10 Best Smoker Thermometer 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

There would be hardly anyone who would not love the idea of cooking BBQ with family in the backyard. We are sure that each one of us is fond of such barbeque parties and we all would love to invite friends and family to home for such amazing summer plans. For such parties or for such barbeque sessions, one of the most important thing that you must have is the smoker. Without that, you can’t really cook the meat. During the cooking, a lot of people end up charring the meat because they do not know how hot the smoker is. How do you prevent such an embarrassment?

Well, how about buying a high tech gadget that can help you in checking the temperature of the smoker? Yes, we are talking about the smoker thermometer. You can invest in a good wireless smoker thermometer and we are sure that your friends would envy your cooking skills after that. So, if you have decided to purchase a smoker thermometer then you can skip to the top 10 best smoker thermometer available in the market as we have compiled this list to help you in choosing the right smoker thermometer. If you are still not sure if you really need this smoker thermometer then you can check out the advantages of the smoker thermometer in the next section. So let us move ahead and check out other important details about the smoker thermometers that you can buy in 2020.

Advantages of Buying Smoker Thermometer

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A lot of people have doubts if they should really go ahead and invest in a smoker thermometer. A lot of people also have a question if they can use the infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the smoker. We will first clarify more about the usage of an infrared thermometer. When you are using the infrared thermometer, you are measuring the temperature of the object but the fact is that when it comes to the smoker, you are more concerned about the ambient temperature. This means that the infrared thermometer will not work accurately in the smoker. An infrared thermometer can be used in places where you need the temperature of the object. For example, it will turn out to be of great use while you are using a pizza stone to make pizzas. For this reason, we would recommend you to use a smoker thermometer in the smoker.

Let us now talk about the advantages of the smoker thermometer in a few short points. Below are more details about the same.

  • The first advantage that smoker thermometer has is that it gives out the temperature accurately to you. This means that you do not end up overcooking or under cooking the meat in your smoker. You cook it just right.
  • There are digital thermometers available in the market which ensures that you can measure the temperature with a lot of precision. You can also opt for the wireless models so that you do not have to go near the source of heat to take the temperature. They are certainly one of the best inventions for us.
  • These thermometers are quite easy to use and at the same time, you can also find the dual thermometers which not only measures the temperature of different types of meat and hence reducing the time that you need to prepare the meat.

These were just some of the advantages that we would like to mention. There are tons of other advantages which you will be able to exploit after making this purchase. Without wasting any time, let us jump to the next section and look at the best smoker thermometers that are available in the market for you.

Best Buy Smoker Thermometer Reviews

In this section, we have listed the top 10 best smoker thermometers that are available in 2020. After reading out the advantages of the smoker thermometer, we are sure that you are already convinced of investing in a good quality smoker thermometer. You can go ahead, check out the best selling models and go through the reviews as well as the features of these smoker thermometers. This will help you in shortlisting the best possible smoker thermometer for yourself.

1. ThermoPro TP-20 TP20 Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro TP-20 TP20 Wireless Thermometer

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One of the best available smoker thermometers in the market is from ThermoPro. This is a wireless model with dual probe support. Apart from this, the thermometer comes with a good range and it can give the readings till 300 feet. There is no setup required and the monitor also has a large screen with a backlight. Apart from this, the thermometer is programmed to check the temperature of 9 types of meat and it also determines their doneness levels. If required, you can customize and reset the temperatures as per your needs. Overall, it is one of the best thermometers which also comes with FEE, CE and ROHS certification. The temperature range for this is 0 to 300 C.


  • Available with 3 years warranty on the thermometer.
  • It has a hands free wireless monitor which can work with a range of 300 feet
  • It can help you in checking the temperature of 9 types of meat and it also shows the doneness levels
  • It has a stainless steel probe which can withstand the temperatures of upto 176 F

2. Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

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If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth smoker thermometer then you must check out this model. This is available with 2 stainless steel probes and this also supports 4 additional temperature probes. The temperature range for the probes is 0 to 482 F and the maximum temperature the probe can withstand is 716 F. The mobile application of the smoker thermometer is very intuitive and it comes with several different features. If you do not like to use your phone while cooking then you can make use of the wireless device that comes in the kit. This is certainly an affordable and reliable thermometer available for the users.


  • This is a Bluetooth smoker thermometer with dual probe support.
  • Shares push notifications on the mobile phone when you do not have the monitor with you.
  • The brand offers 2 probes with the smoker thermometer but you can buy additional probes and this way, it will support 6 probes in total.
  • Has different unique settings like the target settings and the timer as well.

3. Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Thermometer

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Thermometer

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If you are not willing to spend a lot of the smoker thermometer then you can also go ahead and invest in this thermometer from Lavatool. It is a digital thermometer but it is not a wireless one. This model is available in 7 different colors and it is ultra-fast and very accurate as well. This model is also very versatile because of the added utility. You will be able to use this thermometer with the oil fryers, candy, bread, coffee and other such things. Apart from this, the large display helps you in taking the reading while the body is also IP65 rated. Accuracy is unmatched so you can certainly rely on this thermometer without any worries. Storing thissmoker thermometer is easy as there is a magnet that can be attached to the fridge


  • This is an affordable digital smoker thermometer without wireless capabilities.
  • The smoker thermometer has an antimicrobial body which prohibits any kind of contamination or bacterial growth.
  • This can be used with oil fryers, bread, coffee, candy and other such things.
  • The brand offers 3 years warranty on the thermometer.

