10 Best Butter Warmer 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

With so many new tools and technologies that have come up in the market, you surely need to understand that some of the impeccable kitchenware solutions can help you to brush up your cooking skills. Talking of which butter warmer is one such option. It is said to be a must-have piece that offers better cooking and is best for those people who have been looking for the most convenient option to dip in the lobster, melt butter for the popcorn and so on. The focus of using butter warmer is to warm the butter without any problem. It is known to have been providing the most versatile solution with the ability for serving butter or sauce and dips without any kind of problem. Such type of option is can be a great helping hand for you to serve more purpose in the kitchen

Advantages of Butter Warmer

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There are so many butter warmer benefits that most of the people are not aware of. This type of warmer is known to be holding a perfect blend of the design and functions which is why; this kind of solution is surely worth the investment that you made. It is a perfect choice to melt the butter, warm the syrup, soups, and sauces which are known for the individual servings of the soufflés and sides to name a few. That is not it, this type of solution has got ample of advantages that you might not be even aware of. Before you plan to buy a particular brand based product, here are something’s off the butter warmer that you need to know.

  • A perfect blend of design and function: The butter warmer set comes either with a set of 2 or 4. This option is quite elegant and can enhance the kitchen experience. With the perfect combination of modern and contemporary design, this fondue set is worth
  • Make perfect Fondue: Now you don’t have to look for the rigid yet traditional options to melt the butter when this type of set can be a time-saver for you. It comes with the quick making of chocolate and butter fondue.
  • Worth Investment: To serve the chocolate dipping be it for your ladyfingers, fruits, pound cake, rice crispy treats and even marshmallows, this type of butter warmer is the best choice since it has the ceramic bowling material for better safety and heating solution.
  • No cleaning issue: Most of the butter warmers are extremely easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe. You can also be hit by hands using mild detergent and use it for better service life too.

Best Buy Butter Warmer Reviews

With so many brands coming across to offer the best butter warmer at great pricing, you are most likely to get confused and that is why here are some of the best butter warmers listed that you might want to have look at. Be rest assured that you would be surfing across the finest one since the listed ones are known to be the top-notch sellers in the market that you might want to try to brush up your culinary skills.

1. Dansk Kobenstyle Butter Warmer

Dansk Kobenstyle Butter Warmer

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If you are looking for the perfect butter warmer that is not just functional but also has got a sleek design then surely this is the right product to choose. This warmer can be an efficient solution to you to store the butter or even melt it all without wasting it at all. The product is designed with a wood handle which makes sure even when the pot is hot, you can conveniently old t. This can also be used for keeping sauces and syrups. Since the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, you surely don’t want to compromise with the type of cookware and utensils that you buy. Each of the products that you place in the kitchen can help you best in organizing your cooking process. Thanks to its enabled coating, the cleanup and heating process is simple. Since the dish is pretty convenient, there is no risk of any kind of chip to get stuck at the edges at all.


  • It is made of enamel-coated steel
  • It comes with a Teak handle for better holding
  • It comes with a measuring a diameter of 3 1/2 inches
  • It can be a great helper to be used in a chef’s kitchen

2. Prepworks by Progressive Ceramic Butter Warmer Fondue Set

Prepworks by Progressive Ceramic Butter Warmer Fondue Set

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This type of warmer is the most thoughtful option that you can consider. It is a perfect kitchen storage solution or you can even say a cooking utensil that you can consider buying. To make a healthy lifestyle, surely choosing such type of product will not disappoint you at all. If tice is the issue then frankly this budget-friendly option is something you may not find elsewhere. If you are planning to start your cooking skills from scratch then surely this is the best product to have as a helper with you. Designed by the professional yet international team of Progressing company that has been boasting for more than 40 years, this innovative solution is the most essential one to have it in your kitchen

Made of ceramic material, it can hold in the heat without any kind of problem and ensuring the flame doesn’t relay damage the texture of cheese, butter or even sauce. This warmer can hold nearly 5 ounces of the dip that you will be using in the servings.


  • Dishwasher safe, you get easy and convenient cleaning
  • This butter warmer can hold up to 5 ounces of your favorite dip
  • It is made of the metal wire that comes with standing for suspending the pots over the tea lights
  • It has a simple yet stylish design with a better warranty

3. HIC Turkish Coffee Warmer and Butter Melting Pot

HIC Turkish Coffee Warmer and Butter Melting Pot

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This 12-Ounce Capacity based Stainless Steel melting pot is another option that you may think of short-listing. It comes with the sleek design to offer functions that would let you warm all types of liquids be it cream, milk and even the butter to be melted along with warm gravy without any problems. Being resistant to heat, the handle is designed for better grip and which also ensures the heat doesn’t get transfer which is why you can do cooking with the heating process without being sacred of your hand to get damaged at all. The product measures 3.38 inches and has an opening of 3.5 inches which means it is quite convenient for you to handle.


