • It comes with dual compartments
  • There is Adjustable power dial
  • With 1500 Watts, heating can be done faster

10. TaoTens 1.5L Detachable Electric Hot Pot

TaoTens 1.5L Detachable Electric Hot Pot

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This is another perfect rapid noodles cooker which is available in green colon. It has 1.5L capacity volume because of which using this product shall not be the problem for you. Thanks to its easy usage and fine technology, you can be rest assured that cooking can be done safely and without any hassle. Besides, temperature control solution makes it safer to be used. The product measures 7.9 x 7.3 x 7.9 in and is one user friendly solution to buy


  • It has Dual power supply
  • The intimate design is extremely free to adjust
  • There is a detachable structure design
  • You get quick heating solution
  • The cool touch solution makes it safer to be used.

Hot Pot Cooker Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

To buy the right hot pot cooker especially for the first time user can, of course, be extremely confusing. With so many options and pictures that may pop right on the screen may make you wonder if it was that easy to shop. But given below guidelines can help you make the right choice. This type of cooker is, of course, worth the investment. But to make sure you don’t fall under any fraud while buying, this guidance can be helpful to you.

  • Choose The Lab Tested One

Of course, when you are planning to buy the utensil in which you will be cooking food the most, it needs to be verified and tested too. It is always better to think of buying the hot pot cooker which is tested from different brands and fits within your range. But the one tested shall be having multi cooker rating so make sure you have rating et. This is important to understand if the brand that you are considering to buy is good enough to be used or not.

  • Understand The Functioning

As you are planning to buy the cooker it is obvious that you are looking for its highly functional solution. You may find this cooker extremely user-friendly but it does not make any sense if you buy the one which is just more or less equal to your traditional cooker. It must have some great functions like fast cooking, touch control or auto heating set for every ingredient that you are planning to put inside the cooker. This way, you will be able to at least get an idea that you are investing in something worth.

  • Material

Generally, most of the cookers that you will see are tested to know if they have a removable pot or not with the coating of non-stick. It is better to choose the coating made from Teflon or ceramic so that you get an easy cooking solution. The pots generally are meat for bigger meats that are cut and don’t fit that well in an oblong-shaped pot. You can seek for the manual advice or even choose the recipes online to understand the best cooking utensil suitable for large cut meat

  • Other Factors

Other than the one mentioned above, it is also important to see the lid if there is any to lock the cooker or even think of the option like capacity. Every kitchen utensil comes with a particular amount of capacity to store or put the ingredient inside it. You need to understand if the product you have chosen has good opacity or not.

So What’s The Final Verdict

There is no denial of the fact that buying a hot pot cooker will always be the right choice. But you cannot also ignore the fact that you need to make a good research on why and how you will need this type of cooker. With so many options mentioned above, it probably should be easy for you to make the decision. In case, you are still confused about the same, and then seek your family members or friends advises who have opted for such services.

This way it will be easy for you to take the decision. Take your time; invest in the product wisely so that you don’t have to repent later.


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