10 Best Popover Pan 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Most of the people who love cooking, will definitely enter into baking world to explore new ideas and recipes. People start with baking simple cakes, later birthday cakes, savory baking, etc., One of such bakery item is popovers. Popovers are really airy, tender and hollow with a glistening crust around it. This baker item when served as a side dish with butter is a very delicious and kids favorite item. Popovers can be made in both savory and sweet versions.

For all the baking needs bakers require of course proper baking equipment. Popovers are mainly hollow in nature. To get this texture, the baking equipment should be precise. For preparing this popovers, a special pan is used. This pan is called Popover Pan. These are especially designed for popovers and looks different compared to the normal muffin pan. Making a perfect popover depends on the popover pan. To help you decide on this pan, we listed the best options from our research in the market in 2019. We considered a number of factors to present the list. So, it will be the best guide for you to consider while buying popover pan. Let us see what this list has in store for you.

Best Buy Popover Pans Reviews 2020

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We have researched different variety of popover pans that are available in the market and listed here the top 10 pans of our choice. You can check these details here about the product. We have also mentioned features of the varied variety pans so that you can compare and decide. Let us move forward and check out the information in more detail.

1. Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan

Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan

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The first popover oven of our recommendation is the Bellemain Nonstick Popover Pan. The best popover pans would be those that have deeper Cups for rising. This product Has 2.25”D deep cups promoting very good rise of the popovers. Bellemain Popover pan is made with nonstick finish which is very convenient to slide the popovers out without making messy pans. The cleaning is also easy, as there wont be any batter stuck to the pan. This pan is made with dark colored metal typically black steel which absorbs heat quickly and gets heated in very short time helping the popovers to come out perfectly. This pan weighs about 1.7 pounds and the dimensions are 13.6 by 10.3 by 1.7 inches. It comes with 6 cups.


  • The pan is made nonstick.
  • Made with dark colored welded metal which is durable.
  • The cups are deeper with 2.25”D with 3” Diameter
  • The pan is friendly with dishwasher and is very easy to clean.

2. Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan

Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan

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We have a popover pan from Chicago Metallic. They also have deep cups to help baking the popoversevenly with better air circulation just like in the bakery. This pan can be used up to 450F or 232C temperature. The Chicago Metallic manufacturer has been in the market for over 100 years and are well recognized globally. The pan is finished with nonstick material. The lips of the popover cups are wide enough to spread the popovers. The popover pan from Chicago Metallic is made from high quality steel and nonstick coating. It is weighed around 1 pound and has dimensions of 16 by 10.8 by 2.3 inches. The popover pan is available in 2 sizes – 6-cup and 12-cup. These pans can also be used to make muffins and cornbread too.


  • Deeper cups with each cup measuring 2.25 inches by 2 inches
  • Can be used safely with dishwasher.
  • These pans not only helps to make popovers but also can be used for making muffins
  • Pans are made with aluminized steel which conducts high heat.

3. Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan

Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan

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Third popover pan in our list is from Nordic Ware manufacturer. These pans are made up of heavy cast aluminum helping high quality baking performance. Uniform browning of the popovers can be achieved with the heat reflective exteriors. As it is made from aluminum material, it doesn’t warp and will last long. These can be cleaned easily as they are made of nonstick material. Crown muffins and Yorkshire pudding can also be made using these pans. For cooking the popovers evenly, they have center heat vents. These pans weigh 1.8 pounds and has dimensions of 14 by 9 by 2.2 inches. These pans are available in 6-cups and 12-cups sizes.


  • Made of heavy cast aluminum which gives very long durability.
  • Pans can be washed easily as they are made of nonstick material.
  • The Nordic Ware pans are made in USA.