4. Oprol Bluetooth Thermometer

Oprol Bluetooth Thermometer

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This is yet another Bluetooth thermometer available in our list and this one is from Oprol. It is a high built quality thermometer which comes with multiple probe support. The range of the thermometer is 196 feet when it comes to the outside range and if you are using it inside the home then the range will be around 100 feet. You will also be able to connect the device to the mobile phone and install the application. This lets you get the readings on your mobile as well. The maximum temperature that this thermometer can handle is 380 degree. Apart from this, the handle is made of BPA free silicone which is quite safe to use.


  • This is a Bluetooth thermometer with a range of 196 feet and with multiple probe support.
  • The maximum temperature that the probe can endure is 716 F.
  • The brand also gifts 2 ultra-sharp claws for preparing the meat
  • The app shows you temp history and it also has a smart alarm system for you which works with the timer.

5. DOZYANT 3 1/8 Inch Barbecue Charcoal Grill Smoker


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There are a lot of people who would prefer to opt for the analogue thermometer because of the accuracy that it offers. If you are also looking for such type of thermometer then you can probably have a look at this listing. This is available in a pack of 1 and a pack of 2. The temperature range is between 100 F and 550F. This thermometer is enclosed in stainless steel casing which not only increases the life of the thermometer but also makes it a lot sturdier. Apart from the details listed above, the surface of the thermometer is waterproof so it would not get foggy with time. The large needle and the large display ensures that you get an accurate reading while you are checking the thermometer.


  • This is an analogue smoker thermometer which offers unmatched accuracy.
  • It has a stainless steel casing which is very durable.
  • It has a temperature range of 100 F to 550 F
  • You would need to drill a hole in BBQ to use this thermometer.

6. riida TM08 Wireless Meat Thermometer

riida TM08 Wireless Meat Thermometer

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On number 6, we have a smoker thermometer from Riida and this is yet another durable wireless model. The thermometer can work with 9 types of meet and you can choose the desired level of taste as well. Apart from this, the large LCD display ensures that you are able to get the readings accurately and this makes it possible for you to check other details as well. The display also has a backlight. The sensor probe comes with a lifetime warranty and the probe can measure temperature between 32F to 572 F. The carrying case is certainly an add-on here.


  • This is a digital wireless smoker / meat thermometer with a monitor and 2 probes.
  • You can program this in 9 meat selection modes and you can also select one of the 5 tastes
  • It comes with dual probe setup and it is also easy to setup.
  • The remote has a range of 300 feet and all this comes in a cool carrying case.

 7. Inkbird IRF-4S Remote Meat Thermometer for Smoker Grill

Inkbird IRF-4S Remote Meat Thermometer

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Next on our list is a digital thermometer from Inkbird and the best part is that while ordering, you can choose an option to get 2 probes or 4 probes. Apart from this, you would not need to replace the AA batteries in this smoker thermometer because this comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged with a Type C port. A single charge can deliver an operational time of 60 hours. This kit is not just accurate but it is also waterproof. Apart from this, there are features like alarm and the timer. The range of the grill is 1500 feet as it works on radio frequency.


  • This is a wireless smoker thermometer which comes with lithium-ion battery support.
  • It has a large display and it supports 8 different meat modes.
  • The range of the thermometer is 1500 feet which are the maximum until now.
  • You can choose between 2 probes and 4 probe setup

8. Morpilot Bluetooth Wifi Smoker Thermometer

Morpilot Bluetooth Wifi Smoker Thermometer

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Bluetooth thermometers are quite popular these days and we are sure that you would agree with us on this. We have another such model for you in our list that comes with 4 probes. The probes are designed with stainless steel with silicone suit to protect them. You can install the application on your mobile phone and you can then use it to cook 11 types of meat. You can set alerts for the temperature and for the time. The alarm can notify you on your phone when the threshold is reached. The hands-free monitor has a range of 160 feet and the large LCD display on the monitor is yet another add-on. Apart from this, the brand offers a 12 month warranty on the thermometer.


  • The smoker thermometer is FDA, CE, WEEE, Ul and ROGH certified.
  • Comes with 12 months warranty.
  • The setup includes 4 different probes and the monitor is programmed to cook 11 types of meat. You can use a total of 6 probes with this.
  • The maximum range here is 380 C or 714 F.

9. Te-Rich Wireless Meat Thermometer

Te-Rich Wireless Meat Thermometer

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At number 9, we have a smoker thermometer which comes with 6 different probes. This is a smart thermometer which supports Bluetooth 5.0 and it has an effective range of around 100 meters. Apart from this, the whole setup is quite affordable and since the monitor can connect to your phone, it makes it easier for you to check the temperature and other such details. The temperature range supported by this smoker thermometer is 32 F to 572 F. You will be able to use it to cook 11 types of meat and you can also select the taste as per your liking. The last thing that we would like to mention is that the probes come with winder design for easy storage.


