10 Best Fat Separators 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Separating fat from the gravy can be a tedious job and we are sure that you do not wish to waste your time in separating the fat with the help of a skimming spoon. That is too tedious and in such a case, the best way to remove all the fat is by using a fat separator. Now, a lot of you might not know what a fat separator is. So, to give you an idea, it is a large vessel in shape of a water pitcher and you can simply load all the liquid into it. Within a minute, the fat starts to float on the top.

Now, you can easily remove all the fat by simply unplugging the bottom hole or with the help of the spout. It would take just about a couple of minutes to separate the liquid from the fat. This way, you can easily use the liquid for the soup or for the gravy and the advantage here is that the liquid is now much healthier since it has no parts of fat in it. In addition to this, you can now dispose the fat in an easy manner which is actually recommended. The liquid won’t clog your sink anymore if you use a fat separator.

So, it is certainly a good idea to use a fat separator but do you know which are the best fat separators available in the market? Well, we are here to help you and we will help you with choosing the fat separator that are the best in the market.

Our research team tested many different models to come up with the list of best fat separators available for you.

Best Buy Fat Separators Reviews 2020

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Here are the top 10 fat separators available in the market. We have carefully considered a lot of factors while coming up with this ranking. You can easily choose from this list and if you still do not like any of these fat separators then you can also go ahead and check out the buying guide listed at the bottom of the article. This way, you will be able to find the fat separator that is best for you.

1. OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

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Oxo is certainly one of the most popular brands when it comes to the fat separator. You must have a look at this model from Oxo as it is one of the best that you can find in the market. This fat separator comes with a Strainer on the top which can remove the big chunks from the liquid. After removing the fat, it will only leave you with the stock full of flavor. In terms of material, it is made of BPA free plastic which is also heat resistant. There is also a stopper on the spout which actually prevents the fat from getting into the spout.

The markings are clear on the fat separator and they are available in ounce as well as milliliter. The hand of this fat separator is designed in such a way that it would not slip out of your hand even when they are coating with layers of fat.


  • This is a 2 cup fat separator that comes with a strainer lid on the top.
  • There is also a pour guard on the top and the smart stopper also prevents any fat from entering the stock.
  • The handle has a very good grip which ensures that it doesn’t slip

2. Bellemain 4-Cup Fat Separator/Measuring Cup with Strainer & Fat Stopper

Bellemain 4-Cup Fat Separator

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Next on the list is a fat separator from Bellemain. This is also a spout type fat separator and it comes with a capacity of 4 cups or 1 litre. The top of this fat separator is designed with a lot of care and the manufacturer also integrated a strainer in the top to keep the food chunks away from the gravy. The fat separator comes with a silicone stopper which keeps the fat away and it also has an ergonomic grip which ensures that the fat separator won’t slip out of your hand while you are using it.

Since this model is made of BPA free plastic, it is nearly indestructible. You do not have to worry about the heat as well because this fat separator can tolerate the temperature of up to 400 F. You can certainly choose this model and we assure you that you would not face any trouble.


  • High quality fat separator made of BPA free plastic which is also resistant to high temperature
  • Has a very good grip and comes with a silicone stopper
  • The company also provides 2 year protection to the user where they can simply return the product and claim a refund if they are not happy with the fat separator.

3. Trudeau 0991105 Gravy/Fat Separator

Trudeau 0991105 Gravy

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If you do not want a fat separator with the spout then you can check out this unique model in our list. This has a different kind of spout which makes it quite easy to remove the fats and hence enabling you to get a stock loaded with flavors. You can certainly use this for getting a gravy of nice consistency. In addition to this, the model also comes with a strainer. The material that is used here is also BPA free plastic which is very durable.

The plastic here can also tolerate the high temperature of up to 400 F and in addition to this, the fat separator is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Cleaning the fat separator is also very easy because of the same reason. As per the information available, the manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on this model which certainly makes it worth your money.


  • This model has a wide spout and it comes with a microwave safe and dishwasher safe design.
  • Comes with 5 year warranty from the manufacturer which is certainly an add-on.
  • Has a total capacity of 34 ounces which makes cooking quite easy for you

4. Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator

Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator

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The next on our list is a model from Cuisipro and this one is a bottom drain fat separator. The easy drip feature certainly makes it easy to separate the sauce and you can put that directly into the pan. There is a silicone plug at the bottom of the fat separator which has a release button near the handle. You can simply monitor the fat level and plug back the silicone stopper once you have all the sauce in the pan. There is also a big strainer on the top of the fat separator to remove the food particles from the gravy.

In terms of material, this is also made of high quality plastic which is also BPA free. The material is heat resistant and at the same time, you can easily disassemble the parts and wash them in a dishwasher. The capacity of this fat separator is 4 cups.