4. Freshware SL-105RD 8-Cavity Silicone Popover Muffin

Freshware SL-105RD 8-Cavity Silicone Popover Muffin

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Freshware pans are made of Silicone. Silicone material is coming into market rapidly and is a successful material for baking. As it is made with Silicone, we might be frightened about the plastic and chemicals used in it. But, this popover pan is made with non-chemical coatings and are pinch tested meeting US FDA and European LFGB safety standards. These can be used with high temperatures up to 446F. These can be used for 3000 uses which is very good number. These silicone pans are oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and steamer safe. These popover pans are used in various other different ways by the customers like making muffins, brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, candies, tarts, gelatin, ice creams, candles, soaps and many more. These weigh about 5.6 ounces with dimensions of 11.7 by 6.8 by 2.4 inches. These silicone pans are available in disparate shapes with 8 cups.


  • Made of safe, chemical free silicone material.
  • Passed pinch test.
  • Safe with various temperatures.
  • These are made flexible and finished with nonstick material.

5. Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, 6-Cup Jumbo Muffin and Cupcake Pan

Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan

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Wilton is one of the major bakeware companies that manufacture some long lasting, high quality baking pans that a customer can rely on. These are basically very large size muffin and cupcake pan which also facilitates to beautifully bake popovers. They can also be used to mold ice creams, gelatin or mousse. These are made with high quality aluminum for long lasting finish and for even baking. These pans weigh around 1.21 pounds and has measurements of 3.1 by 8.6 by 13.8 inches. It is available in 6-cup size.


  • Giant sized muffin pan for better popovers
  • The material used is steel and nonstick
  • Available with 5-year warranty

6. Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan, Carbon Steel

Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan

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The next one in our list is a mini popover pan. The mini popover pan is used to make miniature popovers. These are made with carbon steel with a nonstick finish. Though they are mini popover pans, the cups are deeper to get the perfect popovers for your occasion. The popovers come out moist, fluffy, airy with crispy domes. The pan weigh about 1.8 pounds with dimensions 10.8 by 14.5 by 2 inches. The manufacturer is Fox run craftsmen. These pans are available in 3 styles and sizes namely 12-cup mini, 6-cup nonstick and 6-cup nonstick preferred.


  • Even distribution of heat providing perfect browning.
  • Durable carbon steel material which helps with very good heat conduction.
  • Made with nonstick coating which makes it easy to clean and popovers come out perfect.

7. Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan, 12 Count

Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan

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The next popover pan that we are going to see is the Norpro brand mini popover pan. It weighs about 1.68 pounds with 14.5 inches length, 10.5 inches width and 2 inches height. The popovers come out as 12 by 2.25”/5.5 cm perfect popovers. The mold cups are very deep in size to make perfect popovers. These pans are a little bit costly but are worth to buy them. They come in 12-cup sized pans. The pan is finished with nonstick material allowing you to clean easily and make nonstick popovers. These pans are deeper giving you the perfect fluffy, airy balloon expanded popovers.


  • Deeper cups are facilitated for the even cook on the popovers and for that crispy brown crust.
  • Popovers can be easily released due to the nonstick material and the cleaning is also very easy.
  • Wash the pans with your hand for the long lasting pans.

8. USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan

USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan

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The next item in our list is from one of the best manufacturers, USA pans. These pans are made from aluminized steel which is the superior quality material for long durability. The thickness of the metal also helps for the distribution of heat evenly giving you the best popovers. The most important and unique thing about this pan is that this pan is having corrugated design which increases pan strength and will not allow any denting or warping. Another interesting thing about this popover pan is that no need to brush the pan with oil/grease as it pops out beautiful popovers easily without sticking to the walls. Pans are all coated with Americoat which aids in the nonstick nature of the pan. This USA made pan is FDA approved. The maximum baking temperature that can be used is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. They are very easy to clean. One more interesting feature of this pan is it is made of 65% recycled steel. These are manufactured in Pittsburg, USA. The pan weigh around 1.74 pounds and has measurements of 15.8 by 11.2 by 1.2 inches. These pans come in 6-cup size.


  • Aluminized steel is used to make these popover pans.
  • 65% recycled steel is used in the manufacturing of these pans.
  • Americoat is used in making these pans which is basically silicone coating and doesn’t contain PTFE’s or PFOA’s.

