Top 10 Best Soda Maker 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Best Soda Maker 2018 Reviews
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Soda has got bad reputation for all the digestible reasons. There is actually no sensible argument that supports pop or soda that we find at convenience store, supermarket or vending machine. A lot of commercial sodas are loaded with high-fructose aspartame, corn syrup, sugar, or any unhealthy artificial sweeteners.

Most of them are loaded with calories and carbs and are bad for your teeth and body. Drinking one can of soda every day could raise 15 pounds of weight a year. Many people stick to leading brands which claim to offer diet soda with zero sugar and calories. But they still lack in nutritional value and most of their ingredients have been linked to potential risks of cancer. Natural soda brands are mostly sweetened with cane sugar or fruit juice rather than artificial sweeteners. They may be little healthy but they are mostly not good for your health.

If you can’t resist your urge to enjoy tasty soda, you can produce one at home. You can have complete control over the ingredients and avoid all the unhealthy sweeteners and chemicals in most of the commercial brand sodas. Homemade soda is the best alternative to minimize carbs and calories and have a tasty beverage made for your taste buds.

You can also control the carbonation in your tasty soda and create endless flavors for fun activities. A lot of soda makers come at very affordable cost and they only need few supplies, such as special reusable bottles, homemade or packaged flavors, and gas or carbon dioxide canisters to add the fizz. Most units are stylish and small for easy storage.

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1. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker

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Now you can make your own sparkling soft drinks at home in just seconds by using SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker and enjoy the freedom from plastic waste. The refined SodaStream Jet Sparkling technology is powered by reusable carbon dioxide cylinder which can easily turn water into well-customized drink. No more storing and lugging.

It is the best gift for a soda lover who loves to carbonate drinks at home and prefers convenience. This machine supports 60 liter Co2 cylinder and 130 L cylinder to maximize carbonation. All you need to twist and lock your soda bottle in the machine and pump the push button control to carbonate the drink.

Key features

  • Space-saving, slim fit design
  • Refillable and eco-friendly CO2 cylinder
  • Sparkle your drinks in seconds
  • Needs no batteries or electricity

2. Innovate Soda Siphon Ultimate Soda Maker

Innovate Soda Siphon Ultimate Soda Maker

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Innovate Soda Siphon will definitely be your best companion if you love to drink fizzy sparkling water at home. Of course you can buy a soda outside but what if you just need a few ounces to spruce up your drink or a healthier alternative? You can not only save yourself the cost of soda and end up using it all, but you can also save your health from carbonated drinks which may have harmful additives. It is also eco-friendly as it promotes less use of plastic bottles.

Key features

  • Made of aluminum with attractive sleek design
  • Either attach No2 or Co2 chargers
  • Easy to use

3. KitchenAid KSS1121OB Sparkling Beverage Maker

KitchenAid KSS1121OB Sparkling Beverage Maker

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KitchenAid Sparkling beverage maker is designed well to prepare fizzy and fresh drink for you at home as it is powered by SodaStream technology. All you need to pour the fresh water in the bottle and fizz up with a carbonation lever to your desired carbonation level. Add your desired flavor and enjoy the carbonated water just like your favorite Pepsi or Coke. KitchenAid is the leading home appliance brand well known for manufacturing best products.

Key features

  • Made of best-in-class die-cast metal housing for easy cleanup
  • Soft grip handle on carbonated lever
  • Compatible with more than 60 SodaStream flavors

4. SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker

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Designed by award-winning sparkling water maker and designer Yves béhar, SodaStream Source presents the sleek and stylish water maker with elegant refinement and function. The LED display allows user to measure carbonation level and adjust it to their choice while avoiding any guess work. It locks the elegantly redesigned carbonator bottle with one push. The refined mechanics are powered by CO2 cylinder to check the level of carbonation with innovative LED indicator.