  • With a lasting warranty, this pot is designed with a 12-Ounce capacity
  • It has a handle with Heat resistant to ensure better grip and comes with a hole at the end to hang it at the rack for better storage
  • You can make Turkish coffee and melting butter too
  • This pot comes with a pour spout and is Dishwasher safe

4. Norpro 210 Ceramic Butter Warmers

Norpro 210 Ceramic Butter Warmers

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One of the well-known companies that have been in the market because of a wide range of cooking solutions, that it has been providing the ceramic butter warmers by Nopro. The company is known for the consistent innovative products that it has been launching in the market. The team has traveled across the world to study well enough about the kitchenware collections and this has designed the most incredible products with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions because of which buying such warmer is something you will not repent. The product has also been reflecting the utmost results in terms of not just the quality but also the superior craftsmanship and material. In this warmer, you can keep butter, sauces and your favorite cheese while servicing with vegetables and seafood too. There is also a ceramic dish that ensures the heat for which you don’t have any kind of scorching.


  • It comes with  1/3 cup/3 ounces and a set of 2 butter warmers
  • With a better warranty, you can ash it in the dishwasher without any problem
  • The warmer is made of a ceramic dish that makes sure heat is well maintained without any curdling or scorching
  • You also get the dishes of ceramic butter with two tea light candles.

5. ALL-CLAD 42006 D3 Stainless 0.5 Qt. Butter Warmer

ALL-CLAD 42006 D3 Stainless 0.5 Qt. Butter Warmer

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This butter warmer is available in silver cover and is the perfect money investment solution that you can consider. Made with valuable technology, it surely can be a great addition to your kitchen. It has been designed with 42006 0.5-Quart butter and it is best to melt the butter and even warm the syrup. The designs are more of petite types and come with spouts pouring options for a better way. It can surely be the most ideal option to arm syrup, met butter and even keep soup or space when serving the food. It is best for the serving of the individuals of the sides or even says soufflés. Thanks to the 3-ply cookware, this option has a thick gauge aluminum core which ensures the heat gets attracted at a pretty faster rate and the stainless steel would make sure the distribution of the same is done in the right manner. The cookware also comes with a warp-resistant to ensure better strength and is completely safe to be used in the dishwasher too.


  • It comes with a 3-ply bonded construction
  • Made of durable stainless steel it has been encapsulated with an aluminum core
  • Thanks to Highly polished cooking you can maintain it easily
  • It is stick-resistant and will not react with food

6. IMEEA Butter Coffee Milk Warmer Mini Butter Melting Pot with Spout

IMEEA Butter Coffee Milk Warmer Mini Butter Melting Pot

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This is high quality based milk warmer that you can think of choosing to be placed in your kitchen in the future. Known for the best results, this warmer is worth the investment. It comes with an 18/10-stainless-steel interior and has the stainless steel exterior which is quite magnetic too. There is a single layer of an aluminum core which is quite pure and has been the sandwich between multiple layers. It also has a 3 ply construction that makes sure the heat gets distributed at the optimal level and gets stored too. It, of course, is not suitable for the induction cooker but thanks to the pot6 which comes with a better handling solution, you can hold it well. There is also a hole at the end to make sure you can store it by hanging it on the rack without any problem.


  • It comes with an easy storage solution
  • It is best to be used for making the Turkish coffee and even the chocolate heat or melting the butter well
  • It is best for the people for regular usage and is dishwasher safe
  • It is made of high-quality Stainless Steel

7. Artestia Ceramic Butter Warmer Set for Seafood (2, black)

Artestia Ceramic Butter Warmer Set

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For those who are looking for the product that is a perfect blend of sleek design and great styling with amazing features shall surely shortlist this option. This butter warmer is best for the seafood, meting butter warmer, and candle and small and dish solution. You can surely transform the creativity of the culinary skills and thus make your cooking experience the most unforgettable one. Not only this, such type of warmer comes with the set that consists of stand, lodge, melter pot, popcorn, and even the kit to name a few. This surely is the most incredible price that you can think of buying.