9. Anolon 59181 6-Cup Steel Popover Pan, Gray

Anolon 59181 6-Cup Steel Popover Pan

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Here is another superior quality popover pan which is capable of making 6 popovers. This popover pan maximizes heat distribution by its unique open-frame construction around every cup of the pan. These pans are made of heavy-duty carbon steel which helps in resisting warping and lives longer. With the nonstick finish, popovers come out easily and cleaning is also very easy. The maximum temperature that can be used with these popover pans is 450 Degrees Fahrenheit. The weight of this pan is around 1.21 pounds with dimensions of 13.6 by 10.3 by 1.7 inches. These popover pans are available in Gray color.


  • Each cup of the popover pan gets equal distribution of heat in and around the cup.
  • Made of carbon steel promoting very good heating of the pan and also resists warping.
  • The nonstick finish helps for even browning of the popovers and cleaning of the pan is also easy.

10. Popover Pan 6 Cup Bake ware by Hahn Professional

Popover Pan 6 Cup Bake ware

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The last item in our list is the popover pan by Hahn Professional. These pans are made with unique color and high quality cast iron which is very rare to get. The heat is absorbed fast and ideal for high temperatures. Maximum temperature that can be used is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These pans are finished with Quantum Two – nonstick coating which is of superior quality and also non-toxic. They are tested to FDA standards making it very safe to use. Popover pans measure about 15 by 9 by 1.8 inches and weighs about 2 pounds. These popover pans come in 6-cup size.


  • Made of advanced nonstick finish making perfect popovers.
  • Each cup is deeper measuring about 2.75 by 1.8 inch making airy popovers.
  • FDA approved pans
  • Easily cleaned and safe to use
  • Made with cast iron which is the superior quality and conducts heat perfectly.

Buying Guide – What to Consider During the purchase?

We have already mentioned the top popover pans that are available till date. However, you might still be wondering on what things to consider while buying the pan. It also depends on your family size. In this section, we are providing a short buying guide in addition to mentioning the best models.

Design: Popover pans looks like a muffin pan but have an open design. They have the cups attached to each other. The ones which have their design with most space between the cups is an ideal pan for popovers. Few have the cups welded to wire rack. This allows the heat to distribute evenly. These pans have really steep sided wells which force the batter to pop up with more crispy side and puffy dome.

Type: Popover pans are made with different materials like all other baking pans. Some are made of heavy steel and others are nonstick pans made with cast aluminum coating. It is said that cast iron pans makes the best popovers but these are rarely available in the market.

Shape: The shape of popover cups is also important for the look and perfection of the popovers. If you want more uniform shape in the base then go for a pan with more deeper cups. These will have tall popovers with irregular heads which are perfect popovers.

Size: The popover pans are available in many different sizes. Depending on the size of the family and the frequency, you can choose your own pan. There are pans that are available in 4 or 6 cups with bigger pop size and some are available in 8 or 10 cups.

Color: The color of the pan also decides the popovers outcome. For the perfect popovers, the pan needs to be effectively heated and then the batter expands into a perfect pop. So, darker pans conduct more efficient heat. This helps to bake a very good pop.

Cleanliness: The most important factor to consider is the ease of cleaning the baking pan as any small batter that is left on the pan might attract bacteria resulting in diseases. So, choose for a pan that can be easily cleaned and also look for the cleaning guide that they give with the pan.

Price: Price is also an important factor to consider. If you are a person who makes popovers very often, it is reasonable to invest in a good popover pan. If you are a person who is just buying this pan just for making popovers for a party, then consider your budget.

The above are some of the factors that you may consider while buying a popover pan. Please remember that these are only some points that may help you. You need to consider your usage and ideas also to buy a pan. However, these points might majorly be helpful to you.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

We have listed all possible points that you may require while buying a popover pan. It included the buying guide and the top 10 list of our recommended popover pans. You can first look at the buying guide, get some idea, delve into our top list, compare the items and checkout as per your requirement. Compare all the available pans and also compare it based on the location.

You might find a cheaper option elsewhere. A good popover pan is essential to make your popovers look fluffy and airy. So go ahead and buy some pans and make your special pop recipes.


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