Key features

  • Turn boring tap water into fresh and sparkling water within 30 seconds
  • Reduce plastic wastage and protect environment by making sparkling water at home.
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • LED indicator and snap-lock bottle feature for easy insertion of bottle

5. iSi North America 1-quart Stainless Steel Soda Siphon bottle

iSi North America 1-quart Stainless Steel Soda Siphon bottle

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Enjoy the soothing fizz of refreshing soda water and prepare different flavored soft drinks at your next get-together with this stylish and sleek iSi North America soda siphon. This sleek and stylish siphon is made of stainless steel. It features ergonomic charger holder and black hues with non-slip grip made of silicone.

It has pressure control valve for great safety and comfort and measuring tube avoids overfilling. It is designed well for water or to add fizz to wine spritzers, fruit juices, and cocktails. It is also backed by 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key features

  • made of high quality stainless steel
  • carbonate bottled or tap water with Co2 chargers
  • 1-quart capacity
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Add juices or other flavors to create healthy sodas after carbonation

6. Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker

Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker

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Unlike the typical 14-0z CO2 cylinder, Flavorstation Home beverage maker uses typical paintball CO2 cylinder that can be refilled in most locales. The model accepts only 500ml bottles which can be a drawback for some people but it is best option for singles or couples. This unit is merely 15” tall and can fit in any cabinet. It is also narrow and doesn’t take a lot of counter space.

Key features

  • Perfect for home, office or kitchen
  • No electricity needed
  • Make variety of flavors and single serve drinks
  • Customize your drinks with ease

7. ICO Professional Soda Siphon and Seltzer Water Maker

ICO Professional Soda Siphon and Seltzer Water Maker

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Enjoy all the delicious classic cocktails you love at the comfort of your home with this professional soda siphon and seltzer water maker from Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO).

Experiment your own flavors in style as it combines eight delicious cocktail recipes as well as their histories with recommendations and mixology tips on the best liquors. No you no longer have to depend on expensive store-bought soda waters which have harmful additives. This carbonator makes it easy and fun to make your own fizzy drink at home.

Key features

  • Compatible with Co2 cartridges of all brands
  • Comes with a cocktail recipe guide
  • 1L size to charge with one 8g Co2 cartridge

8. AARKE Premium Carbonator/Sparkling Water Maker

AARKE Premium Carbonato

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It’s time to update your kitchen with the first sparkling water maker in the world designed with stainless steel enclosure and get rid of typical plastic soda makers. Aarke Premium Carbonator/sparkling water maker has minimalist, compact design with three safety valves.

It features the lever to carbonate the tap water and release extra pressure from steel bottle. Push the lever and hold until you feel the buzz and unscrew and release the bottle from carburetor. It needs no batteries or electricity.

Key features

  • Non-toxic, safe and top class PET bottle
  • Compact and sleek body
  • Replaces 120 plastic bottles with 60L carbonator cartridge

9. Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker with 3Oz. Test Cylinder

Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation MakerBuy From Amazon

Want to save cost and health on sugary sodas? Drinkmate is the first brand which brought carbonation system to the world that can sparkle almost every drink you have, i.e. from apple cider, wine, lemonade tea, cocktails to flat beer. It gives a lot of freedom to the user. This is why NBC’s Today Show ranked it the “Kitchen of Today!”

Whether you want to make soda, seltzer, or sparkling water or want to make the whole new drink, you can now go fizzy with Drinkmate. This is the ultimate soda maker which can carbonate any juice, cold drink, ice tea, lemonade, coffee, wine, energy drink, etc.

Key features

  • Only carbonation drink maker allows you to carbonate almost every drink you have
  • Detachable Fizz Infuser and better control with two release buttons on CO2 release
  • Easy to clean up and operate
  • BPA-free bottle with volume mark

10. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

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Turn your tap water from plain to fizz within seconds with Fizzi Sparkling Water maker from SodaStream. It catches the feel of original models with slim design that can fit well in any modular home or office. It is also easy to use. Press the carbonation button thrice for light sparkle and around 7 times for big bubbles.

Key features

  • Slimmest soda maker model from SodaStream
  • Carbonates water in seconds
  • No electricity or batteries needed


If carbonated drinks from commercial brands seem unhealthy but you still want to stay healthy and hydrated, it is better to go for the best soda maker. If you love soda but not cavities, pick one of the above units for better oral health.

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