  • A 4 cup fat separator with a hole at the bottom for easy drip separation.
  • Comes with an ergonomic thumb release which makes it easy to plug back the stopper.
  • Has a large strainer and it is also easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe
  • Made of durable see though BPA free plastic

5. Fox Run 5598 Gravy/Fat Separator

Fox Run 5598 Gravy

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If you are looking for something very affordable then you need to check out this fat separator in our list. It is priced really low and it is perfect for the people who do not intend to use the fat separator frequently. The total capacity of this fat separator from Fox Run is 1.5 cups and hence you can use it if you have a small family. The material used to manufacture this is acrylic. Cleanliness is not a problem here as this model is also dishwasher safe.

There are also measurement markings on the fat separator so it becomes easy to get the readings of the amount of liquid as well. Overall, you will not be disappointed with this model and it is certainly value for money. One thing that you might want to know before purchasing this is that it works best for thick gravies and it might not be as suitable for the thing stock or soup.


  • Made of good quality acrylic and can easily separate thick gravies.
  • Has a capacity of 1.5 cups which is enough for a small family.
  • It is also dishwasher safe so you can place it in the top rack for easy and efficient cleaning.

6. HIC Gravy Strainer and Fat Separator

HIC Gravy Strainer

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Until now we have talked about the models that are made of BPA free plastic. If you do not link any cookware made of plastic then you can consider this model from HIC which is made of borosilicate glass. This model comes with a stainless steel fine mesh and it has a total capacity of 4 cups. You also have an option to purchase the plastic model in this. The advantage of the fine mesh strainer is that it can also help you in removing the seasoning and lumps from the gravy or soup stock. Apart from this, the borosilicate glass is known for heat resistance.

This fat separator is dishwasher safe and since it is made of glass, there is no discoloration or stains that stay here after you clean the fat separator. Overall, it is a durable product which we would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a fat separator made of glass.


  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass which is also heat resistant
  • Comes with stainless steel fine mesh which can help you in removing the seasoning from the soup and hence help you in getting the nutritious stock.
  • Can be used to make gravy as well once you remove the strainer.

7. Umien Fat Separator and Pancake Cupcake Batter Dispenser

Umien Fat Separator

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Umien is also a popular brand when to come to home appliances. This brand also manufactures fat separator. The model is totally heat resistant and it has a capacity of 4 cups. The material used to manufacture this is a BLA free plastic which is very durable. The utility of this fat separator is not just restricted to oil separation but you can also use it as dispenser for pancake batter or cupcake batter. The advantage of using this for pancake batter dispensing is that you would not get annoying lumps in your cake.

The manufacturer also provides an oil brush with this fat separator. You can fill oil inside the cavity of the oil brush and use it to as required. The handle is also having a unique shape which can be pressed easily to separate the gravy. Needless to say, there is also a strainer included in the package.


  • Comes with a strainer and also comes with an oil brush
  • Can be used to dispense the batter for cupcakes and pancakes.
  • Made of durable plastic and it is also heat resistant.
  • Works well with thin as well as thick gravies.

8. JGS Gravy Fat Separator with Bottom Release

JGS Gravy Fat Separator

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On number 8, we have a fat separator from JGS. This fat separator comes with a bottom release and it has a capacity of 4 cups. It can easily make your gravy or stock fat-free within few minutes. The top strainer works great and you also get a mesh ball tea infuser that can be dipped inside the fat separator. So, what you can do is that you can load up this mesh ball tea infuser with herbs and green tea and you can then get an amazingly refreshing tea for yourself.

The manufacturer also provides 1 year guarantee on this product so if you are not satisfied with it, you can simply return it with no questions asked. Overall, you will be happy with the quality of this fat separator and the fact that it comes with the mesh ball tea infuser makes it even more useful for you.


  • Bottom release fat separator which has a capacity of 4 cups.
  • Comes with silicone stopper which can also be removed easily with thumb plug
  • The manufacturer provides a mesh ball tea infuser which is great for making green teas and herb-infused teas.
  • Comes with 1 year satisfaction guarantee which is provided by the manufacturer.

9. Big Kitchen Heat Resistant Gravy Fat Separator Strainer

Big Kitchen Heat Resistant Gravy Fat Separator Strainer

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Next on our list is a fat separator from Big Kitchen. This model is an efficient gravy fat separator with a capacity of 4 cups. As a part of standard equipment, you get a top strainer to remove bigger chunks of food. It should be noted that this one is not compatible with the dishwasher and the manufacturer actually recommends you to hand wash this fat separator. The fat separator is also heat resistant and hence it can easily tolerate the temperature of about 400 F. It is durable and it is going to make a perfect companion while preparing the thanksgiving meals for your family.


  • Made of plastic which is heat resistant and durable
  • Has a capacity of 4 cups and also has a strainer at the top of the fat separator.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean. Recommended hand wash only for this fat separator.