  • This smoker thermometer comes with timer mode, count up, count done, timer finished alarm and reach present temperature alarm.
  • This is available at an affordable price and it comes with 6 probes.
  • The probes can be used with a smoker, barbeque, Milk and even in the oven
  • Comes with 12 months warranty.

10. LavaLock® 3″ Adjustable Gas Charcoal Smoker Thermometer

LavaLock® 3

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This is the last product in our list and it is the second analogue model in the list. This smoker thermometer has a range of 50 F to 550 F and there are zones market for smoking, barbeque and searing. The casing is designed with stainless steel which gives it a lot of durability. Apart from this, it has been tested for mechanical durability and it passed with flying colors. The glass is also made of heavy duty material. You can use this smoker thermometer with a charcoal smoker or even with a gas smoker and it would always give you the most accurate readings. We would really recommend you to opt for this thermometer as it is affordable, accurate and it is built to last.


  • An analogue smoker thermometer which is highly accurate
  • Has a temperature range of 50 F to 550 F.
  • Made of stainless steel and a heavy duty glass.
  • Available at quite an affordable price.

Smokers Thermometer Buying Guide: Features To Consider

If you are purchasing the smoker thermometer for the first time then we understand the difficulty that you might be having while shortlisting the right model for yourself. How about we lending a helping hand? Yes, we have compiled a detailed buying guide for you so that you can choose the best thermometer available in the market. You can go ahead and check out the points listed below and this will help you in ensuring that are investing money in the best smoker thermometer for yourself. Here are more details about the factors that you must consider while making the purchase.

Digital and Wireless – Start by looking at the kind of thermometer that you are investing in. We would recommend you to opt for a digital and wireless thermometer. They are not just technically advanced but these thermometers are also very accurate and easy to use. You can also invest in wired models but at least ensure that these are the digital models because they are easy to read and they are also accurate. This will form the starting criteria for your search.

Range – Next thing that you can check is the range of the thermometer. Ensure that the smoker thermometer has a high range and it should be able to measure the temperature towards the higher end as well. You also need to check the distance till which the wireless module will get the temperature readings for you. This will ensure that you do not have to stick around the barbeque all the time.

Accuracy – Accuracy is the key point and you might also want to pay attention to how accurate the thermometer is. There is a degree of error associated with each smoker thermometer and you can check out all these details on the pack. The lower degree of error is better as that will help you in ensuring the temperature is just right for your use.

Display – Pay special attention to the kind of display that smoker thermometer has. What we mean to say is that the display should be easy to read with high contrast ration. In addition to this, we would recommend you to opt for something that has a backlight in the display. It will certainly make it a lot easier to get the readings.

Ease of Using – Check how easy it is to use the smoker thermometer. What we mean to say by this is that check how much time would it take for you to set up the thermometer. In addition to this, you can also check out how easy it is to maintain the thermometer. All these factors will help you in making the right choice.

Multiple Probes – Another thing that you can consider is the number of probes that the thermometer has. This will help you in checking the temperature of different types of meat or this will help you in ensuring that the temperature is stable across the smoker. It is certainly one of the most desired features in smoker thermometer.

Build Quality – You can also check out the build quality of the smoker thermometer. We are sure that you don’t want your smoker thermometer to melt in the grill. In such a case, invest in a smoker thermometer that is very sturdy and that can take the high-temperature range.

Timer – There are smoker thermometers which can help you in setting a timer as well. This eliminates the need for the additional timer so we would recommend you to choose a smoker thermometer that will let you set a timer. It helps you with cooking and it also ensures that you do not forget the meat in the smoker.

Application Compatible – Some of the digital and the wireless models can be connected to the device with Bluetooth. There are some smoker thermometers that can be connected to your mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth. Check if your thermometer has such application compatibility. This will turn your phone into a digital display for the smoker thermometer. These are certainly some of the most advanced smoker thermometers that you will find in the market.

Cost – Check out the cost of the smoker thermometer and ensure that it falls into your budget. The price range is highly variable and in such a case, you need to decide a budget for yourself without even deciding the model that you would like to choose. The cost is set to increase with more number of features.

Warranty – The last thing that you can check about the smoker thermometer is the warranty that is applicable to the thermometer. You will come across models which comes with 6 months warranty, 12 months warranty and even 24 months warranty. You can choose any of them but we would recommend you to avoid the smoker thermometer which doesn’t come with any kind of warranty. They are a huge risk for you.

Final Verdict

This was all the information about the smoker thermometers. We have compiled the buying guide and review so that you can shortlist something that is best for you and not just something that is the best selling. We hope that by now you would have a model that you would be willing to purchase. If in case you want to check out more information about a particular model, you can click on the product link associated with the product. This will redirect you to the Amazon page of the thermometer and you will also be able to order the smoker thermometer with help of that link. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, check out the details and get ready to grill yumylicious food for your friends and family.


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