  • It comes with an easy storage solution
  • With a better warranty, you can ash it in the dishwasher without any problem
  • It is a perfect blend of sleek design and great functions
  • It can be used for melting butter, fondue, and cheese

8. Norpro Butter Warmers

Norpro Butter Warmers

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This warmers which is set of two comes with the measure of 4.25″ X 3.25″ X 3.25″/ 11cm x 8cm x 8cm. It has the capacity with 1/3 C/ 3 oz that ensures better utilization and no wastage at all. It comes with a set of two ceramic butter dishes, tea lights, and stainless steel holders. Not only this but also every dish as the capacity to hold nearly 3 ounces/1/3 cup which is why it can be a vest for serving the dips without any risk of wastage. Napro is a well-known company that started in the year1973 and is said to be the best option for buying a wide range of kitchenware at cost-friendly value. With a perfect blend of innovation and highly of cooking, this is surely the most incredible option designed with fine craftsmanship too.


  • It comes with the dishes’ capacity to hold 3 ounces/ 1/3 cup.
  • The dish is made of ceramic for balancing the heat without any risk of scorching
  • It comes with ceramic dishes for servicing the disps separately
  • It is absolutely dishwasher safe

9. RSVP Promotional Butter Warmer, Set of 2

RSVP Promotional Butter Warmer

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To add a perfect touch of elegance and great functions, this warmer set is one of the right options you can surely have it in today’s time in your kitchen. The set comes with an RSVP butter warmer set and is best for individual place setting or you can also use it in the buffet. It comes with a chromed wire-framing and has a circular base with a stable glass candle holder which is why it can match your kitchen decor too.


  • It comes with 5” H, with a 1/3 cup capacity
  • It has a chromed wireframe for better holding
  • You get set of cups, frames, light candles and glass candle holders
  • You can use it for melting butter, your seafood, or popcorns

10. Crabaholik 2-Piece Ceramic Butter Warmer Set

Crabaholik 2-Piece Ceramic Butter Warmer Set

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For those who want to enhance their culinary skills at the same time looking for some fancy serving, the option shall surely think of this warmer. It works as a butter heater, warmer for fondue, ceramic fondue pot, and sauce tool to name a few. Most of the people even think of giving it a gift since it comes with a sleek design and is highly functional too. With this set in your kitchen, you can surely o your job with perfection and without straining your wallet at all. This butter warmer set is one of the best options that you can consider either for gifting someone or simply to yourself since it can make a lot of your job hassle-free.


  • It is made of Premium quality ceramics
  • It comes with 5Oz capacity
  • It has Metallic sturdy design stands
  • The set consists of 2 ceramic cups, 2 metallic stands, and 2 tea light candles

Butter Warmer Buying Guide – What To Look for it?

No doubt that after having a look at the top-notch butter warmers that are available in the market so far, you may wonder how to make the right choice. Such type of warmer is extremely elegant to be placed in your kitchen. But not only this, such type of warmer is designed for various other services like sauce and dips too. Now that you might want to shortlist the right one, here is the buying guide that you might want to take help of.

  • Premium Versatility

The butter warmers should have the pan which is quite versatile and has got a better capacity for serving the better parties. The design is quite straightforward and simple which makes it easy for you to do the pouring side from the table side. The warmer should also be capable to reheat the sauce and even ensure the liquid is serving in small amounts.

  • Dishwasher Safe

In today’s time, most of the products are dishwasher safe and break-resistant. When it comes to buying the butter melter you need to also make a note that such a product is also dishwasher safe and helps in making the clean up a lot more hassle-free. You need to look for the butter warmer that can be washed in the dishwasher without any problem and this give you better service life.

  • Best for Consistency

It is always better to look for the butter warmer that can do the butter curdling on the consistent part that may be becoming of the excess head received. Choose the handy warmer that would make sure the temperature would stay stable for better results without losing its aesthetic

  • Refined Style

Look for the warmer which along with being functional also has a sleek exterior and can match your modern kick off the house. You must look around for the sophisticated-looking unit’s heat which is simple and has a lot of votive capable too. Be it your plan to keep in the kitchen or dining room, it must be easy to access and a perfect addition to your cooking needs.

Other than this, look for the price and features. The product that you deal with should stand to your expectations. It is important to buy the product which is not just user-friendly but also is worth the money that you are planning to invest. Quality, price, design, lasting usage are some of the other buying considerations that you need to keep in mind. So take your time and research well.

Final Verdict

No doubt that there are so many brands but above buying guide tips and the listed butter warmers can be of great help to you. This way, you will not have much hassle in choosing the right one matching your needs. It is important to decide since this type of equipment will be used daily. Focus on three things important and those are maintenance, cleaning, and value for money. This way you will not repent for the butter warmer that you purchase. So start exploring the choices from the list given and find the one which you can use regularly and feel satisfied with the same.


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