10. PalePlum Gravy Fat Separator and Cooking Grease Strainer

PalePlum Gravy Fat Separator

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This is the last product on our list and it is from PalePlum. This one is again a bottom plug fat separator. The plug to release the stopper is on the top which makes it easy to control while you are extracting the gravy or the stock. You can even use this for making salads as it can easily dispense salad dressing. You can actually dispense multiple things with the help of this fat separator. The strainer at the top of the fat separator ensures that no lump or solid food particle enter the main chamber.

The total capacity here is 4 cups and it is quite enough for a big family. In terms of material, this is made of ABS plastic which is BPA free. It is also heat resistant so there are no chances of melting or cracking. The company also provides a free garlic peeler if you purchase this fat separator.


  • Bottom plug fat separator which is made of BPA free ABS plastic
  • Durable and easy to use. Also easy to clean as you can simply push it into the dishwasher
  • The company offers a free garlic peeler with this fat separator which reduces the time required to peel garlic cloves.

Buying Guide – What to Consider During the purchase?

After a lot of consideration and a lot of research, we came up with a list of the factors that you need to consider while choosing the fat separator for yourself. So, let us now look at these points.

Type – First thing that you need to consider is the type of fat separator you are purchasing. Now, this can be the one with the spout or it can also be the one with the bottom plug. Both of them are equally efficient. It is more of a personal choice that which one you really like.

Material – There are majorly 2 types of materials available in the fat separator. The first one is plastic and the second one is glass. A lot of people prefer the plastic models here because they do not slip even with so much fat on them and the second reason is that they are a lot easier to clean.

Capacity – Check out for the capacity of the fat separator and ensure that you are buying something that can at least hold 4 cups of liquid. Do not buy the smaller ones as they can defeat the purpose of buying fat separator and it may take several rounds to actually separate the fat.

Strainer – You can look for the model that comes with a strainer lid on the top. This will help you in ensuring that the fat separator can easily remove the chunks of foods or residue while you are pouring the liquid into the fat separator.

Easy to Clean – You can also consider the ease of cleaning the fat separator. To give you an idea, you can look for the models that can be washed in the dishwasher. They are certainly easier to use and you will find them much more convenient to maintain.

Stopper – If you are buying a fat separator with the spout then ensure that it comes with a stopper. This will ensure that the liquid doesn’t drip back in the fat after you have separated it. All the good models come with one such stopper.

Add-on Accessories – You can also check if you are getting any add-on accessory with the fat separator. Some of the brands may provide a cleaning brush or an oil brush along with the fat separator. This can certainly help you in the kitchen so look out for the add-on accessories available for you.

Cost& Review – Last thing to consider is the cost and the review. The brand may impact the cost as well. Steer clear of the models that you feel are expensive. Set a budget for yourself before you start looking out for the fat separator

This was a short and simple buying guide for you. We hope this will help you in choosing the right model for yourself and reducing the workload of separating the fat manually.

How to Use a Fat Separator?

A fat separator makes life easy in the kitchen. Using a fat separator ensures that the fat is quickly and easily removed from a gravy or stock. A fat separator is a useful kitchen tool, it cleans the stocks and makes the gravies fat free but knowing how to use it properly is important.  

Read through the article, to know how to use a fat separator efficiently.

Step by step guide to using a fat separator

Step 1:  When cooking a gravy or stock before you use a fat separator remove all the chunks pieces such as meat and vegetables.

Example: when you are roasting a kitchen on top of vegetables and herbs, remove the roasted kitchen with veggies and herbs and put them in a separate bowl.

Step 2: After you have removed the big chunky pieces, deglaze the pan. Put the pan back on the heat and deglaze it with water.  Once the liquid in the pan starts to boil, scrape the pan and collect all the bits and pieces.

Step 3: once the pan is deglazed transfer all the liquid to a fat separator. A fat separator usually has a strainer on the top; pour the liquid from a deglazed pan slowly into the top part of a fat separator or into the strainer. In case the fat separator doesn’t include a strainer place one on top of it before pouring the liquid.

Step 4:  Transfer the liquid completely into the fat separator and wait for it to settle.  You need to wait for two to three minutes for the liquid to settle completely. In this stage, you will notice the fat getting separated from the liquid. The separated fat or oil starts to collect on the top of the liquid forming a layer. This is simply because fat and water doesn’t mix together.

Step 5: Later when all the liquid gets separated from the fat start pouring it the remaining liquid into a bowl. The spout at the bottom of a fat separator allows the liquid to flow through the fat separator and into a bowl.

Few models of a fat separator include a lever in the bottom, which has to be pressed to release the liquid.  Stop pouring the liquid once you reach the layer of fat.

The separated liquid in the bowl is fat-free as all the fat is collected in the separator. This can form a base to your gravies, soups or sauces.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Using the fat separator is quite easy and if you choose to purchase one, you will certainly be making the job easy for yourself. It is certainly worth investment because the fat separator is going to last years without causing any trouble.

You can compare the price of the best fat separators available and you can then purchase the one which comes with the best possible deal.


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